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As Shannon attempts to rest in the makeshift tent constructed for her by Sayid, she experiences another disturbing vision of Walt that leaves her completely shaken. Gradually, a series of flashbacks reveal that Shannon was once a ballet instructor hoping to land an internship at a prestigious New York dance company. When her father is killed in a car accident, however, Shannon's dreams all go up in flames when her stepmother refuses to give her the money she needs to stay afloat during the unpaid internship. Meanwhile, back in the present, Charlie questions Claire's parenting skills; upsetting the struggling mother and inadvertently revealing to Locke that he has since slipped back into addiction. As the Tailies, Jin, and Michael attempt to get an infected Sawyer back to the camp before he succumbs to the poison coursing through his veins, Shannon sets out into the woods with Vincent in search of Walt. Sayid gives chase, but Shannon voices fear that he just thinks she is crazy and will no doubt leave her as soon as they are rescued. When Sayid sees Walt in the foliage, Shannon dashes into the trees and tragedy strikes.


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