The Legend of Korra: Season 2 (2013)


Season 2
The Legend of Korra

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Air date: Sep 13, 2013
Air date: Sep 13, 2013
Air date: Sep 20, 2013
Air date: Sep 27, 2013
Air date: Oct 4, 2013
Air date: Oct 11, 2013
Air date: Oct 18, 2013
Air date: Oct 18, 2013
Air date: Nov 1, 2013
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Critic Reviews for The Legend of Korra Season 2

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One of this show's strengths is establishing interesting conflicts in which the "bad guys" have a good point.

Sep 21, 2018 | Full Review…

Book Two had a few problems here and there, but none that cut too harshly into the overarching narrative, and the animation finished strong. Overall, this latest season was a journey well worth taking.

Sep 21, 2018 | Rating: 8.7/10 | Full Review…

The writers spent a whole season creating this massive problem for Korra to solve, and then they pull a convenient solution... at the last minute with absolutely no buildup!

Sep 21, 2018 | Full Review…

As much as Book 2 eventually managed to right itself, there was still a considerable amount of haphazardness to it, and that ultimately resulted in a frustrating, lackluster viewing experience.

Sep 21, 2018 | Full Review…

It's a challenge to give animated characters weight, let alone the scale of skyscraper-sized Kaiju fighters, but [Book 2] pulls it off.

Sep 21, 2018 | Full Review…

Creators/executive producers, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, like Korra, have proven they are a force to be reckoned with. Patience in this case, is definitely a virtue.

Sep 21, 2018 | Full Review…

[Season 2 is ] a bit confusing, heady verging on nonsensical about the spiritual stuff, occasionally frustrating, highly spotty in quality control, but still, for me, more enjoyable than 95% of other shows on TV.

Sep 21, 2018 | Rating: B+ | Full Review…

Can we talk about how amazing the action is in this show?

Jul 14, 2014 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for The Legend of Korra: Season 2

  • Mar 27, 2016
    While there are some minor missteps in terms of storytelling, Season 2 of The Legend of Korra continues to expand on the lore and characters that make the universe and mythos so compelling.
    Matthew M Super Reviewer
  • Sep 09, 2019
    Definitely the worst season from this incredible series. The season starts out solidly, showing a family relationship and political intrigue, but quickly turns into a giant world ending cartoonish villain that one usually sees in recent superhero films. Thankfully, the series recovers by having two of the most well written villains in seasons 3 & 4, but dang this season is weird. There are some great moments however, like the Flashback episodes which drastically alter the style of the series harkening back to an episode of The Last Airbender.
  • Sep 05, 2019
    A great follow up but a bit over stuffed in some parts
  • May 25, 2019
    this makes the battles of gods a trash
  • Mar 20, 2019
    I'm not the target audience and while it's not among my favourite shows I can appriciate it.
  • Oct 28, 2018
    *lady gaga voice* talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique
  • Dec 26, 2017
    I have to rate this one a bit lower for a few reasons: first, WAY more unnecessary filler (The entire Republic city segment with "movers and conspiracies really had no tie into the overall plot). The animation quality also took a pretty decent dive downwards with a cheaper studio contracted to do the work. But even given those things it STILL manages to do interesting things and push the world in interesting ways. Like everyone else, I loved the "Beginnings" episodes. And every episode after those was good as well, we got to see the overall picture of spirits and how that has always affected the series (unbeknown to the audience until now), and none of this feel tacked on or unnatural--it's like we really are just discovering the history now for the first time. It all makes sense and fits well. So perhaps watch the whole thing once and then just skip to the "Beginnings" episodes on a second watchthrough.
  • Jul 26, 2017
    This series is defined by two things: the spirit world and the crap. Korra's relationship with the spirit world is explored wonderfully as is the origin story of the avatar. For a fan of ATLA you'll love many moments of this season as they hark back to ATLA and beyond to fully explore the spirit world. Other than that... there were no redeeming qualities. The relevant characters this season were Korra, Tenzin, Tenzins' kid and the bad guy. Everyone else was completely irrelevant, this left me with what felt like two thirds of a seasons worth of fillers. Mako is terrible, he's decided to be a police officer and spends 4 episodes chasing a remote. There's no character development at all and he even becomes unlikeable due to his crappy relationship with Korra which is filled with pointless bickering. It makes you wonder why on earth they're even together, do they have anything good between them? I even started to hate Bolin as he threw himself into the worlds strangest relationship that is so prosperous it's meant to be funny but left me wanting to smash my head against a wall. He also becomes so self centred that his brother ends up in prison and he doesn't even care, it's like his character was wiped away and replaced by a complete fool who was just there to waste air time because the writers could think of nothing to fill 14 episodes. Asami is a strong character who's kickass yet in this season she is only allowed to be there if she serves as the third point in the relationship triangle or someone needs to be flown or driven somewhere. The entire season was ruined by the lack of care put into the side characters and the constant flux between serious moment and failed comedy.
  • Jan 23, 2017
    Spectaular as always
  • Jun 21, 2016
    Worst Avatar show ever. 1. The hero is a temperamental hot head with no logic OR common scenes. Rushing into danger and never learning from it. She ruins the show and the avatar legacy. Basically every plot involves Korra losing her temper and making a reckless unrealistic decision. 2. Action is boring and predictable. Basically 3 shots are fired and the 3rd always hits. Spoiler 3. POOR WRITING: Unlikeable characters. They were anti-logical, puerile, and unintelligent. They even made the appearances of old characters from the original series unlikeable and uneventful. 4. Unbalanced unfunny humor. It just gots worst and worst. If you like the uncute things kids say, OR stupidly pointless and random humor… you might like it.

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