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The Twilight Zone (1959 - 1964)

The Twilight Zone (1959 - 1964)





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A classic anthology of sci-fi, suspense and goose-bump-inducing tales that explore 'a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man.' Filled with invention and irony, the stories are tightly constructed, ingenious flights of imagination with often cautionary themes---and frequently a terrific twist at the end.

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Critics Consensus: The highlights of the final The Twilight Zone season are the fine appearances from some veteran actors, although portions of these episodes are diminished by unfortunate clichés.

1963, CBS, 38 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1963, CBS, 18 episodes

Critics Consensus: The Twilight Zone's third season manages to overturn an uneven structure with some superb writing that borders on profound and some of the finest half hours in the series' history.

1961, CBS, 37 episodes

Critics Consensus: You're traveling through another season, a season not only of philosophy but of fear. A journey into the experimental side of television seldom seen before. That's the TV listing up ahead -- your next stop, The Twilight Zone.

1960, CBS, 29 episodes

Critics Consensus: You're about to enter a show, a show not only of frights and fears but of mind. A journey into the limitless world of imagination. A show that pushes the boundaries of what a show can be. Next stop, The Twilight Zone.

1959, CBS, 36 episodes


Lee Philips
as Allan Ransome
Dean Jagger
as Ed Lindsay
John McGiver
as Shannon
Gail Kobe
as Sally
John Larch
as Rathmann
Jack Klugman
as Joey Crown
Vaughan Taylor
as Carsville
Burgess Meredith
as Henry Bemis
Paul Comi
as Warren Marcusson
Vivi Janiss
as Flora Gibbs
Fritz Weaver
as William Sturka
Liam Sullivan
as Jamie Tennyson
Will Kuluva
as General DeCruz
Jeanette Nolan
as Rachel Simpson
Frank Overton
as Mr. Sloan
Albert Salmi
as Joe Caswell
Bill Mumy
as Billy Bayles
James Best
as Johnny Rob
Philip Abbott
as Chris Bayles
Ben Wright
as Captain
Suzanne Cupito
as Little Girl
Lee Marvin
as Conny Miller
Vladimir Sokoloff
as Mr. Gallegos
Jack Warden
as James Corry
John Hoyt
as Dr. Loren
Christine White
as Kitty Cavanaugh
Harry Townes
as Arch Hammer
Lew Gallo
as Mechanic
Jack Weston
as Charlie
Betty Garde
as Lady on Plane
Nora Marlowe
as Chambermaid
J. Pat O'Malley
as Man in Homburg
Wallace Rooney
as Man on Road
Buddy Ebsen
as Jimbo Cobb
Irene Tedrow
as Mrs. Sloan
Patricia Breslin
as Pat Carter
Laura Devon
as Ellwyn Glover
Dana Andrews
as Paul Driscoll
Julie Newmar
as Miss Devlin
Mariette Hartley
as Sandra Horn
Howard Duff
as Arthur Curtis
Richard Haydn
as Bartlett Finchley
Jean Carson
as Paula Diedrich
Barbara Nichols
as Liz Powell
Arthur Hunnicutt
as Hyder Simpson
Russell Collins
as Ben Conroy
Robert Sterling
as Douglas Winter
Jacqueline Scott
as Helen Gaines
Nan Martin
as Laura Ford
Carolyn Kearney
as Marnie Kirk
Philip Ober
as Mr. Henderson
Peter Mark Richman
as Trooper Robert Franklin
Steve Cochran
as Fred Renard
Jack Carson
as Harvey Hunnicut
June Dayton
as Miss Turner
Susan Harrison
as Ballerina
Ludwig Donath
as Ernst Ganz
Maggie Mahoney
as Emma Senescu
James Whitmore
as William Benteen
Cedric Hardwicke
as Uncle Simon Polk
Shelley Fabares
as Ellen Tillman
Barry Nelson
as Bob Frazier
Earl Holliman
as Mike Ferris
Edgar Stehli
as Prof. Samuel Kittridge
James Daly
as Gart Williams
Brian Aherne
as Booth Templeton
Sherry Jackson
as Comfort Gatewood
Lloyd Bochner
as Michael Chambers
Shirley Ballard
as First Wilma
Ed Nelson
as Philip Redfield
Barbara Baxley
as Cora Wheeler
Ruta Lee
as Flora Gordon
Ralph Taeger
as Walter Holmes
Keenan Wynn
as Gregory West
John Carradine
as Brother Jerome
Barney Phillips
as Capt. Gunther
Russ Bender
as Counterman
Billy Mumy
as Billy Bayles
Gladys Cooper
as Wanda Dunn
Joe Mantell
as Jackie Rhodes
Martin Balsam
as Danny Weiss
Loring Smith
as Honest Luther Grimbley
Walter Brooke
as Chad Cooper
John Dehner
as Captain Allenby
Martin Landau
as Hotaling
Noah Keen
as Bengston
Milton Selzer
as Alien No. 1
David White
as Brinkley
Howard Smith
as Mr. Misrell
George Mitchell
as Garage Man
Warren Oates
as Ambulance Driver
Claude Akins
as Steve Brand
Dana Dillaway
as Little Girl/Maggie
Joe Maross
as Jerry Riden
Mary Gregory
as Tommy's Mother
William Kendis
as Publicity Agent
Dick York
as Capt. Riker
Wright King
as Paul Carson
Katherine Squire
as Mrs. Langford
Art Carney
as Henry Corwin
Howard McNear
as Mitchell
Kevin Hagen
as Capt. James Webber
James Westerfield
as Bartender (O'Toole)
Patricia Smith
as Sylvia Bayles
Virginia Gregg
as Ossie Stone
Howard I. Smith
as Mr. Misrell
James Millhollin
as Armbruster
Thomas Gomez
as Cadwallader
Lew Brown
as Telephone Repairman
Milton Parsons
as Professor Gilbert
James Gregory
as Air Force General
Merritt Bohn
as Truck Driver
Don Keefer
as Dan Hollis
Stafford Repp
as Mechanic
Oscar Beregi
as Farwell
Jason Wingreen
as Conductor No. 1
Malcolm Atterbury
as Henry J. Fate
Ivan Dixon
as Bolie Jackson
Bing Russell
as Ramp Attendant
William Shatner
as Don Carter
Sandra Gould
as Woman No. 1
William Sargent
as Project Manager
Ezelle Poule
as Housekeeper
Arch Johnson
as Roscoe Bragg
Ned Glass
as Pawnshop Owner
Edward Ryder
as Callahan
Edson Stroll
as Walter Smith
Lili Darvas
as Grandma Bayles
David Opatoshu
as Mayor Dorn
Norman Leavitt
as Sheriff Gilchrist
Hazel Court
as Charlotte Scott
Alexander Scourby
as General Harper
James Maloney
as Conductor No. 2
Miranda Jones
as Martha Horn
David García
as Lieutenant
Jonathan Winters
as Fats Brown
Cloris Leachman
as Mrs. Fremont
Karen Verne
as Innkeeper
William McLean
as Property Man
Frank Silvera
as Dr. Koslenko
Martine Bartlett
as Miss Finch
Bonnie Beecher
as Mary Rachel
Rod Taylor
as Col. Clegg Forbes
Jennifer Howard
as Janet's Nurse
Pippa Scott
as Laura Templeton
Philippa Bevans
as Mrs. Landers
Frank Aletter
as Col. Connacher
Herbie Faye
as Bartender
James Callahan
as Doug Kirk
David Macklin
as Bud Powell
George Macready
as Dr. Bixler
Marsha Hunt
as Mrs. Henderson
Celia Lovsky
as Viola Draper
Joan Blondell
as Phyllis Britt
Paul Fix
as Colbey
Jeff Morrow
as Kurt Meyers
Martin Milner
as Paul Grinstead
Henry Jones
as J. Hardy Hempstead
Abraham Sofaer
as Dr. Stillman
Gene Lyons
as Psychiatrist
Robin Hughes
as Prisoner (Howling Man)
Robert P. Lieb
as Officer Flaherty
Paul Hartman
as Police Sergeant
Dan Tobin
as Bagby
Peggy Stewart
as Grace Stockton
Robert Redford
as Harold Beldon
Robert Foulk
as Gatekeeper
Joan Hackett
as Esther Fortune
Nancy Kulp
as Mrs. Gann
Curt Conway
as Stranger
Pert Kelton
as Mrs. Parkes
Ray Teal
as Franklin
Tim O'Connor
as Col. Sloane
Joyce Van Patten
as Eileen Ransome
Collin Wilcox Paxton
as Marilyn Cuberle
Roger Jacquet
as Confederate Spy
Penny Singleton
as Mrs. Flemington
John Van Dreelen
as Commissar Vassiloff
Dody Heath
as Susanna Kittridge
Jeane Wood
as Landlady
Jean Willes
as Ethel McConnell
Strother Martin
as Mothershed
Lance Fuller
as Orgram Gatewood
Phyllis Love
as Mrs. Lucas
Larry Blyden
as Rocky Valentine
John Harmon
as Georgie
Jon Lormer
as Reverend
Cliff Robertson
as Christian Horn
George Grizzard
as Roger Shackleforth
James Flavin
as Truck Driver
Percy Helton
as Tom Poulter
Don Gordon
as Marshak
Sandra Warner
as First Beautiful Girl
Joseph Elic
as Subaltern
Joseph Perry
as Policeman
Ed Wynn
as Lew Bookman
Cecil Kellaway
as Jeremy Wickwire
Douglas Spencer
as Martian No. 1
Donna Douglas
as Janet Tyler (revealed)
Morgan Jones
as Trooper Dan Perry
S. John Launer
as Mr. Harrington
Pat O'Malley
as Mr. Wilson
Wesley Lau
as Airline Agent
Richard Karlan
as Bartender
Arline Sax
as Girl in Bar
Olan Soule
as Revenue Man
Charles Aidman
as Col. Ed Harrington
Peter Brocco
as Pop Marshak
Theodore Marcuse
as Citizen Gregori
Eddie Marr
as Girlie Barker
Russell Horton
as Boy No. 4
Jack Albertson
as Jerry Harlowe
June Foray
as Talky Tina
Anne Barton
as Mrs. Brand
Nancy Rennick
as Miss Pettigrew
Richard Long
as David Gurney
Anne Francis
as Marsha White
Robert Riordan
as Hotel Manager
Henry Hunter
as Dr. Unger
Alice Pearce
as Mrs. Nielsen
John Close
as Policeman
Veronica Cartwright
as Anne (age 11)
Shari Lee Bernath
as Maggie Gaines
Bill Diamond
as Pvt. Pip
Ed Kemmer
as Flight Engineer
Randy Boone
as Pfc. Michael McCluskey
Seymour Green
as British Officer
Jack Elam
as Avery
Tom Hatcher
as Bill Soames
R.G. Armstrong
as Contractor
Michael D. Ford
as Spaceman #1
Moyna MacGill
as Mrs. Williams
Natalie Trundy
as Ellen Marshall
Fredrick Beir
as Lt. Mike Carter
Guy Raymond
as Gibbons
Tim O'Conner
as Col. Sloane
Henry Lascoe
as Gerald Hugo
Connie Gilchrist
as Mrs. Feeny
Constance Ford
as Barbara Polk
Barton Heyman
as Lt. Blane
Mary Munday
as Hildy Powell
Pam Austin
as Valerie/Marilyn/No. 8
Sterling Holloway
as TV Repairman
Sarah Selby
as Mrs. Cudahy
Russell Trent
as Rifle Range Barker
Ted Otis
as Pierson
Estelle Winwood
as Laurette Bowen
Than Wyenn
as Johnson
Phyllis Kirk
as Victoria West
Michael Burns
as Paul Stockton
Rex Holman
as Charlie
Troy Melton
as Cowboy No. 1
Ralph Moody
as Pa Myrtlebank
Robert Sampson
as Chris Miller
Irene Dailey
as Miss Frank
Pat Crowley
as Jackie Benson
Patrick O'Neal
as Harmon Gordon
Diana Hyland
as Anne Henderson
Jack Crowder
as Technician
John Bolt
as Billy Rayford
Gig Young
as Martin Sloan
Jean Marsh
as Alicia
Jim Hutton
as Maj. William Gart
Art Lewis
as Drunk
Simon Scott
as Major Wilson
Patricia Donahue
as Jane Williams
Charles Lane
as Peckinpaugh
Lisa Golm
as Mrs. Gumley
Paul Genge
as Canfield
Douglas Heyes
as Astronaut
Harp McGuire
as Purcell
Josip Elic
as Subaltern
Kaaren Verne
as Innkeeper
Ben Cooper
as Dauger
Dexter Dupont
as Messenger
Muriel Landers
as Marge Moore
Michael Ford
as Spaceman No. 1
Alma Platt
as Marie Holt
Bill Bixby
as O.O.D. Smith
Patricia Crowley
as Jackie Benson
Edward Kemmer
as Flight Engineer
Doris Singleton
as Secretary
Denver Pyle
as Stu Tillman
Nancy Malone
as Millie Frazier
Patrick Macnee
as First Officer
Joe Hamilton
as Ticket Agent
Richard Kiel
as Kanamit
Clegg Hoyt
as Junk Dealer
Harold Gould
as Gen. Larrabee
Inger Stevens
as Nan Adams
Jim Boles
as Dispatcher
Henry Beckman
as Policeman
Chuck Hicks
as Maynard Flash
Ted de Corsia
as Marty Sall
Dick Wilson
as First Adjuster
Jim Turley
as 2nd Fireman
Dane Clark
as Ace Larsen
Shirley O'Hara
as Woman on Road
Vic Perrin
as Martian No. 2
Jay Adler
as Derelict
Dabbs Greer
as Scanlon
Jo Helton
as Mrs. Harlowe
Harry Jackson
as Trumpet Player
Duane Grey
as Bartender
Shirley O'Hara Krims
as Woman on Road
Lillian O'Malley
as Miss Meredith
Eva Soreny
as Frau Maria Werner
Tudor Owen
as Lusitania Captain
Carol Byron
as Carol Chase
Roger Davis
as David Mitchell
George Lindsey
as Deputy Pierce
Jackie Cooper
as Jonathan West
Naomi Stevens
as Woman Attendant
Roddy McDowall
as Sam Conrad
Frederic Ledebur
as Brother Christophorus
Tom Palmer
as Robert the Butler
Franchot Tone
as Col. Archie Taylor
Robert Brubaker
as Tower Operator
Mark Tapscott
as Lieutenant
Orville Sherman
as Tillman Miller
Edgar Buchanan
as Doc Bolton
Charles Herbert
as Tom (age 12)
Charles P. Thompson
as Andy Praskins
Thalmus Rasulala
as Technician
Everett Sloane
as Franklin Gibbs
Vera Miles
as Millicent Barnes
Frederick Ledebur
as Brother Christophorus
Clark Allen
as Bagpipe Player
Ralph Votrian
as Hanacheck
Hardie Albright
as Secretary General
Michael Keep
as Policeman
Barnaby Hale
as Stanley
Burt Reynolds
as Rocky Rhodes
Asa Maynor
as Stewardess
Greg Morris
as Lieutenant
Suzy Parker
as Lana/No. 12
Brooke Hayward
as Paula Harper
Jerome Cowan
as Jerry Hearndan
Lela Bliss
as Woman in Bank
Fay Roope
as Judge
Peter Coe
as German Officer
Guy Wilkerson
as Counter Man
Jack Ging
as Young Man
Shelley Berman
as Archibald Beechcroft
Lee Van Cleef
as Gambler (Steinhart)
Jerry Davis
as Hermy Brandt
Telly Savalas
as Erich Streator
Ian Wolfe
as Schwimmer
Richard Basehart
as Col. Adam Cook
Helen Westcott
as Lillian Pope
Robert Lansing
as Cdr. Douglas Stansfield
Herbert C. Lytton
as Dr. Saltman
Ted Stanhope
as Stranger
Mitzi McCall
as Waitress
Robert Warwick
as Air Marshal Mackaye
Don Dubbins
as Peter Kirby
Kevin McCarthy
as Walter Jameson
Artie Lewis
as Racetrack Tout
Val Avery
as Bartender
Trevor Bardette
as Col. Hawthorne
Phil Coolidge
as Throckmorton
Sarah Marshall
as Ruth Miller
Robert Eaton
as Spaceman No. 2
Cliff Osmond
as Manuelo
Jesse White
as Repairman
Ryan Hayes
as Trainman
Vito Scotti
as Peddler
Douglas Bank
as Prosecutor
Donald Losby
as Venusian No. 1
Joe Scott
as Croupier
King Calder
as Sid Sperry
Bob McCord
as Ist Fireman
Donald Pleasence
as Prof. Ellis Fowler
Pat Hingle
as Horace Ford
Byron Kane
as Lab Assistant
James Tyler
as Jackson
Noami Stevens
as Woman Attendant
Janice Rule
as Helen Foley
Robert Cummings
as Capt. James Embry
H.M. Wynant
as David Ellington
Meg Wyllie
as Sister Florence
Juney Ellis
as Neighbor's Wife
Ralph Manza
as Doorkeeper
Mike Kellin
as Chief Bell
William Swan
as Technician
Alan Sues
as Wilfred Jr.
Denise Lynn
as Little Girl
Burt Conroy
as Watchman
Richard Conte
as Edward Hall
Milton Frome
as Detective
Eleanor Audley
as Mrs. Whitney
Fred Clark
as Chester Diedrich
Dorothy Adams
as Mrs. Canfield
Evans Evans
as Mary Lou
John Archer
as Trooper Bill Padgett
Charles Seel
as Rev. Wood
John Newton
as Mr. Cooper
Theodore Bikel
as Oliver Crangle
Ricky Kelman
as Alex (age 10)
Albert Carrier
as Frenchman
Doris Kemper
as Landlady
Richard Erdman
as Patrick McNulty
Renee Aubry
as Secretary
Doug McClure
as Pete Grant
Ray Galvin
as Policeman
Robert J. Stevenson
as TV Bartender
Helen Kleeb
as Mattie Glover
Robert Hogan
as Robert Blake
Gary Crosby
as Floyd Burney
Ida Lupino
as Barbara Jean Trenton
Byron Morrow
as Martian No. 1
Horace McMahon
as Bartender
Albert Szabo
as German Officer No. 2
John Lasell
as Wellington
Chuck Fox
as Victim
June C. Ellis
as Neighbor's Wife
Jack Mann
as Mallory
Dale Ishimoto
as Japanese Soldier
Bob Duggan
as Photographer
Sara Taft
as Mrs. Nolan
Ray Kellogg
as Attendant
Ron Foster
as Sgt. William Conners
Eddie Hall
as Girlie Barker
Harry Bartell
as Langford
Maxine Stuart
as Janet Tyler (bandaged)
Patrick Waltz
as Mr. Brand
Barry Brooks
as 1st Man
Jerry Fujikawa
as Japanese Captain
Philip Coolidge
as Throckmorton
Vickie Barnes
as Liz Myrtlebank
Jack Younger
as Truck Driver
Jimmy Baird
as Boy No. 1
Nick Cravat
as Gremlin
John Hanek
as Policeman
Ann Blyth
as Pamela Morris
Michael Constantine
as Sheriff Charlie Koch
Michael Montgomery
as Young Martin
Kenneth Haigh
as Flight Lt. Decker
Marc Cavell
as Freeman
Peter Walker
as Endicott
Shepperd Strudwick
as Peter Selden
Orson Bean
as James B.W. Bevis
Walter Reed
as Desperate Man
Mary Adams
as Day Nurse
Gary Merrill
as Paradine
Donald Foster
as Sinclair
Don Durant
as Gregory Walker
Clem Bevans
as Old Man
Nina Roman
as The Maid
Lenny Geer
as Douglas
Michael Conrad
as Sheriff Harper
Mickey Maga
as Little Boy
Therese Lyon
as Old Woman
Charles Horvath
as Other Fighter
Jimmy Lydon
as Patrolman
Jeanne Bates
as Ethel Hollis
Gil Lamb
as 1890 Policeman
Andy Devine
as Somerset Frisby
Rickey Kelman
as Alex (age 10)
Douglas Dumbrille
as Mr. Halpert
Jack Raine
as Reynolds
Richard Deacon
as Wallace V. Whipple
Lee Sands
as Floor Manager
Alan Dexter
as Beasley
Richard Lupino
as British Man
James Lydon
as Patrolman
Ed Platt
as Doctor
Harold J. Stone
as Grant Sheckly
Austin Green
as Abraham Lincoln
Titus Moede
as Wesley Miller
Phil Arnold
as Ist Man
Diane Strom
as Girl in Commercial
Adrienne Marden
as Woman No. 1
Richard Angarola
as The Suitor
Gerald Gordon
as Lieutenant
Ron Stokes
as Car Salesman
John Clarke
as Hearndan in Film
Deirdre Owen
as Barbara
Gloria Pall
as Girl in Bar
Rusty Lane
as Commissioner
Norma Connolly
as Night Nurse
Joe Mell
as Jimmy
Wolfe Barzell
as Bartender
Ann Jillian
as Ilse Nielsen
Alan Napier
as Capt. Protheroe
Marge Redmond
as Secretary
Sam Balter
as TV Announcer
Robert Bray
as Captain
Terese Lyon
as Old Woman
Vernon Gray
as Martian No. 3
House Peters Jr.
as 2nd Policeman
Felix Locher
as 2nd Man
Peter Falk
as Ramos Clemente
Tom Reese
as Intruder
Robert Snyder
as Electrician No. 2
Tony Call
as Lee Helmsman
David Bond
as Jack the Ripper
Ruth White
as Mrs. Ford
James Coburn
as Major French
Wally Cox
as James Elwood
John Sullivan
as Russian Duke
Carl McIntyre
as Announcer
Peter Hornsby
as Crap Dealer
Valley Keane
as Suzanne
Robert Karnes
as Airline Official
Helen Wallace
as Ma Gatewood
Mary McMahon
as Receptionist
Bethelynn Grey
as Chorus Girl No. 1
Kevin Jones
as Boy No. 2
John Zaremba
as Musician
Sidney Marion
as Watchman
Buzz Martin
as Teenager
Billy Booth
as Boy One
Luther Adler
as Arthur Castle
Dee Carroll
as Desperate Woman
Larry Gates
as Dr. Stockton
Buster Keaton
as Woodrow Mulligan
Dean Stockwell
as Lieutenant Katell
Arthur Hunnicut
as Hyder Simpson
Anne O'Neal
as Mrs. Wister
Barry Morse
as Fitzgerald Fortune
Bob Crane
as Disc Jockey
Roy Rowan
as TV/Radio Announcer
Derrick Lewis
as Helmsman
John Pickard
as Policeman
Robert Keith
as Jason Foster
Joe Flynn
as Second Adjuster
Nehemiah Persoff
as Carl Lanser
Frankie Van
as Referee
Butch Hengen
as Boy Two
Lee Sabinson
as Nikita Khrushchev
Gertrude Flynn
as Rose Kramer
William Fawcett
as Rev. Siddons
Johnny Eiman
as Pitcher
Betty Harford
as Woman Clerk
Henry Corden
as Sanchez
Tom Lowell
as Boy No. 3
James Seay
as Sheriff
Claudia Bryer
as Frau Nielsen
Robert Duvall
as Charley Parkes
Lindsay Workman
as Bartender
Howard Morris
as George P. Hanley
John L. Sullivan
as Russian Duke
Edwin Rand
as Bus Driver
Anthony Ray
as Newsboy
Dennis Weaver
as Adam Grant
Joseph E. Bernard
as Marty Weiss
Michael Pataki
as Jeep Driver
Don Gazzaniga
as Detective
John Cliff
as Lightning Peterson
Paul Bryar
as Bartender
William Reynolds
as Lt. Fitzgerald
Susan Dorn
as Marian
John Astin
as Charlie
Robert L. McCord III
as Offstage Voice
Larry Johns
as Corcoran
Joseph Wiseman
as Paul Radin
Carol Burnett
as Agnes Grep
Steve Forrest
as Robert Gaines
Mary Carver
as Betty O'Brien
Dick Wessel
as Charlie
Irene Hervey
as Martha Tillman
Dan Duryea
as Al Denton
Lee Millar
as Photographer
Nels Nelson
as Midget Policeman
Valley Keene
as Suzanne
James Gavin
as Policeman
John Holland
as 3rd Man
Warren Stevens
as Nate Bledsoe
Terence de Marney
as Gambler No. 1
Ken Lynch
as Charlie
John Lormer
as Man No. 1
Patrick Westwood
as Translator
Carleton Young
as Colonel No. 2
Billy Vincent
as Gambler No. 2
Jamie Forster
as Hotel Clerk
Dennis Hopper
as Peter Vollmer
Jim E. Titus
as Horace (child)
Ward Wood
as Man No. 2
Kate Murtagh
as Zelda Gooberman
Ben Erway
as Pete Van Horn
Bill Mullikin
as Parking Attendant
Richard Geary
as Pinto Sykes
James Yagi
as Japanese Police Captain
Ted Christy
as Panther Man
David Wayne
as Walter Bedeker
Kendrick Huxham
as Bartender
Leonard Strong
as Hitchhiker
Edmund Glover
as Sam Baker
Conlan Carter
as Ensign Marmer
Robert Boon
as Holger Nielsen
Ted Jacques
as Bartender
Logan Field
as Investigator
Paul Baxley
as Jeep Driver
Joseph Sargent
as Ticket Clerk
Angus Duncan
as Man in Line
Gene Roth
as Judge
Max Showalter
as Pat Riley
Eugene Borden
as Maitre D'
Paul Tripp
as Man No. 2
Edy Williams
as Chorus Girl No. 2
Roy Sickner
as Bus Driver
Dan White
as Man No. 2
Bob Kline
as TV Jesse James
George Murdock
as Willy the Ventriloquist
Ron Howard
as Wilcox Boy
John Eldredge
as Whittaker
Dub Taylor
as Peters
David Armstrong
as Attendant
Bart Burns
as Man No. 2
Madge Kennedy
as Colonist
Jack Perkins
as Truck Driver
Max Slaten
as Man on Wagon
Barry Truex
as David Whitley
Charles Kuenstle
as Sonar Operator
Jeff Morris
as Radio Operator
Maggie McNamara
as Bunny Blake
Richard Peel
as First Steward
Bob Hopkins
as Man in Bar
Jack Hyde
as Attorney
Robert Tafur
as Senor Valdes
John Williams (II)
as William Shakespeare
Joe Bassett
as Medical Officer
Pat Comiskey
as Man Two
Jeffrey Sayre
as Croupier
Moria Turner
as Mrs. Weiss
Norma Shattuc
as Little Girl
Forrest Compton
as ASW Officer
John Ward
as Colonist
Allan Lurie
as Subway Guard
Jean Innes
as Mrs. Landers
Paul Nesbitt
as Tom (age 20)
Darryl Richard
as Boy No. 6
Ron Masak
as Man with Harmonica
Joan Sudlow
as Woman Next Door
Howard Culver
as Jury Foreman
Lomax Study
as M. Leveque
Lea Marmer
as Woman No. 2
Tony Miller
as Announcer
Mabel Forrest
as Mrs. Ferguson
Judee Morton
as Karen (age 18)
Pat O'Hara
as Man No. 4
Barry Bernard
as Engineer
S. John Launer
as Loudspeaker Voice
Jean Inness
as Mrs. Landers
Warren Parker
as Clothing Store Manager
Gregory McCabe
as Boy No. 1
Nelson Olmsted
as Scientist
Rory O'Brien
as Little Boy
James Browning
as Boy No. 7
Pat Close
as Boy No. 8
Vince Baggetta
as Sailor No. 1
Marc Stevens
as Boy No. 2
Charles Tannen
as Man No. 1
David Fresco
as Man No. 2
Ed Barth
as Sailor
Debbie Joyce
as Little Girl
Dennis Kerlee
as Boy No. 9
Louie Elias
as Sailor No. 2
Carol Eve Rossen
as Lieutenant's Girl
Sheldon Allman
as First Alien
Craig Curtis
as 2nd Sailor
Barbara Morrison
as Matronly Woman
Pitt Herbert
as Field Rep #2
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Oct 2, 1959
Executive Producer: Rod Serling
Full Cast
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