Dragon's Teeth


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Under attack from the hostile Turei race, Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and the crew take refuge on a war-ravaged planet. Here they find the ruins of the Vaadwar civilization, whose surviving warriors slumber in biopods, awaiting reanimation so that they may wreak vengeance upon their enemies. Electing to align herself with the awakened Vaadwar, Janeway soon has cause to regret her decision. First telecast November 10, 1999, "Dragon's Teeth" was written by Michael Taylor, Brannon Braga, and Joe Menosky, from a story by Taylor.


Kate Mulgrew
as Capt. Kathryn Janeway
Robert Beltran
as First Off. Chakotay
Tim Russ
as Security Chief Tuvok
Ethan Phillips
as Neelix
Robert Picardo
as The Doctor
Roxann Dawson
as Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres
Garrett Wang
as Ens. Harry Kim
Jeri Ryan
as Seven of Nine
Jeff Allin
as Gedrin
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