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The Twilight Zone: Season 3 (1961-1962)




Critic Consensus: The Twilight Zone's third season manages to overturn an uneven structure with some superb writing that borders on profound and some of the finest half hours in the series' history.


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A collection of sci-fi, suspense and goose-bump-inducing tales.


James Best
as Johnny Rob
John Larch
as Fremont
Arthur Hunnicutt
as Hyder Simpson
Lloyd Bochner
as Michael Chambers
Liam Sullivan
as Headmaster
Susan Harrison
as Ballerina
Shirley Ballard
as First Wilma
Will Kuluva
as General DeCruz
Betty Garde
as Mrs. Bronson
Albert Salmi
as Causarano
Jeanette Nolan
as Rachel Simpson
Sherry Jackson
as Comfort Gatewood
Fredd Wayne
as Paul Malloy
Russell Collins
as Ben Conroy
Noah Keen
as Bengston
Ben Wright
as Doctor
Jonathan Winters
as Fats Brown
Joan Hackett
as Esther Fortune
Phyllis Love
as Mrs. Lucas
Howard McNear
as Mitchell
Strother Martin
as Mothershed
Nancy Kulp
as Mrs. Gann
Claude Akins
as William Fletcher
Peggy Stewart
as Grace Stockton
Karen Verne
as Innkeeper
Robert Foulk
as Gatekeeper
William McLean
as Property Man
Frank Silvera
as Dr. Koslenko
Philippa Bevans
as Mrs. Landers
David García
as Lieutenant
Cloris Leachman
as Mrs. Fremont
Robert Redford
as Harold Beldon
Katherine Squire
as Mrs. Langford
Lance Fuller
as Orgram Gatewood
Theodore Marcuse
as Citizen Gregori
Michael Burns
as Paul Stockton
Rex Holman
as Charlie
Bill Mumy
as Anthony Fremont
Tom Hatcher
as Bill Soames
Jack Klugman
as Jesse Cardiff
Ben Cooper
as Dauger
Walter Brooke
as Chad Cooper
Milton Parsons
as Professor Gilbert
Muriel Landers
as Marge Moore
Ralph Moody
as Pa Myrtlebank
Richard Kiel
as Kanamit
Michael D. Ford
as Spaceman #1
Moyna MacGill
as Mrs. Williams
Alma Platt
as Marie Holt
John Harmon
as Georgie
Veronica Cartwright
as Anne (age 11)
Sandra Gould
as Woman No. 1
Bing Russell
as Ramp Attendant
Kaaren Verne
as Innkeeper
R.G. Armstrong
as Contractor
Dexter Dupont
as Messenger
Robert Sampson
as Chris Miller
Ned Glass
as Repairman
Troy Melton
as Cowboy No. 1
Michael Ford
as Spaceman No. 1
James Gregory
as Sergeant
Lee Van Cleef
as Gambler (Steinhart)
Mark Tapscott
as Lieutenant
Orville Sherman
as Tillman Miller
Michael Keep
as Policeman
Robert Eaton
as Spaceman No. 2
Donna Douglas
as Debutante
Richard Karlan
as D'Allesandro
Alice Frost
as Aunt Amy
James Flavin
as 1962 Policeman No. 1
Clark Allen
as Bagpipe Player
Gladys Cooper
as Wanda Dunn
Sarah Marshall
as Ruth Miller
Milton Selzer
as Alien No. 1
Robert Brubaker
as Tower Operator
Ralph Votrian
as Hanacheck
Trevor Bardette
as Col. Hawthorne
Phil Coolidge
as Throckmorton
Charles Herbert
as Tom (age 12)
John Fiedler
as Field Representative #3
Jack Albertson
as Jerry Harlowe
Hugh Sanders
as Templeton
Edgar Buchanan
as Doc Bolton
Hardie Albright
as Secretary General
Wesley Lau
as Man No. 1
Cliff Osmond
as Manuelo
Wallace Rooney
as Wilkinson
Jesse White
as Repairman
Sandy Kenyon
as Henderson
Chuck Fox
as Victim
Dale Ishimoto
as Japanese Soldier
Cyril Delevanti
as Marvin the Butler
John Newton
as Mr. Cooper
Albert Carrier
as Frenchman
Jim Boles
as Dispatcher
Don Keefer
as Dan Hollis
June C. Ellis
as Neighbor's Wife
Ray Galvin
as Policeman
Charles Seel
as Rev. Wood
Robert J. Stevenson
as TV Bartender
Marjorie Bennett
as Mrs. Summers
Juney Ellis
as Neighbor's Wife
Jack Mann
as Mallory
Joe Maross
as Peter Craig
Theodore Bikel
as Oliver Crangle
Paul Mazursky
as Policeman
Ricky Kelman
as Alex (age 10)
Lee Marvin
as Conny Miller
Harry Fleer
as 1962 Policeman No. 2
Ezelle Poule
as Ma Myrtlebank
Will J. White
as Reporter No. 1
Peter Brocco
as Alien No. 3
Ralph Manza
as Doorkeeper
Dana Dillaway
as Karen (age 10)
Donald Pleasence
as Prof. Ellis Fowler
Harold J. Stone
as Grant Sheckly
Mary Gregory
as Mrs. Henderson
Gary Merrill
as Paradine
Gil Lamb
as 1890 Policeman
Edson Stroll
as Young John Holt
Rickey Kelman
as Alex (age 10)
Oscar Beregi
as Captain Lutze
Jerry Fujikawa
as Japanese Captain
Vickie Barnes
as Liz Myrtlebank
Jimmy Baird
as Boy No. 1
Austin Green
as Abraham Lincoln
Jeanne Bates
as Ethel Hollis
Donald Foster
as Sinclair
Joseph Elic
as Electrician No. 1
Philip Coolidge
as Throckmorton
Clem Bevans
as Old Man
Stafford Repp
as Ira Broadly
Titus Moede
as Wesley Miller
Don Durant
as Gregory Walker
Andy Devine
as Somerset Frisby
Jack Younger
as Truck Driver
Adrienne Marden
as Woman No. 1
Tom Reese
as Intruder
John Dehner
as Alan Richards
Buster Keaton
as Woodrow Mulligan
Robert Snyder
as Electrician No. 2
Joe Mell
as Jimmy
Larry Blyden
as Rance McGrew
Anne O'Neal
as Mrs. Wister
Barry Morse
as Fitzgerald Fortune
Richard Long
as David Gurney
Mary McMahon
as Receptionist
Larry Gates
as Dr. Stockton
Helen Wallace
as Ma Gatewood
Dabbs Greer
as Scanlon
Vito Scotti
as Rudolpho
Bethelynn Grey
as Chorus Girl No. 1
Robert Karnes
as Airline Official
Peter Falk
as Ramos Clemente
Dean Stockwell
as Lieutenant Katell
Arthur Hunnicut
as Hyder Simpson
Kevin Jones
as Boy No. 2
Robert L. McCord III
as Offstage Voice
Arch Johnson
as Jesse James
Ernest Truex
as Charles Whitley
William Fawcett
as Rev. Siddons
Bartlett Robinson
as Colonel No. 1
Henry Corden
as Sanchez
Joseph E. Bernard
as Marty Weiss
Larry Johns
as Corcoran
Michael Pataki
as Jeep Driver
Joseph Wiseman
as Paul Radin
Johnny Eiman
as Pitcher
Tom Lowell
as Boy No. 3
Billy Mumy
as Anthony
Terence de Marney
as Gambler No. 1
Cliff Robertson
as Jerry Etherson
Warren Stevens
as Nate Bledsoe
Betty Harford
as Woman Clerk
Carol Burnett
as Agnes Grep
Richard Geary
as Pinto Sykes
Jim Turley
as Rance's Double
Paul Tripp
as Man No. 2
Edmund Glover
as Sam Baker
Russell Horton
as Boy No. 4
Burt Mustin
as Carlson
Jay Adler
as Derelict
Carleton Young
as Colonel No. 2
Edy Williams
as Chorus Girl No. 2
Max Showalter
as Pat Riley
Eugene Borden
as Maitre D'
Billy Vincent
as Gambler No. 2
Bob Kline
as TV Jesse James
Dub Taylor
as Peters
David Armstrong
as Attendant
Jo Helton
as Mrs. Harlowe
Robert Tafur
as Senor Valdes
Barry Truex
as David Whitley
George Murdock
as Willy the Ventriloquist
Roy Sickner
as Bus Driver
Mabel Forrest
as Mrs. Ferguson
Norma Shattuc
as Little Girl
Moria Turner
as Mrs. Weiss
Lomax Study
as M. Leveque
Paul Nesbitt
as Tom (age 20)
Darryl Richard
as Boy No. 6
Lea Marmer
as Woman No. 2
Nelson Olmsted
as Scientist
Joseph Perry
as Man No. 1
Jon Lormer
as Strauss
Warren Parker
as Clothing Store Manager
Gregory McCabe
as Boy No. 1
Judee Morton
as Karen (age 18)
Rory O'Brien
as Little Boy
James Browning
as Boy No. 7
Charles Tannen
as Man No. 1
Pat Close
as Boy No. 8
David Fresco
as Man No. 2
Marc Stevens
as Boy No. 2
Dennis Kerlee
as Boy No. 9
Jeanne Evans
as Woman No. 2
Barbara Morrison
as Matronly Woman
Pitt Herbert
as Field Rep #2
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Critic Reviews for The Twilight Zone: Season 3

All Critics (11) | Top Critics (3)

Silly, inoffensive, but also a bit of a bore.

May 8, 2018 | Full Review…

"To Serve Man" features what is probably one of The Twilight Zone's most famous twists in pop culture history-and with good reason.

May 9, 2018 | Full Review…

Season 3... represents a kind of maturity in the writing... and in the kind of actors that they can hire to guest star.

May 9, 2018 | Full Review…

Like watching 24 minutes of people on pins and needles.

May 8, 2018 | Full Review…

Very simple, but effective -- especially for little kids who have always feared that their bed might just be a portal to another dimension.

May 8, 2018 | Full Review…

Rod Serling... had his sentimental streak, but what made that sentimental streak as effective as it was had to do with the way he deployed it only a handful of times per season.

May 1, 2018 | Rating: B | Full Review…

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