Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 (1984 - 1985)


Season 1
Murder, She Wrote

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Murder, She Wrote strikes the tightrope balance of wholesome murder mysteries, with a marvelous Angela Lansbury proving to be the perfect foil for tasteful investigations into heinous crimes.



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Air date: Sep 30, 1984
Air date: Oct 7, 1984
Air date: Oct 14, 1984
Air date: Oct 28, 1984
Air date: Oct 28, 1984
Air date: Nov 18, 1984
Air date: Nov 25, 1984
Air date: Dec 9, 1984
Air date: Dec 16, 1984
Air date: Dec 30, 1984
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Series 1 of Murder, She Wrote follows the amateur sleuth Jessica as she tries to get to the bottom of crimes that include the murder of an American football team owner and the death of a jazz musician.


Angela Lansbury
as Jessica Fletcher
Tom Bosley
as Sheriff Amos Tupper
Claude Akins
as Ethan Cragg
Bobby Sherman
as Jimmy Firth
Jason Evers
as Marshall MacGill
Clu Gulager
as Carl Mestin
Christine Belford
as Erica Baldwin
Piper Laurie
as Peggy Shannon
Gabe Kaplan
as Freddy York
Andrew Stevens
as David Tolliver
Vivian Blaine
as Rita Talbot
Paul Sand
as Horace Lynchfield
George DiCenzo
as Michael Gardner
Noah Beery Jr.
as Doc Wallace
Stan Shaw
as Eddie Walters
Stewart Granger
as Sir John Landry
Caitlyn Jenner
as Zak Farrell
Kevin McCarthy
as Milton Porter
Michael Horton
as Grady Fletcher
Lynn Redgrave
as Abby Freestone
Van Johnson
as Daniel O'Brien
Murray Hamilton
as Bud Michaels
Stephen Macht
as Dan Keppner
Alex Rocco
as Ernie Santini
John Beck
as Web McCord
Stephen Elliott
as Dr. Sam Garver
Carol Lawrence
as Candace Drake
Samantha Eggar
as Marta Quintessa
Robert Loggia
as Joe Kellijian
Jared Martin
as Spenser Langley
Gary Sandy
as Joe Blinn
Gregg Henry
as Barry Bristol
Clive Revill
as Jonathan Hawley
Pat Harrington Jr.
as Melvin Comstock
Kathleen Beller
as Mary Carver
as Bill Carmody
Peter Graves
as Dr. Gerard
Leslie Nielsen
as Captain Daniels
Ken Howard
as Sergeant Barnes
Ned Beatty
as Chief Gunderson
Cameron Mitchell
as Aaron Kramer
Talia Balsam
as Debbie Delancey
Herb Edelman
as Bus Driver
Andrew Parks
as Russell Tompkins
Martin Kove
as Dr. Gary Ellison
Joseph Bottoms
as Mickey Shannon
Donald Moffat
as Tim Carver
Dean Jones
as Marcus Boswell
Lois Nettleton
as Amelia Browne
James Coco
as Horatio Baldwin
Brian Kerwin
as Andy Townsend
Dick Butkus
as Tank Mason
Robert Reed
as Adrian Winslow
John Astin
as Ross Hayley
Stuart Whitman
as Charles Woodley
Linda Kelsey
as Diana Simms
Ron Moody
as Inspector Kyle
David Wayne
as Cyrus Leffingwell
Anne Francis
as Louise McCallum
Marilyn Hassett
as Maggie Earl
Genie Francis
as Victoria Brandon
Robert Morse
as Marc Faber
Cristina Raines
as Margo Santana
Linda Blair
as Jane Pascal
Sam Groom
as Dr. Wes Kenyon
Stella Stevens
as Sally Mestin
J.D. Cannon
as Bill Carmody
Doran Clark
as Nancy Earl
Lorna Luft
as Patti Bristol
Robert Goulet
as Willard Kauffman
Fritz Weaver
as Judge Lambert
Diana Muldaur
as Alexis Post
Tricia O'Neil
as Ashley Vickers
Jose Perez
as Lt. Mike Hernandez
Cherie Currie
as Echo Cramer
Mayf Nutter
as Zack Bernard
Gary Lockwood
as Commissioner Harris Talmadge
Constance Forslund
as Lucinda Lark
June Allyson
as Katie Simmons
Michael Horton
as Grady Fletcher
Linda Purl
as Terry Shannon
Bart Braverman
as Bill Patterson
Andrew Prine
as Prof. Todd Lowrey
Gene Evans
as Leo Hollander
Diana Canova
as Joan Germaine
Nicholas Pryor
as Harry Parmel
Paddi Edwards
as Lois Hoey
Rosanna Huffman
as Eleanor Thompson
Vicki Lawrence
as Phoebe Carroll
Terence Knox
as Steve Pascal
Cassie Yates
as Lisa Earl Shelby
Greg Morris
as Lt. Cal Andrews
Patrick O'Neal
as Si Parrish
Ed Nelson
as Carl Turnbull
Vincent Baggetta
as Frank Lapinski
Richard Hatch
as Terry Jones
Steven Keats
as Stefan Conrad
Kay Lenz
as Jennie
Martha Raye
as Sadie Winthrop
Joseph Cali
as Vic LaRosa
Dennis Patrick
as Dexter Baxendale
Michelle Phillips
as Regina Kellijian
Herschel Bernardi
as Lt. Mendelsohn
Paul Winfield
as Lt. Starkey
William Windom
as Dr. Seth Hazlitt
James MacArthur
as Allan Gebhart
Eddie Bracken
as Barney Ogden
Edie Adams
as Miss Shepherd
Don Stroud
as Carey Drayson
Anne Lockhart
as Grace Earl Lamont
John Saxon
as Jerry Lydecker
Lory Walsh
as Lila Schroeder
Edward Albert
as Tony Holliday
Joanne Worley
as Carla Raymond
Jan Smithers
as Kathy Farrell
Albert Salmi
as Joe Downing
Fernando Allende
as Miguel Santana
Jessica Browne
as Kitt Donovan
James Carrol Jordan
as Skip Fleming
Garrett Morris
as Lafayette Duquesne
Lynda Day George
as Miss Shelley (Purser)
Frank Aletter
as Wendell Joyner
Bo Hopkins
as Lt. Ray Jenkins
Elaine Joyce
as Sheri Diamond
Elaine Giftos
as Lonnie Valeri
as Belle Chaney
Dack Rambo
as Brian Shelby
James McEachin
as Grove Dillon
Rue McClanahan
as Miriam Radford
David Bowman
as Chico Miller
Morgan Stevens
as Scott Bennett
Bruce Gray
as Dean Merrill
Hurd Hatfield
as Leo Peterson
Roger Miller
as Sheriff
James Stephens
as Lt. Bert Donovan
Judy Geeson
as Elaine Kauffman
Allan Miller
as Phil Krueger
Susan Oliver
as Miss Horton
Lois Foraker
as Eliza Bates
Dane Clark
as Chief Agent O'Farrell
Mark Shera
as Stewart Danziner
George Kirby
as Eubie Sherwin
Don Dubbins
as Dr. Carmichael
Larry Linville
as Kent Radford
Arthur Hill
as Preston Giles
Lyle Waggoner
as Martin Strindberg
Kenneth Mars
as Hemsley Post
Jeff Osterhage
as Art Merrick
Robert Hogan
as Lt. Bertcam
Barbara Whinnery
as Gretchen Pashko
Glynn Turman
as Ben Coleman
Pepe Hern
as Antonio
Ron Masak
as Lt. Meyer
Mills Watson
as Innkeeper
Tom Bower
as Jonathan Bailey
Brian Keith
as Caleb McCallum
Robin Bach
as Maitre D'
Anne Kerry Ford
as Carol Donovan
Conrad Janis
as Dr. Lambert
Floyd Levine
as Archie Miles
Tim Thomerson
as Lt. Clyde Pitts
Colby Chester
as Harold DeWitt
Sharee Gregory
as Kate Metcalf
Dee Croxton
as Cora McIntyre
David Hooks
as Chairman
John Davis Chandler
as Gilbert Stoner
Bert Convy
as Peter Brill
Mark Costello
as CHP Officer
Elvia Allman
as Elderly Lady
David Whitfield
as Hec Tattersal
Sandy Ward
as Mr. Barnes
Joaquin Phoenix
as Billy Donovan
Byron Cherry
as Deputy Will Roxie
Douglas Stevenson
as Gas Attendant
Margery Nelson
as Alma Leonard
Arnold Turner
as Security Guard
John C. Becher
as Optometrist
Michael Canavan
as Dr. Alan Collyer
John Petlock
as Nils Andersen
Ron Palillo
as Norman Lester
Summer Phoenix
as Cindy Donovan
Jessica Nelson
as Velma Rodecker
Ed Bakey
as Msgr. Kelly
Don Matheson
as Oklahoma Cowboy
Lucille Meredith
as Mrs. Brindle
Anthony De Longis
as Serge Berensky
Archie Lang
as Minister
Brian Avery
as Nightclub MC
Roger Price
as Local #1
Rance Howard
as Fillmore
Eric Server
as Ned O'Brien
Marcianne Warman
as Jill Farrell
Paul Tuerpé
as 1st Guard
Robert Beecher
as Elias Cobb
Steve Arvin
as TV Reporter
Alex Rebar
as Hypnotist
Tina Lifford
as Leora Cargill
Gary Pagett
as Security Guard
Edward Morgan
as Local #2
Vince Howard
as 2nd Guard
George Marshall Ruge
as Ship's Officer
Gerald York
as 2nd Guard
Read Morgan
as Sgt. Kevin Hogan
Irma Garcia
as Veronica
Mario Machado
as TV Announcer
Nick Savage
as Leather Guy
Edson Stroll
as Dr. Peter Weber
Courtney Burr
as Dewey Johnson
Denise Cheshire
as Candy Striper
Danny Wells
as Talk Show Host
Wally K. Berns
as Proprietor
Joe Nesnow
as Doorman
Lee Duncan
as Policeman #1
Bruce Marchiano
as Assistant Director
Robert Balderson
as Hypnotized Person #1
Jay Fenichel
as Cellini
Bob Gorman
as Jimmy Finley
Hartley Silver
as Hypnotized Person #2
Bert Hinchman
as Cartin Nash
Kat Sawyer-Young
as Feminist Interviewer
Joy Ellison
as Hypnotized Person #5
Howard Mann
as New Holvang Cabbie
Russell Curry
as Black Youth
Andy Garcia
as 1st Tough
Johnny Venocur
as 2nd Tough
Ken Olfson
as TV Book Critic
Paula Victor
as Agnes Peabody
Billie Hayes
as Peter Pan at Party
Cathey Paine
as Young Woman
Beau Starr
as Cop on Boat
Larry McCormick
as TV Reporter
Dan Chambers
as Cab Driver
Sallee Young
as Performer
Donald Elson
as Bookstore Owner
Daniel Zippi
as Mailman
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Critic Reviews for Murder, She Wrote Season 1

All Critics (13) | Top Critics (6)

TV will miss the charming and civilizing presence of Lansbury, even though many of the episodes in recent years have been little more than familiar exercises to give a host of guest stars employment.

Oct 11, 2018 | Full Review…

One of the most promising entries is Murder, She Wrote, starring Angela Lansbury in a welcome change from the A-Team school of macho smash-em-up.

Aug 20, 2019 | Full Review…

[Lansbury] made this show, which depended on smarts, instinct and the force of J.B.'s personality, not CSI evidence.

Oct 11, 2018 | Full Review…

Jessica's charm, sass, and moral guidance make her the TV grandma we all need in our lives.

Oct 11, 2018 | Full Review…

The classiest act on TV.

Oct 11, 2018 | Full Review…

It's not young. It's not sexy. It's not glamorous or fast-paced or any of the adjectives executives look for, but in a funny way, that's actually what makes the reruns such a joy to watch.

Oct 9, 2018 | Full Review…

Tense situations are often tempered by wry humor, and loose ends are tied up in a nice, neat package by show's end.

Oct 9, 2018 | Rating: 5/5 | Full Review…

It's the type of slow burn that would never happen on one of today's detective shows... but Murder, She Wrote did shape and inspire the TV shows and films that came after it.

Oct 11, 2018 | Full Review…

The subject was murder, but "MSW" served up bloodless mysteries and minded its language.

Oct 11, 2018 | Full Review…

Secret of the success of Murder, She Wrote, besides its cozy appeal to older generations, is the Lansbury touch.

Oct 11, 2018 | Full Review…
Top Critic

As performed by Lansbury, who manages to suggest refinement, intelligence and concern all at the same time, J.B. is so damn likable. Even her old-fashioned shirtwaists and short-jacketed suits are endearing.

Oct 11, 2018 | Full Review…

Chock-full of charm.

Oct 9, 2018 | Rating: B | Full Review…

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