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As Jin, Michael, and Sawyer are slowly marched towards their camp by Ana Lucia and the rest of the so-called Tailies, Sun is devastated to notice that her wedding ring has slipped off of her finger and is now missing. Though Sun is inconsolable at the loss, Jack and Hurley do their best to keep her distracted to no avail. When Michael makes a desperate escape from the Tailies, Ana Lucia demands that the group press on without him. Jin, however, is insistent that the group sets out in search of Michael, eventually standing his ground to the point where he and Mr. Eko come to blows. Recognizing Jin's loyalty, Mr. Eko agrees to defy Ana Lucia's orders and assist in the search for Michael. After a close call with The Others, Jin and Mr. Eko do locate Michael, though the troubled father refuses to return to the camp until he has found his son. Eventually, Jin convinces Michael to rejoin them on their rip back to the camp, and a series of flashbacks reveal Jin's attempt to become something more than a common fisherman's son while earning the love of the privileged Sun. Later, Sun realizes her wedding ring had been buried with the message bottle.


Maggie Grace
as Shannon
Sam Anderson
as Bernard
Robert Dahey
as Poor Man
June Kyoko Lu
as Mrs. Paik
Tony Lee
as Jae Lee
Rain Chung
as Mr. Kim
Kim Kim
as Mrs. Shin
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