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Colonel Ballard, an aggressively rude and war-scarred commander of a Sikh regiment, threatens trouble for Grace. It seems he would rather be with his men than at rest within the calm sanctuary of the wards, yet when Grace reveals knowledge of Punjabi and an upbringing in India the colonel is temporarily calmed. As Grace tries to discover what has made him so heated, another soldier, Private Gorman, seems focused on riling him further. Will Grace be able to unlock Ballard's secret before Gorman provokes him into a very dangerous game? Flora has decided the volunteers should put on some entertainment, but as the pressure mounts, so do Flora's nerves. Meanwhile, Joan is still waiting for news from her fiance and Jaco calls her to an illicit meeting, sparking a series of events which will draw Joan into danger. How far will love push her to go, and at what risk to her profession and even her life?


Suranne Jones
as Sister Joan Livesey
Kerry Fox
as Sister Margaret Quayle
Kevin Doyle
as Lt. Col. Roland Brett
Alex Wyndham
as Capt Miles Hesketh-Thorne
Jeremy Swift
as QMS Reggie Soper
Richard Rankin
as Capt Thomas Gillan
Marianne Oldham
as Rosalie Berwick
Alice St. Clair
as Flora Marshall
Jack Gordon
as Cpl. Peter Foley
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