Master of Horror


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A Naval staff judge advocate is murdered on Halloween and found in a cemetery dressed in a Victorian costume with vampiric puncture wounds on her neck. Meanwhile, the team members discuss what Halloween activity and costumes would be best.


Scott Bakula
as Dwayne Pride
Lucas Black
as Christopher LaSalle
Zoe McLellan
as Meredith Brody
CCH Pounder
as Dr. Loretta Wade
Rob Kerkovich
as Sebastian Lund
Paige Turco
as Linda Pride
Laura Allen
as Katherine Wilson
Steven Weber
as Douglas Hamilton
Melinda Page Hamilton
as Alexandra Schwartz
Eyal Podell
as Douglas Samuel Wilkins
Rod Rowland
as John Neville
Adam Harrington
as Jason Axelrod
Andrew Borba
as Roger Marcus
Cyd Strittmatter
as Kimberly Murdock
Hunter Burke
as Bart Roberts
Carrie Lazar
as Lt. Clementine Hill
Samantha Beaulieu
as Officer Sullos
James Yeargain
as Mr. Silver
Jessica McDaniel
as Judge Advocate Melanie Herman
Ron Flagge
as Mr. Voodoo
Megan Few
as Denise Murdock
Carl Palmer
as Bill Ravens
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