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The Walking Dead: Season 5 Episode 1 Reviews

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Randy Dankievitch
TV Over Mind
February 27, 2020

And despite the outright predictability of the season five premiere's broad strokes, it's the details of "No Sanctuary" that make it the most promising season premiere since the pilot.

Kevin Fitzpatrick
June 13, 2018

Consider "No Sanctuary" a fine way to kick things off, with a hint of some major storylines to come.

Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez
Tom & Lorenzo
June 8, 2018

Hit that perfect sweet spot of gore, despair, violence and, against all odds, it stuck the landing on a moment of emotional triumph.

Melissa Leon
The Daily Beast
November 10, 2016

Carol is a butcher and now the show's most fascinating-and formidable-character.

Richard Rys
New York Magazine/Vulture
Top Critic
January 1, 2015

This season seems prepared to delve deeper into that question: What happens when good people do very bad things?

Matt Fowler
IGN Movies
January 1, 2015

While last season's "Indifference" and "The Grove" elevated Carol's character, "No Sanctuary" made her even more fan-accessible by using her no-nonsense approach to the zompocalypse as a way to shift her into full warrior mode.

Terri Schwartz
January 1, 2015

As the zombie apocalypse brings out worse and worse levels of human depravity, Rick has evolved into a very different character with each passing season, and thanks to Lincoln, season five's iteration might be the most cheer-worthy yet.

Alan Sepinwall
January 1, 2015

By turning the fifth season premiere into wall-to-wall action, Scott Gimple effectively fool-proofed "No Sanctuary."

Tim Surette
January 1, 2015

You win, Walking Dead! You're back in my good graces. (Until the inevitable slowdown, that is. We have a rocky relationship, show.)

Zack Handlen
AV Club
Top Critic
January 1, 2015

To a certain degree, the decision to burn through this plot this fast makes sense. It kicks off the season with a bang, and there's no sense of stalling to fill time.

Sean Daly
Tampa Bay Times
January 1, 2015

It ignored most of the cast, it was merciless and unflinching in presenting the new world order -- and hardly anyone speechified much (except for the mundanely eeevil psychopath who messed with Tyreese's head).

Patrick Kevin Day
Los Angeles Times
Top Critic
January 1, 2015

After a seemingly interminable (or in-Terminus-able) wait, the fifth season of the epic zombie series kicked things off in brutal fashion.

Kevin Yeoman
Screen Rant
January 1, 2015

If there's one thing The Walking Dead handles well, it's season premieres. And the season 5 premiere, "No Sanctuary" is no different.

Sean McKenna
TV Fanatic
January 1, 2015

That just might have been one of the most cringe-inducing, graphically bloody and intense hours of The Walking Dead in a while.

Laura Prudom
Top Critic
January 1, 2015

It's hard to remember any installment since the series premiere that has delivered such a nail-biting cold open as the season five debut.

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