Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater


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Amy Sedaris returns as Gail Fleming, the ditzy actress sister of Monk's nurse-assistant Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram). In the middle of a stage performance, Gail's leading man Hal Duncan (Marc Vann) is stabbed to death by what was supposed to be a retractable prop knife. Sharona must now not only cope with the possibility that her sister is a murderer, but also with the unexpected visit of her overbearing mother Cheryl (Betty Buckley). In his efforts to clear Gail's name, Monk signs up for a troublesome "speed dating" service--and also confronts his mortal fear of crowds when pressed into service as an actor!


Tony Shalhoub
as Adrian Monk
Kane Ritchotte
as Benjy Fleming
Betty Buckley
as Cheryl Fleming
Bitty Schram
as Sharona Fleming
Ted Levine
as Capt. Leland Stottlemeyer
Amy Sedaris
as Gail Fleming
Melissa George
as Jenna Ryan
Jason Gray-Stanford
as Lt. Randall Disher
Damara Reilly
as Female Guard
Simon Templeman
as Carl Sebastian
David Doty
as O'Dell
Marc Vann
as Hal Duncan
Susan Chuang
as Kathleen
Jorge Luis Abreu
as Salon Manager
Mark Phinney
as Doorman
Timothy Landfield
as Man from Audience
Jeffrey Scott Kelly
as Elton, Stage Manager
David Manis
as Prosecutor
Kerry Leigh Michaels
as Older Actress
Caryn West
as Speed Date #1
Light Eternity
as Speed Date #2
Wendy Schenker
as Speed Date #3
Lisa Long
as Speed Date #4
Victoria Hoffman
as Speed Date #5
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