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Nathan's father, Dan (series star PAUL JOHANSSON), and Lucas' mother, Karen Roe (series star MOIRA KELLY), were high school sweethearts. When Karen became pregnant during their senior year, she was devastated by Dan's decision to go to college on a basketball scholarship, leaving Karen behind to raise their son, Lucas, alone. When Dan's dream of a basketball career didn't work out, he returned to town with the wife he met in college and his new son, Nathan. Now a wealthy businessman, Dan lives his basketball dreams through Nathan. While Karen raised Lucas without a father, she remained friends with Dan's older brother, Keith (series star CRAIG SHEFFER), who has served as Lucas' surrogate father. It is Keith who persuades the grizzled high school basketball coach, Whitey Durham (series star BARRY CORBIN), to invite Lucas to join the team, sparking a conflict with Nathan. At the same time, Dan and Keith clash over Dan's disowning of Lucas. Nathan challenges Lucas to a nighttime one-on-one basketball game. If Nathan wins, Lucas must not join the team; if Lucas wins, Nathan will quit. During the game, the players are almost equally skilled, but Nathan's cockiness costs him a few early points, and Lucas triumphs. He then reveals to Peyton that he changed his end of the bargain--Lucas bet that if he won, Nathan would not be allowed to quit the team. The two estranged half-brothers are now teammates.


Chad Michael Murray
as Lucas Scott
James Lafferty
as Nathan Scott
Hilarie Burton
as Peyton Sawyer
Barry Corbin
as Whitey Durham
Paul Johansson
as Dan Scott
Craig Sheffer
as Keith Scott
Moira Kelly
as Karen Roe
Sophia Bush
as Brooke Davis
Lee Norris
as Marvin `Mouth' McFadden
Shawn Shepard
as Principal Turner
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