Paper Clip


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"Paper Clip" is the concluding chapter of a three-part X-Files story which began with the second-season cliffhanger "Anasazi." Recovering from injuries sustained in an explosion, Mulder tries to determine the connection between his father's death and a large-scale government cover-up known as "Operation Paper Clip." Complicating matters is the possibility that Mulder's own boss, Assistant FBI Director Skinner (Mitch Pileggi), has been assigned to "silence" the inquisitive agent. Meanwhile, Scully, at last secure in the knowledge that Mulder is alive, faces a serious crisis of her own. Written by Chris Carter, "Paper Clip" first aired September 29, 1995.


David Duchovny
as Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson
as Dana Scully
John Neville
as Well-Manicured Man
Sheila Larken
as Mrs. Scully
Rebecca Toolan
as Mrs. Mulder
Nic Lea
as Krycek
William B. Davis
as Cigarette-Smoking Man
Walter Gotell
as Victor Klemper
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