Hitler's Lost Sub


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In this two-hour special, Nova follows a team of divers down to the ocean floor for a six-year investigation that eventually determined the identity of a sunken World War II submarine -- and rewrote history in the process. The German U-Boat, first discovered in 1991 just 60 miles off the New Jersey coast, posed a significant challenge to would-be explorers; the program explains the kinds of dangers that even highly trained professional divers face under 230 feet of water, and it showcases the cutting-edge technology that allowed them to investigate the wreck of U-869. Finally, Hitler's Lost Sub discusses the history of the Nazi submarine fleet and the role that these ships played during the war. After an early version of the film aired in Germany, a 78-year-old survivor of the U-869 disaster came forward; his incredible story is included in the final film.


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