The Greater Good


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Peace talks are scheduled in hopes of ending the escalated conflict with Russia. Traveling to Switzerland, Elizabeth and President Dalton meet with Maria Ostrov, fully prepared to use a reputation-ruining secret they have on her to yield the desired results. Meanwhile, Dmitri requests to be released from his duties as a spy.


Téa Leoni
as Elizabeth McCord
Tim Daly
as Henry McCord
Bebe Neuwirth
as Nadine Tolliver
Zeljko Ivanek
as Russell Jackson
Patina Miller
as Daisy Grant
Erich Bergen
as Blake Moran
Geoffrey Arend
as Matt Mahoney
Katherine Herzer
as Alison McCord
Evan Roe
as Jason McCord
Wallis Currie-Wood
as Stephanie "Stevie" McCord
Keith Carradine
as President Conrad Dalton
Angela Gots
as Maria Ostrov
Zenon Zeleniuch
as General Vladimir Doroshevich
Jill Hennessy
as Jane Fellows
Mike Pniewski
as Gordon Becker
Chris Petrovski
as Dmitri Petrov
Jordan Lage
as General Kohl
Clifton Davis
as Ephraim Ware
Carlos Gomez
as Jose Campos
Olek Krupa
as President Pavel Ostrov
Dina Shihabi
as Hijriyyah
Liba Vaynberg
as Prostitute
Elan Even
as Yuri Dyachenko
Christopher O'Shea
as Jareth Glover
William Abadie
as Swiss Ambassador Claude Wuthrich
Kobi Libii
as Oliver Shaw
David Vadim
as Ukrainian Foreign Minister Luka Melnik
Iolanta O'Neill
as Russian Counterpart
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