Melrose Place: Season 4 (1995 - 1996)


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Melrose Place

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Air date: Sep 11, 1995

Kimberly's bombs have destroyed half of the building, and as Mackenzie dies of a massive heart attack Billy barely manages to save Alison. But Alison has been blinded by the blast, and Kimberly has been knocked in the pool by the force of the explosion. Later, Kimberly is placed in a psychiatric hospital. She claims to have no memory of the previous week, but some are skeptical. After Billy and Hayley have a falling out over the honeymoon, Brooke leaves her mansion and moves in to Billy's apartment. Meanwhile, Jess and Jake are involved in a serious construction accident, and Matt's parents show up to bail their troubled son out of jail.

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Air date: Sep 18, 1995

The building is being repaired, and as Jake, Sydney, and Jo are paired with temporary roommates Jake deals with his brother's death by hitting the bottle. Meanwhile, Peter tried to convince Kimberly to feign insanity so that she might get a lighter sentence. Though she refuses, Kimberly finally snaps during a psychological evaluation. Now, as Kimberly stands on the hospital rooftop preparing to jump, Peter summons some false sincerity in order to talk her down. Back on the outside, Michael and Peter prepare to launch their own practice as Brooke gets a rude surprise regarding her inheritance. When Sydney quits her job at Shooters due to Jake's disturbing behavior, Jake and Jo experience a rift in their romance.

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Air date: Sep 20, 1995

Alison's sight has returned, but why is Jane telling her to keep the news to herself? It might have something to do with Brooke, who has just found an interesting item while snooping through Amanda's office. Meanwhile, Matt attempts to elicit a confession from Paul, prompting Matt's lawyer Alycia to resign. Now Paul has become convinced that Matt possesses an incriminating letter from Carol, and he's willing to kill in order to get it. Thanks to a well-timed telephone call from Jo, however, Matt's life is spared. But Paul isn't so lucky, and enters into a violent shootout with the police. As he lay dying from a mortal wound, Paul confesses to his wife's murder. Later, when Matt tries to return to work, he is shown the door by Dr. Hobbs. Back in the courtroom Kimberly is slowly losing it, and on the outside it begins to appear that there's still a glimmer of hope for Jake and Jo.

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Air date: Sep 25, 1995

When Brooke takes a trip to Miami in order to research Amanda's past, a bit of stealthy sleuthing finds her gathering enough information to blackmail her secretive boss. Meanwhile, Jack shows up in Los Angeles, and Billy discovers that Alison can see again. Michael, hoping to drive Kimberly over the edge, pretends to have reconciled with Sydney as Peter reveals the source of his concerns for Kimberly. Later, Jane and Richard find their personal lives mixing a bit too closely with the professional lives while a homophobic remark from Dr. Hobbs causes Matt to consider suing for wrongful dismissal.

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Air date: Oct 2, 1995

When Kimberly attributes her violent outbursts to a mysterious man named Henry, her mother begins making plans to bring the deeply disturbed girl back to Cleveland. Meanwhile, Peter manages to find out the truth about Henry by questioning Mrs. Shaw. According to Mrs. Shaw, the family had a gardener named Henry when Kimberly was just a young girl. On day, Kimberly caught Henry attempting to rape her mother and instinctively killed him. According to Peter, that revelation could cause Kimberly to be released for treatment. Later, Jack asks Amanda for a divorce, Jo and Jake clash over the amount of time that Jake spends with Shelly, and Alison refuses to help Hayley meddle in Billy and Brooke's affairs.

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Air date: Oct 9, 1995

While the announcement that the wedding between Jane and Richard is back on track, Jo is disturbed to hear Jane say that she doesn't love the man she is about to commit to. Later, after a few too many at the engagement party, Jo unleashes on Jane and tells Richard the truth. Now if Jake could only finalize his divorce with Amanda he could finally remarry, but Amanda is enraged to receive the final check for the apartment repairs. Meanwhile, Amanda and Billy have a heartfelt conversation about Amanda's relationship with the abusive Jack, and Brooke begins to resent the fact that Alison and Hayley have become so close. While the fact that Kimberly has been released into Peter's custody bodes well for the apartment bomber's recovery, things take a turn for the worse as Michael and Sydney recruit a Henry look-a-like in hopes of driving her right back to the mental ward.

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Air date: Oct 16, 1995

Brooke has secured Jack's cable company as a client for D&D, an announcement that sends Amanda into an emotional tailspin. Meanwhile, as Michael recruits the perfect Henry impersonator, Amanda holds a party for the survivors of the apartment bomb. As the festivities get underway, Kimberly and Peter show up so that Kimberly can apologize to everyone. Later, the broken engagement prompts Jane to declare war on Jo (who is currently burning the midnight oil with Richard), Alison sleeps with Hayley, and Brooke tries to convince Alison that Hayley is a no-good womanizer. Matt's parents are attempting to convince him to use his settlement money to complete medical school when tragedy strikes, and Amanda makes a disturbing discovery about Jake's supposed fiancée.

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Air date: Oct 23, 1995

Amanda is struggling to get away from Jack when Jack suddenly trips and stumbles over the top of the staircase. Convinced that no one will believe the truth, a frightened Amanda calls Peter and together they cook up a false sequence of events. But while Michael senses that something isn't right, he is convinced to stop pressing after learning the truth about Amanda and Jack. Meanwhile, Kimberly confronts Henry-impersonator Mark Paul, and verbally spars with Michael on a national radio show.

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Air date: Oct 30, 1995

Jake is still hospitalized with a coma while Amanda gets drunk at the Shooters Halloween party and winds up sleeping with Peter. Later, when Jack wakes up and tries to choke Amanda, the pair engages in a scuffle and Jack's breathing apparatus becomes dislodged. Little does Jack or Amanda realize that Sydney has been watching the entire time. Meanwhile, Richard, Jo, and Jane have a falling out over an upcoming photo shoot in Hawaii, and a drunken Jake locks lips with a pretty Shooters waitress. When Hayley finds Alison snooping through a locked room that belonged to his late wife, he loses his cool before guiltily admitting that he married her for the money. Things get complicated when Michael changes Matt's test outcome so he can be admitted to medical school, Kimberly flouts her parole in order to take a job in radio, and Brooke learns that she's gotten pregnant.

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Air date: Nov 6, 1995

Jack has died, and now Sydney is blackmailing Amanda and Peter for half of Amanda's share of the estate. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Amanda agrees to sell her share on the cheap if Sydney can procure the autopsy records. Meanwhile, Kimberly no longer wants to live with Peter, a revelation that prompts Amanda to send Syd packing and lease his apartment to Kimberly. Shortly after Hayley proposes to Alison, Alison heads out of town on a business trip with Billy. Their flight grounded in the desert for some important repairs, Alison attempts to come clean about her feelings when Billy announces that Brooke is pregnant. The plot thickens as Alison and Hayley get married in Mexico, Jo and Richard sleep with one another in Hawaii, and Matt lears the truth about his test results.

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Heather Locklear
as Amanda Woodward
Josie Bissett
as Jane Mancini
Marcia Cross
as Kimberly Shaw
Thomas Calabro
as Michael Mancini
Doug Savant
as Matt Fielding
Courtney Thorne-Smith
as Alison Parker
Laura Leighton
as Sydney Andrews
Patrick Muldoon
as Richard Hart
Andrew Shue
as Billy Campbell
Jack Wagner
as Peter Burns
Daphne Zuniga
as Jo Reynolds
Kristin Davis
as Brooke Armstrong
Grant Show
as Jake Hanson
John Enos III
as Bobby Parezi
Loni Anderson
as Terri Carson
Perry King
as Hayley Armstrong
Denise Richards
as Brandi Carson
Hudson Leick
as Shelly Hanson
Michael Holden
as Dr. Baker
Priscilla Presley
as Nurse Benson
Rob Youngblood
as David Erikson
Claudette Nevins
as Mrs. Fielding
Eric Menyuk
as Insurance Adjuster
Justine Priestley
as Sydney's Friend
Lewis Smith
as Tom Reilly
Robert Lipton
as Dr. Payson
Andrew Prine
as Dr. Tucker
David Groh
as Vince Parezi
Jeri Ryan
as Valerie
James Handry
as Mr. Fielding
Zitto Kazann
as Kimberly's Demon
Janet Carroll
as Kimberly's mother
Dennis Lipscomb
as Kimberly's Psychiatrist
Pat Crowley
as Sharon Ross
Brian Heidik
as Pool Man
Yvette Nipar
as Evie Wainbridge
Donna Bullock
as Prosecuter
Lawrence Dobkin
as Judge Pittman
Nigel Gibbs
as Det. Wylie
John O'Hurley
as John Marshall
James Ingersoll
as Senator Wilcox
Robert Gossett
as Det. Smith
Todd Waring
as Don Pierce
Tim Grimm
as Dennis
Michael D'Amore
as Dr. Barth
Eliza Coyle
as Hostess
Benita Moreno
as Alan's producer
Elizabeth Storm
as Interviewer
Marabina Jaimes
as Lt. Schacter
Harry Johnson
as Freeport
Dennis Bailey
as Kingston
Jack Andreozzi
as Det. Klein
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A hilariously clawing hand rose through the rubble in what appeared to be an impression of Thing from The Addams Family.

Jan 8, 2019 | Full Review…

Message drama has its place on television, but not within the context of a show whose characters utter lines like, "You think I want a life of peanut butter and jelly? I want lobster. I want caviar. I want style."

Nov 29, 2018 | Full Review…

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