The Wire Season 2

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Stringer (Idris Elba) attends D'Angelo's funeral, where he runs into Proposition Joe (Robert F. Chew), who offers him a deal. If Avon (Wood Harris) gives up some of his prime real estate, Prop Joe will give them access to his better product. Stringer visits Avon in prison to present the idea. Avon, distraught over D's death but still unaware of Stringer's involvement, rejects Prop Joe's offer. Daniels' (Lance Reddick) unit goes to work, convincing Sobotka (Chris Bauer) that they've given up on the murder case. Then they tap into the dock computers and watch as one of Horseface's (Charley Scalies) containers "disappears." They then trail the container to a warehouse. While Greggs (Sonja Sohn) is doing surveillance, she sees Prop Joe pull up to the warehouse, thus providing a pivotal link between the prostitution ring, the murdered girls on the docks, and Baltimore's drug trade. With this new information, Daniels tells Major Rawls (John Doman) that he's willing to take on the murders, but only if Rawls agrees to provide him with whatever his unit needs. Meanwhile, Herc (Domenick Lombardozzi) and Carver (Seth Gilliam) borrow a high tech bug for their surveillance work, leaving a large deposit on Carver's credit card. They learn that Nick (Pablo Schreiber) is supplying a local dealer, Frog (Gary "D.Reign" Senkus), with narcotics, but they lose their expensive listening device.


Dominic West
as Det. James McNulty
John Doman
as Col. William A. Rawls
Idris Elba
as Stringer Bell
Chris Bauer
as Frank Sobotka
Sonja Sohn
as Det. Shakima Greggs
Jim True-Frost
as Det. Roland `Prez' Pryzblewski
Deirdre Lovejoy
as Rhonda Pearlman
Lance Reddick
as Lt. Cedric Daniels
Wood Harris
as Avon Barksdale
Larry Gilliard Jr.
as D'Angelo Barksdale
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
as D'Angelo Barksdale
Amy Ryan
as Off. Beatrice Russell
Wendell Pierce
as Det. William `Bunk' Moreland
Clarke Peters
as Det. Lester Freamon
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