Better Or Worse


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A woman gives a Beverly Hills jewelry-store owner a note informing him that his wife and daughter have been kidnapped and will die unless he hands over diamonds worth thousands of dollars. He gives them to her, but then she is gunned down by a security guard. The shooting gets Don involved in the case and he enlists Charlie's help in identifying the dead woman through her car's keyless remote.


Rob Morrow
as Don Eppes
David Krumholtz
as Charlie Eppes
Judd Hirsch
as Alan Eppes
Alimi Ballard
as David Sinclair
Peter MacNicol
as Larry Fleinhardt
Diane Farr
as Megan Reeves
Dylan Bruno
as Colby Granger
Navi Rawat
as Amita Ramanujan
Claire Lautier
as Erica Logan
Jay Karnes
as Martin Rausch
George Coe
as Steven Logan
Mike Damus
as Remy Logan
Jennifer Siebel
as Diane Rausch
Madison Davenport
as Julia Rausch
Kelly Van Kirk
as Brian Reynolds
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