Sons of Liberty (2015 - )

Sons of Liberty


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Men who dubbed themselves Sons of Liberty helped spark the American Revolution; the young rebels from varied backgrounds struggled to find purpose in their lives but eventually became legends. The men started by seeking equality, but they found something even better -- Independence. The featured firebrands in the historical drama miniseries include charismatic leader Sam Adams, artisan/militia-man Paul Revere, conservative lawyer John Adams, Gen. George Washington, and brilliant-but-mischievous diplomat Ben Franklin.

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Cast & Crew

Ben Barnes
Sam Adams
Ryan Eggold
Dr. Jospeh Warren
Rafe Spall
John Hancock
Henry Thomas
John Adams
Marton Csokas
Gen. Thomas Gage
Emily Berrington
Margaret Gage
Jason O'Mara
Gen. George Washington
Dean Norris
Benjamin Franklin
Stephen David
Russ McCarroll
Executive Producer
Elaine Frontain Bryant
Executive Producer
Stephen David
Executive Producer
Matthew Gross
Executive Producer
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