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Special agent Cabe Gallo forms a new team of super geniuses, hiring former child prodigy Walter O'Brien to lead a team of his brilliant friends. They are assigned their first mission by the government to help land airplanes at LAX when the entire communication system shuts down due to a bug at the control tower.


Eddie Kaye Thomas
as Toby Curtis
Robert Patrick
as Cabe Gallo
Jack Guzman
as Team Leader
Ernie Hudson
as Brooks
Katharine McPhee
as Paige Dineen
Desean Terry
as Agent Bates
Martin Thompson
as Tower Chief
Alimi Ballard
as Co-Pilot
Patrick St. Esprit
as Capt. James Pike
Elyes Gabel
as Walter O'Brien
Carla Toutz
as Walter's Mom
David Burr
as Gordon Tooley
Ari Stidham
as Sylvester Dodd
Jadyn Wong
as Happy Quinn
Kelley Jakle
as Janice Keller
Glenn Keogh
as Walter's Dad
Daniel Zolghadri
as Young Walter
Emily Robinson
as 14-Year-Old Peg
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