The Hitchhiker
The Twilight Zone Season 1

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First telecast January 22, 1960, this Twilight Zone episode was adapted by Rod Serling from the famous radio play by Lucille Fletcher. In the original radio version, the protagonist was a young man named Ronald Adams, played by Orson Welles. Deducing that TV viewers would be more emotionally affected by a woman in distress, Serling rewrote the main character as Nan Adams, with Inger Stevens filling the role. While making a cross-country motor trip, Nan is terrified by the repeated appearances of a shabby-looking hitchhiker (Leonard Strong) who shows up at every turn and who seems to be beckoning her to. . .what? Classic line: "I believe you're. . .going my way." Listen for Eleanor Audley, in the climactic telephone-call sequence -- she also provided the voice of the wicked queen in the Disney theatrical feature Sleeping Beauty.

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