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Rescue Me (2004 - 2011)

Rescue Me (2004 - 2011)






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This gritty New York-based drama revolves around an alcoholic firefighter who is haunted (quite literally) by ghosts of family and friends, some of whom he lost on 9/11. A superbly acted series with a raw energy (and considerable dark humor), it caught fire early and became a hit with critics and viewers in its rookie season.

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Critics Consensus: Rescue Me continues to affect emotions with realistic and well-written hardships, sprinkled with true-to-life humor.

2011, FX, 9 episodes

Critics Consensus: This season of Rescue Me embraces its mood changes, producing gut-busting laughter on top of heartbreaking drama.

2010, FX, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: Rescue Me changes tone this season in a drastic and wavering turn from grim to buoyant, yet still maintains its edgy approach to human tragedy.

2009, FX, 22 episodes

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2007, FX, 13 episodes

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2006, FX, 13 episodes

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2005, FX, 13 episodes

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2004, FX, 13 episodes


Denis Leary
as Tommy Gavin
James McCaffrey
as Jimmy Keefe
Daniel Sunjata
as Franco Rivera
John Scurti
as Lt. Kenny `Lou' Shea
Steven Pasquale
as Sean Garrity
Mike Lombardi
as Mike Sillettii
Andrea Roth
as Janet Gavin
Michael Lombardi
as Mike Siletti
Callie Thorne
as Sheila Keefe
Larenz Tate
as Bart/Black Shawn
Adam Ferrara
as Needles
Jerry Adler
as Chief Feinberg
Natalie Distler
as Colleen Gavin
Tatum O'Neal
as Maggie Gavin-Garrity
Lenny Clarke
as Uncle Teddy
James Badge Dale
as Timo Gavin
Ed Sullivan
as Billy Warren
Terry Serpico
as Eddie Gavin
Robert John Burke
as Father Mickey
Marisa Tomei
as Angie Gavin
Peter Gallagher
as Father Phil
Diane Farr
as Laura Miles
Phoebe Strole
as Jennifer
Trevor Heins
as Connor Gavin
Dean Winters
as Johnny Gavin
Charles Durning
as Michael Gavin
Jack McGee
as Chief Jerry Reilly
Susan Misner
as Theresa
Sherri Saum
as Natalie
Maura Tierney
as Kelly McPhee
Dean Winter
as Johnny Gavin
Neal Jones
as Peter Reilly
Kevin Chapman
as Terrence
Karina Lombard
as Genevieve Lazard
David Call
as Young Man/Connor
Deanna Russo
as Penny Rubano
Cody Horn
as Emily
Will Chase
as Pat Mahoney
Christopher Durham
as Father Murphy
Peggy Scott
as Jeannie
Paige Turco
as Mrs. Turbody
Artie Lange
as Cousin Mike
Geneva Carr
as Pamela Keppler
Chris Bowers
as Larry `Birdie'
Michael Mulheren
as Chief Perrolli
Cynthia Harris
as Mike's Mom
Bernardo De Paula
as Jesus Christ
Lenny Venito
as Prison Guard
Anthony Mangano
as Bobby Vincent
Eddie Sullivan
as Billy Warren
Paul Martinowicz
as Harry the Hat
Matt Mulhern
as Lt. John Stackhouse
Ron McLarty
as Dr. Wellins
Richard Bekins
as Dr. Praskin
David Pittu
as Charles
Chance Kelly
as Jimmy the Jew
Lord Jamar
as D'Brickshaw
Peter Tolan
as Chief Pecher
Lou Volpe
as Himself
Jessica Leccia
as Mary Magdelene
Joey Auzenne
as Molique
Daniel Stewart Sherman
as Lt. Bob Francis
Al Sharpton
as Himself
Tony White
as Security Guard
Lennie Clarke
as Uncle Teddy
Alexa Havins
as The Talker
Taylor Dane
as Shirley
Martin Pfefferkorn
as Homeless Guy
Chip Zien
as Arthur Frost
Rebekah Aramini
as Mrs. Merritt
Jen Egan
as Tanya
Lee Shepherd
as Psychiatrist
Lenny Vanito
as Prison Guard
Lou Carbonneau
as City Official
Jay Klaitz
as Real Hank
Scott Desano
as Sick Guy
Jon Prescott
as Memory Hank
Berto Colon
as Janitor
Jennifer Lamb
as Sister Rosemary
Donna Hanover
as TV Reporter
Julissa Bermudez
as Hot Bartender
Adam Trese
as Dick MacNamara
Gunna Wilson
as Helena Weisser
Daniel Oreskes
as Garry Ballsbaugh
Greta Quispe
as Pregnant Woman
Robert Guarino
as Store Manager
Satomi Blair
as Victim No. 1
Jordan Gelber
as Man on Bridge
Víctor Cruz
as Janitor
Patrick Heusinger
as Steve Burton
Bernie McInerney
as Dick Miller
Brian d'Arcy James
as Dr. Felcher
Kathryn Kates
as Older Woman
Joe Coots
as Husky Probie
Michael Nathanson
as Victim No. 2
Tim Miller
as Jonathan Tessler
Baron Vaughn
as Hipster
Jamil Mena
as Jorge Mendoz
Joe Sirola
as Norman
Brian D'Arcy Jones
as Dr. Felcher
Robert Funaro
as Guy in Suit
Ernestine Jackson
as Elderly Woman
Reggie A. Green
as Drunk Guy
Cortez Nance Jr.
as Bar Patron No. 1
Paul Bomba
as Mark Howell
Kibibi T. Dillon
as Large Black Woman
Barbara Andres
as Lenora White
Nathalie Paulding
as Driver Girl
James Colby
as Joey the Third
Reggie Green
as Drunk Guy
Mark Doherty
as State Trooper
Jennifer Harmon
as Ellen Turbody
Cecil Francesca
as Mike's Dad
Deanne Bray
as Rosemarie
Frank Raffa
as Brigade Member
Kate Guyton
as Kelly MacNamara
Tana Sarnt
as Shane Hwang
Lou Savarese
as Beefy Bartender
Wally Dunn
as Bar Patron No. 2
Shirley Roeca
as AA Chick
Ed Romanoff
as Doctor No. 1
Savannah Wise
as Singing Woman
Mary Ann Hay
as Real Jean
Clinton Lowe
as Sleeping Man
Kaipo Schwab
as Doctor No. 2
Stephanie Musnick
as Gruff Woman
David Beach
as Jim King
Joy Nakayama
as Conspiracy Chick
Kent Cassella
as Bartender
J. Elaine Marcos
as Pretty Lesbian
David Sartirana
as Church Cop
Christopher King
as Man in Crowd
Ana Kayne
as Hipster
Nick Gregory
as Lt. Hanrahan
Chris Phillips
as Rep. Gerard
DK Bowser
as Male Nurse
Lauren Potter
as Drunk Chick
Claire Byrne
as Attractive Lesbian
Jason Kolotouros
as Larry Lochness
Ann Arvia
as Kathy King
Kate Simses
as Conspiracy Chick
Deidre Goodwin
as Restaurant Hostess
Ann Harada
as Doctor No. 3
Elisabeth A. Furtado
as No-Nonsense Lesbian
Paul Coughlin
as Dour Guy
Jordan Leeds
as Doctor No. 4
Chris LaPanta
as Boxing Official
Thomas Gordon
as Doorman Tony
Erica Huang
as Amanda Ho
Isaiah Stokes
as The Shooter
Stephen DeRosa
as Dr. Brown
Wenne Alton Davis
as No-Nonsense Lesbian
Anthony Reimer
as Angelo (the Super)
Ericka Yang Hunter
as Singing Nurse
Jennifer Merrill
as Attractive Shopper
David Wohl
as Dr. Harris
Alyssa Ford
as Bystander
Ernie Boch Jr.
as Ernie Boch
Jamila Webb
as Female Patron
Jake Suffian
as Porn Guy
Gina Bombara
as Singing Nurse
Greg Hill
as Lugnut Lombardi
Eddie R. Brown III
as Drunk Patron
Molly Church
as Assistant
Darlesia Cearcy
as Mrs. Berg
John Roney
as Security Guard
Jones Miller
as AA Zombie
Steve Alleva
as Fireman
Tonya Wathen
as Singing Nurse
James Hindman
as Insurance Guy
Heather Lang
as Singing Nurse
Lisa Douglass
as Little Girl's Mom
Conan McCarty
as Jewelry Store Manager
Nick Raio
as Meeting Leader
Rashidra Scott
as Nurse Violet
Kathleen Kelley
as Secretary
Mike Landry
as Bartender
Dina Duva
as Nurse
Bob Van Lindt
as Father Barry
Renee Pugh
as Singing Nurse
Liam Craig
as Father Francis
Meredith Howard
as Singing Nurse
James McNally
as Meeting Leader
Kate Amara
as Reporter
Celisse Henderson
as Nurse Voice
Guisseppe Jones
as Cable Guy
Karmine Alers
as FDNY Nurse
Marya Grandy
as Singing Nurse
James Coyle
as FDNY Doctor
Jodie Langel
as Nurse Voice
Danielle Lee Greaves
as Singing Nurse
Celisse Henderson
as Singing Nurse
Michael-Leon Wooley
as Security Guard
Marya Grandy
as Nurse Voice
John Danelle
as Liquor Store Clerk
Jodie Langel
as Singing Nurse
Natalia Zisa
as Showgirl
Heather Bair
as Showgirl
Jenn Colella
as Singing Nurse
Samantha Zack
as Showgirl
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TV Network: FX
Premiere Date: Jul 21, 2004
Executive Producers: Denis Leary, Peter Tolan, Jim Serpico
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