To Save Us All from Satan's Power


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A Mafia chieftain becomes uncharacteristically reflective as Christmas approaches in this episode of the cable TV drama. New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) is experiencing a sense of loss over the death of his friend Pussy Bompensiero, who traditionally played Santa Claus at Tony's annual charity bash. Tony's feelings of woe are compounded by his discovery of his daughter's boyfriend, wiseguy wannabe Jackie Aprile Jr. (Jason Cerbone), receiving a lap dance from a stripper at a go-go club; Tony gives the college dropout a solid beating. In the meantime, a Russian money launderer friend of Tony's gives him a little holiday gift: the identity of the ruffian who viciously assaulted his sister Janice (Aida Turturro). Tony and his lieutenant Furio give the man a beating as a holiday gift to Janice, and on Christmas morning, a chastened Jackie shows up with a gift for Tony's daughter Meadow (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) and an attitude adjustment for her father.


James Gandolfini
as Anthony Soprano
Lorraine Bracco
as Dr. Jennifer Melfi
Edie Falco
as Carmela Soprano
Michael Imperioli
as Christopher Moltisanti
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
as Meadow Soprano
Dominic Chianese
as Corrado `Uncle Junior' Soprano
Robert Iler
as Anthony Soprano Jr.
Steven Van Zandt
as Silvio Dante
Tony Sirico
as Paulie `Walnuts' Gualtieri
Aida Turturro
as Janice Soprano
Steve Schirripa
as Bobby `Bacala' Baccalieri
Kathrine Narducci
as Charmaine Bucco
Jerry Adler
as Herman `Hesh' Rabkin
Michael Rispoli
as Jackie Aprile
Vincent Pastore
as Salvatore `Big Pussy' Bonpensiero
Jason Cerbone
as Jackie Aprile Jr.
John Fiore
as Gigi Cestone
Joseph Badalucco Jr.
as Jimmy Altieri
Dan Grimaldi
as Patsy Parisi
George Loros
as Raymond Curto
Frank Ciornei
as Slava Malevsky
Igor Zhivotovsky
as Igor Parnasky
Turk Pipkin
as Aaron Arkaway
Matt Cerbone
as Young Jackie Jr.
Dominick Charles Carbone
as Kevin Bonpensiero
Maureen Van Zandt
as Gabriella Dante
Tyler Gulizio
as Little Boy
Loulou Katz
as Little Girl
Annika Pergament
as Newscaster
Rosie Chavolino
as Second Dancer
Capathia Jenkins
as Store Employee
Drea de Matteo
as Adriana La Cerva
Vincent Curatola
as Johnny `Johnny Sack' Sacramoni
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