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      The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: Season 1 Reviews

      Nov 12, 2023

      It has the perfect balance of puppetry and cgi as wall as a little bit of Motor controls for the puppets . Eyes and face movements It was written very good it can be Engrossing and adventurous and sad as well give you more background info of this world . The cast was good in their roles I.E the voice actors and the puppeteers and others. It is a shame it was cancelled.

      Oct 24, 2023

      Mikey's TV Review: The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance (2019) A love letter to fantasy, puppetry and storytelling of the highest order, this prequel to the original 1982 film is a truly magnificent experience. Apart from delightful character performances and a perfect voice cast (including Simon Pegg, Taron Egerton, Nathalie Emmanuel, Mark Hamill and Donna Kimball) kudos must be given to the entire production. From writing to lighting, costume and creature design (Brian Froud) to visual FX and inspired direction from Louis Leterrier (The Transporter). Netflix and The Jim Henson Company have created an exciting and intelligent family drama series, filled with social commentary and progressive gender role models, without being intrusive, overly preachy, or losing sight of characterization. Moving at a pace that rarely lets up, we journey from vast deserts to moist woodland hues and treacherous mountains to deep caves. All with an attention to world building detail that puts most big screen Blockbusters to shame. Flowers swoon, insects creep and indescribable things flutter and fly... There are plenty of laughs, heartbreak and scares too. Some scenes, particularly those featuring the Skeksis, pushing the (12) rating up to the limit. While there are so many adorable moments, it's hard to stop myself grinning from ear to ear as I think about them. Hup, a Podling, is especially endearing both voiced and puppeted brilliantly by Victor Yerrid. If anything lets it down, it's that some of the deeply weighted, intimate scenes lose a little of their impact due to the limited facial expressions of the muppets - particularly the Gelfling. Although once again it's down to the performances of both the actors, puppeteers and voices that one quickly forgets that these are not actually real! It's also such a shame that something this wonderful and lovingly crafted feels the need to rush through the story to get to the end. Not everything these days has to have a sequel, but I for one would very much welcome a return trip to Thra. Hopefully everyone concerned with this production feels the same. At almost 8 hours it's perfect for binging, but may I suggest savouring it an episode or two per day? However you view it, you simply must see it! Mikey's TV Rating: 5/5*

      Sep 18, 2023

      This was the reason I paid for netflix. Not because I had to - because first time I saw this series I pirated it - but because I wanted to. Holy shit, this is the best thing netflix has produced. It's a travesty that a second season was denied. Bring back the frenchman that directed and filmed, and make a god damn second season! I'll pay... what am I willing to pay? 200 dollars? Whatever, doit!

      Aug 16, 2023

      I watch horror movies, yet this series scared me more than any horror movie has.

      Jul 28, 2023

      The puppets look very uncanny. Makes the show unwatchable

      Jul 16, 2023

      I enjoyed every moment of this show! It is a Masterpiece!

      Jun 24, 2023

      Disappointing. The dead eyed Gelfling puppets as well as some really clunky dialogue are too distracting, from what is a decent prequel story.

      May 24, 2023

      Really good. Takes a little getting into it, but after a while the characters and world-building completely absorb you. Startlingly original and refreshing. Wonderful to watch together with a 10+ year old child. Wish there was another season.

      Apr 28, 2023

      I love this series so much, incredibly disappointed there isn't a second season. So beautiful, catches your attention immediately, the way the story that was brought out was amazing, thank god my mom showed me the first movie, I would never have watched it otherwise. I couldn't help but tear up, the emotion through the series really comes to life and that's something you don't find very often. I would love for more people to watch this, the story line is incredibly, there is so much detail through the episodes, all the characters are special in their own way. In the end I'm so glad I watched this and recommend anyone who sees this to watch it as well.

      Jan 25, 2023

      Mystery why Netflix canceled this series. A quality production.

      Dec 3, 2022

      a 5 stars! seeing it cancelled baffled me. You lot deserves the Kardashians and Ms. Marvel. if I had the money I'd bring it back like. tomorrow morning!

      Sep 10, 2022

      Beautiful to look at. But, that's about it. Pales in comparison to the original movie from the early eighties.

      Sep 2, 2022

      This is a show you didn't know you always needed.

      Jul 8, 2022

      Firstly, its puppets so don't go into this expecting full CGI. They stayed true to Jim and Frank's original movie, and expanded the world in a way that I think Jim would have been proud. Well thought out with great puppeteering, creativity, attention to details and cinematography. 10/10.

      Dec 28, 2021

      It was absolute rubbish and i regret watching it.

      Nov 10, 2021

      Why Netflix cancel this amazing history? Its a shame

      Sep 7, 2021

      This show is actually really good. The acting, plot, and story is really good. I like what they did with the special effects although sometimes it's a little lacking. I was pleasantly suprised, and I am looking forward to a second season.

      Aug 9, 2021

      Stunning scenery great characters and well put together story

      Aug 1, 2021

      will not forget this one

      Mar 23, 2021

      SUCH a good show! The puppetry and set work was beautiful! VERY disappointed Netflix didn't renew. Hopefully it gets brought back by Disney!

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