The Munsters (1964 - 1966)

The Munsters


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A ghoulishly funny sitcom about a family of misfits residing at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Patriarch Herman, whose green complexion and monstrous size led him to be mistaken for the missing link, was as good-hearted as he was simpleminded. His wife, Lily, resembled a vampire. The mad-scientist grandfather was a dead ringer for an aged Dracula. And the son, Eddie, looked like a wolf boy. Only a niece passed as `normal' looking. The cast reunited in 1981 for the NBC teleflick `The Munsters Revenge.'

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1965, CBS, 32 episodes

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1964, CBS, 38 episodes


Fred Gwynne
as Herman Munster
Yvonne De Carlo
as Lily Munster
Al Lewis
as Grandpa Munster
Butch Patrick
as Edward `Eddie' Wolfgang Munster
Beverley Owen
as Marilyn Munster
Pat Priest
as Marilyn Munster
Willis Bouchey
as Mr. Bradley
Harvey Korman
as Lennie Bates
Kenny Lynch
as Mr. Kemper
Vinton Hayworth
as Bank Manager
Bill Mumy
as Googie Miller
Dayton Allen
as Dr. Willoughby
Chet Stratton
as Haggerty
Richard Reeves
as 1st Policeman
Paul Lynde
as Dr. Dudley
Pat McCaffrie
as 2nd Policeman
Marge Redmond
as Mrs. Stewart
Helen Kleeb
as Manager's Wife
Dennis Cross
as 1st Policeman
Bill Quinn
as Mr. White
Patricia Woodell
as Miss Thompson
Joe Scott
as Jerry
Brian Nash
as Galen Stewart
Buddy Lewis
as Mr. Leonard
Francis De Sales
as Mr. Foster
Russ Conway
as Mr. Miller
Alice Backes
as Nurse Fairchild
Dick Simmons
as Mr. Balding
Vito Scotti
as Voice of Caller
Joyce Jameson
as Miss Valentine
Walter Woolf King
as George Washington
Elsie Baker
as Grandma Farber
Henry Hunter
as The Mayor
Rand Brooks
as The Man
Lee Henry
as The Roustabout
Eddy Donno
as Mechanic
Richard Lane
as Announcer
Robert Morgan
as Police Officer
Monroe Arnold
as The Director
Felix Locher
as Powatuma
Walter Brooke
as John Stewart
Forrest Lewis
as Motel Manager
Eileen O'Neill
as Ann Carter
Dorothy Green
as Mrs. Kingsley
John Hoyt
as Bernie
Frank Maxwell
as Coach Denham
Bob Harvey
as Customer
Mike Gordon
as Patrolman Finkel
Pitt Herbert
as Williams
Zalman King
as The Beard
Jean Willes
as Mrs. Cartwright
John Abbott
as Frankenstein
Sally Frei
as Indian Girl
Rian Garrick
as Corbett
Elvia Allman
as Mrs. Harkness
Sarah Ross
as Dancer
Ted Eccles
as Wilbur
Peter Robbins
as Elmer Dudley
Charlie Ruggles
as Charlie Wiggens
Joe Quinn
as Police Officer
Don Keefer
as Dr. Elliott
Adele Claire
as Secretary
Jesse White
as Finlater
Simon Scott
as Wilbur Kingsley
Billy Mumy
as Googie
Tom Curtis
as Doorman
Than Wyenn
as Legionnaire Captain
Hoke Howell
as Reporter #1
Alex Gerry
as Pops Murdock
Kimberly Beck
as Little Girl
Ralph Smiley
as Reporter
Arch Johnson
as Taggert
Jack Grinnage
as Mr. Walpole
Richard Jury
as Man on Train
Mary Mitchel
as Dorothea
Digby Wolfe
as Director
Joe Brooks
as 1st Workman
Murray Alper
as 2nd Man
Pat Woodell
as Miss Thompson
Douglas Evans
as Clarence
Jimmy Cross
as Beasley
Al Checco
as Duke Feinberg (Bartender)
Fred Beir
as Johnson
John Hubbard
as Duke Ramsey
Jimmy Lennon Sr.
as Ring Announcer
Dort Clark
as Andrews
Paul Reed
as Henry J. Fregosi
Pat Buttram
as Pop Mallory
Gilbert Green
as Mr. Brubaker
Janet Dey
as Model #1
Ken Lynch
as Kempner
Gene Darfler
as Charlie
Richard Hale
as Gilbert
Philip Ober
as Dr. Wilkerson
Nina Roman
as Harem Girl
Barry O'Hara
as Workman #1
Jimmy Joyce
as Reporter #2
Roy Roberts
as Mr. Morgan
Charles Seel
as Elderly Man
Dee Carroll
as 1st Woman
Noam Pitlik
as Jack Koger
Jess Kirkpatrick
as Sgt. Baker
Fabian Dean
as Foreman
Don Haggerty
as Haskell
Larry Thor
as Man #2
Bert Freed
as Dennison
Jay York
as Crusher Kawalski
Dick Winslow
as Seymour
Nydia Westman
as Elderly Woman
Dan Tobin
as Stubbs
Ed Peck
as Willard
Robert Lewin
as Teleplay
Michel Petit
as Charlie
Louise Glenn
as Telephone Operator
Paul Bradley
as 1st Guest
Alvy Moore
as Dr. Grant
Doris Singleton
as Mrs. Andrews
John Alvin
as Franklin
Marilynn Lovell
as Mrs. Dudley
Jack Perkins
as Drunk #1
Peter Dawson
as Workman #2
Barbara Babcock
as Miss Guthrie
Matt Murphy
as Killer Conklin
Lurene Tuttle
as Mrs. Morton
John Mitchum
as Workman #1
Curt Barrett
as Fisherman
Sally Morris
as Colette
Sid Melton
as Diamond Jim
Hedy Scott
as Girl #2
Fred Carson
as Drunk #2
Robert Easton
as Moose Mallory
Tom McBride
as Mr. Hazlett
Roy Darmour
as 3rd Guest
Paul Baxley
as Purse Snatcher
Joe Devlin
as Sergeant
Michael Ross
as Campus Cop
Marilyn Bell
as 2nd Secretary
Count Billy Varga
as Strangler Murphy
Buck Kartalian
as Workman #2
Gene Lebell
as Tarzan McGurk
Sally Mills
as Stewardess
Ed Reimers
as Announcer
Jon Silo
as Russian Teletypist
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 24, 1964
Genre: Comedy
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