Lucas Black

Lucas Black

Highest Rated: 96% Sling Blade (1996)

Lowest Rated: 19% Legion (2010)

Birthday: Nov 29, 1982

Birthplace: Speake, Alabama, USA

Though he has proven to be a natural, allegedly Lucas Black's ambition is not to be an actor when he grows up. Born and raised in Alabama, Black became a professional actor when an open casting call landed him a bit part in Jon Avnet's The War (1994). After starring on TV's American Gothic (1995), Black definitively caught the audience's attention with his pivotal role in Billy Bob Thornton's award-winning drama Sling Blade (1996). Resisting child actor treacle, Black turned in a genuinely charming and moving performance as the young boy who befriends Thornton's mentally challenged ex-con. Despite the acclaim, however, Black opted to stay home in Alabama rather than go Hollywood. Black continued to act throughout his high school years, playing supporting roles in the racial drama Ghosts of Mississippi (1996) and the big-screen version of The X-Files (1998), and starring in the TV movie Flash (1997) and as the politically aware Peejoe in Crazy in Alabama (1999). In Thornton's second directorial effort All the Pretty Horses (2000), Black's performance as the young drifter who gets Matt Damon into trouble once again revealed his ability to hold his own against -- indeed outshine -- Hollywood's best. Black, however, has asserted that his ultimate goal is to become a professional fisherman. High profile roles as everything from a piano savant in Killer Diller to a high school football star in Friday Night LIghts and a fresh-faced Marine in Jarhead proved without question that Black had the acting range needed to craft and impressive and enduring career, and in 2006 Black put the peddle to the metal as a troubled teen whose trip to Tokyo finds him mastering the art of the drift in the adrenaline-charged sequel The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet F9 Sean Boswell 2021
67% The Fate of the Furious Sean Boswell $225.7M 2017
81% Furious 7 Sean Boswell $317M 2015
80% 42 Pee Wee Reese $95.1M 2013
52% Promised Land Paul Geary $7.7M 2013
20% Seven Days In Utopia Luke Chisholm Executive Producer $4.4M 2011
85% Get Low Buddy $9.2M 2010
19% Legion Jeep Hanson $40.2M 2010
37% The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Sean Boswell $62.6M 2006
61% Jarhead Chris Kruge $62.6M 2005
No Score Yet Deepwater Nat Banyon 2005
81% Friday Night Lights Mike Winchell $60.7M 2004
40% Killer Diller Vernon 2004
70% Cold Mountain Oakley 2003
32% All the Pretty Horses Jimmy Belvins $14.8M 2000
No Score Yet The Miracle Worker James Keller 2000
No Score Yet Our Friend, Martin Randy 1999
30% Crazy in Alabama Peejoe 1999
65% The X-Files - Fight the Future Stevie 1998
No Score Yet Flash Connor Strong 1997
43% Ghosts of Mississippi Burt DeLaughter 1996
96% Sling Blade Frank Wheatley 1996
25% The War Ebb 1994


No Score Yet NCIS: New Orleans
Christopher LaSalle 2020
No Score Yet NCIS
Guest Christopher Lasalle 2016
67% American Gothic
Caleb Temple 1998


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