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Lisa (voice of Yeardley Smith) learns that Springfield is soon to have a new shopping mall, but she's troubled by the fact that it's being built on a site where rare fossils had been discovered in the past. Lisa threatens to file suit against the developers with the help of cut-rate attorney Lionel Hutz (voice of Phil Hartman), but the businessmen agree to a compromise and allow Lisa to organize an archaeological dig on the property before construction is completed. While Lisa and her fellow students sift the soil looking for historical tidbits, someone finds what looks like a human skeleton with wings growing from its shoulders. Many Springfieldians are convinced the remains of an angel have been unearthed, and Homer (voice of Dan Castellaneta) wastes no time in taking the artifact home and charging people fifty cents a throw to see the artifact. Lisa, on the other hand, isn't so certain that they've found a divine creature, and takes a sample from the skeleton to eminent scientist Stephen Jay Gould (who provides his own voice) in hopes of determining just what the skeleton is. As a debate of faith versus reason sweeps the community, the "angel" disappears, only to reappear bearing a sign reading "The End Will Come at Sundown." "Lisa the Skeptic" was first aired on November 23, 1997.


Dan Castellaneta
as Homer Simpson/Grampa/Krusty the Clown/Barney/Mayor Quimby
Julie Kavner
as Marge Simpson/Patty Bouvier/Selma Bouvier
Nancy Cartwright
as Bart Simpson/Nelson Muntz/Todd Flanders/Ralph Wiggum/Kearney
Yeardley Smith
as Lisa Simpson
Hank Azaria
as Apu/Carl/Comic-Book Guy/Snake/Moe Szyslak/Chief Wiggum
Harry Shearer
as Mr. Burns/Lenny/Ned Flanders/Seymour Skinner/Waylon Smithers
Marcia Wallace
as Edna Krabappel
Pamela Hayden
as Milhouse Van Houten/Rod Flanders
Phil Hartman
as Troy McClure/Lionel Hutz
Tress MacNeille
as Jimbo Jones/Dolph/Agnes Skinner
Russi Taylor
as Sherri/Terri/MArtin Prince
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