The Hunt (2014 - Present)

The Hunt

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Release Date: 2014

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Twice a year, hunters head into the wilderness on the rugged island of Kodiak, Alaska, in search of the Kodiak brown bear, the world's largest land predator. "The Hunt" documents the pursuit, detailing the miles of treacherous terrain and tough weather conditions the hunters face during the 10-day expeditions. That doesn't even account for the dangers faced from the bears themselves, which can be 12 feet tall with razor-sharp claws, powerful jaws and a surprising level of elusiveness. It's not easy to snag the beasts, but these hunters do so while following numerous regulations that exist to ensure respect for the animals and the land. The purpose of the hunts include population control management and the economic viability of Kodiak through the cost of hunting permits. Avid hunter -- and Metallica lead singer -- James Hetfield narrates the hourlong episodes.
Starring: James Hetfield

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James Hetfield
Seth Goolnik
Executive Producer
Austin Reading
Executive Producer
Grady Candler
Executive Producer
Danny Villa
Executive Producer
Elaine Frontain Bryant
Executive Producer
Tim Healy
Executive Producer
Matthew Ginsburg
Executive Producer
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