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In the series opener, Sarah and John flee to a new town. Meanwhile, Terminator is alerted to their movement and sent to assassinate John. Little do they know that another cyborg has been sent to protect John and ensure his eventual leadership of the revolution.


Lena Headey
as Sarah Connor
Thomas Dekker
as John Connor
Richard T. Jones
as James Ellison
Summer Glau
as Cameron
Owain Yeoman
as Cromartie
Charlayne Woodard
as Terissa Dyson
Aaron Cash
as Terminator
Dean Winters
as Charley Dixon
Chad Brummett
as FBI Agent
Jason Grutter
as Police Officer
Gary Houston
as Mr. Ferguson
Deborah Martinez
as News Anchor
Genia Michaela
as Bank Teller
Shawn Prince
as Danny Tyson
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