The X-Files: Season 5 (1997 - 1998)


Season 5
The X-Files

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Air date: Nov 2, 1997
Air date: Nov 9, 1997
Air date: Nov 16, 1997
Air date: Nov 23, 1997
Air date: Nov 30, 1997
Air date: Dec 7, 1997
Air date: Dec 14, 1997
Air date: Jan 4, 1998
Air date: Jan 11, 1998
Air date: Feb 8, 1998
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Season five of The X-Files opens with Fox Mulder attempting to infiltrate The Pentagon, whilst Scully uncovers a Syndicate connection within the FBI. Big issues arise in this season, including Mulder's belief being shaken after finding out some information from Michael Kritschgau, as well as a rebel alien race secretly attacking former alien abductees. Stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.


David Duchovny
as Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson
as Dana Scully
Arnie Walters
as Father McCue
Mitch Pileggi
as Skinner
Chris Owens
as Mutato
Sheila Larken
as Mrs. Scully
Patricia Dahlquist
as Susan Chambliss
Pat Skipper
as Bill Scully
John Pyper-Ferguson
as Detective Kresge
Jim Jansen
as Dr. Werber
Leslie Jones
as Gretchen Starns
Colleen Flynn
as Michele Fazekas
Leslie Jones
as Gretchen Starns
Jeff Gulka
as Gibson Praise
Barry W. Levy
as Vitagliano
Cynde Harmon
as Patti Rich
Forbes Angus
as Funeral Director
Rebecca Holden
as Marita Covarrubias
Eileen Pedde
as Mrs. Skur
Eric Keenleyside
as Lance Kernof
Diana Scarwid
as Linda Bowman
Michael MacRae
as August Bremer
Lloyd Berry
as Pollidori's Father
William MacDonald
as Buddy Riggs
Kate Luyben
as Nurse Nancy
Henri Lubatti
as Dr. Wilkinson
Nicholas Lea
as Alex Krycek
Veronica Cartwright
as Cassandra Spender
John Finn
as Kritschgau
Robert Wright
as Dr. Zuckerman
Carolyn Tweedle
as Jane Froelich
Joe Pascual
as Polygraph Examiner
John V. Lowe
as Dr. Leavitt
Bob Dawson
as Phil Rich
Tyler Thompson
as Louis Asekoff
Colleen Winton
as Therapist
Brent Butt
as Coroner
Tim Bissett
as Morgue Assistant
John Neville
as Well-Manicured Man
Jane Perry
as Dorothy
Patti Allan
as Jane Kernof
Lorraine Landry
as Pathologist
Douglas H. Arthurs
as Skin-Head Man
Kurt Evans
as Sports Store Employee
Kate Robbins
as Lisa's Aunt
Kristin Lehman
as Esther Naim
Miriam Smith
as Elizabeth Pollidori
Cory Dagg
as Bartender
Ken Camroux
as Senior Agent
Alf Humphreys
as Michael Asekoff
David Abbott
as Judge Maibaum
Scott Burkholder
as Agent Kinsley
Sheila Paterson
as Anna Fugazzi
Dana Grahame
as Newspaper Girl
Luke Wilson
as Sheriff Hartwell
Emily Perkins
as Dana Kernof
Lili Taylor
as Marty Glenn
Pattie Tierce
as Shaineh Berkowitz
Dean Wray
as Rich Turner
Blu Mankuma
as Det. Pennock
Mimi Rogers
as Diana Fowley
Chad Lindberg
as Bobby Rich
Brian Markinson
as Gary Lambert
Richard Belzer
as Det. Munch
J.C. Wendel
as Agent Stonecypher
Rob Freeman
as Marshall Sim
Dean Aylesworth
as Mulder's Father
Jody Racicot
as Father Gregory
Stewart Gale
as Izzy Berkowitz
Katharine Isabelle
as Lisa Baiocchi
Sam Anderson
as U. S. Attorney Leamus
Cynthia Preston
as Nancy Aaronson
Anthony Rapp
as Jeff Glaser
Gerard Plunkett
as Dr. Calderon
Alex Shostak
as Dimitri
Roger R. Cross
as Field Agent Rice
Merrilyn Gann
as Mrs Asekoff
Bob Morrisey
as Dr. Vinet
Megan Leitch
as Samantha
John O'Hurley
as Dr. Pollidori
Frederic Lane
as Young Arthur Dales
Glenn Morshower
as Aaron Starkey
Sarah-Jane Redmond
as Karin Matthews
Susannah Hoffman
as Melissa Turner
Larry Musser
as Jack Bonsaint
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Critic Reviews for The X-Files Season 5

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If this season of The X-Files can operate consistently at this level of quality, we fans will have no complaints.

Oct 25, 2017 | Full Review…

Bad Blood was the strongest of all the series' comedic episodes. Like many of the standalone episodes in season 5, it proved that the writers were not only willing to abandon linear storytelling but play with tone as well.

Oct 14, 2017 | Full Review…

If any one thing can convey the sheer importance of this friendship as the backbone of the show, it's the way one character starts to falter at the slightest indication they might lose the other one.

Oct 14, 2017 | Full Review…

There are some stinkeroos... but also some true winners.

Sep 27, 2017 | Rating: 7/10 | Full Review…

The idea of an all-out alien war is introduced into the series as well, but the mythology episodes were pretty much running into a wall by season five.

Oct 14, 2017 | Full Review…

The show had completed production on its first feature film, which led to everybody involved in the show seeming kind of tired of it and a strangely rigid structure, that HAD to lead to a destination everybody already knew about.

Jan 5, 2015 | Rating: C+ | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for The X-Files: Season 5

  • Sep 16, 2018
    The script is flipped in Season 5 of The X-Files as Mulder loses his faith and Scully finds hers. After having the "Alien" conspiracy revealed to him as a government psyop, Mulder comes to doubt everything that he thought he knew, meanwhile Scully's battle with cancer reawakens her faith and opens her up to extreme possibilities. Additionally, Scully discovers a child that may be her daughter, Mulder goes undercover with a terrorist group, and the origins of the Lone Gunman are revealed. Unfortunately the filming of the X-Files movie takes a toll on the season, resulting in a number of episodes in which David Duchovny and/or Gillian Anderson either don't appear or have minimal roles. And, the season is cut back to 20 episodes. Still, there's a strong Syndicate story arc, with their goals and inner factions becoming clearer. Also, a number of interesting guest stars make appearances, including Richard Belzer, Luke Wilson, Darren McGavin, Lili Taylor, and Mimi Rogers. The first chapter of The X-Files comes to an end in Season 5 as the series makes the leap to feature film and leaves Vancouver.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 28, 2019
    Lots of the mythos as well as other great points throughout the season.
  • Mar 11, 2019
    This is one of the best shows of all history. Cannot recommend it enough!
  • Mar 09, 2018
    About the same quality as season four, with similar notes: a convoluted myth-arch with several pleasing stand-alone episodes.
  • Dec 30, 2017
    The first season that started to show some fatigue from all involved. There are quite a few by the numbers episodes in here, still good but a step down from the previous seasons. The conspiracy episodes were not the best and they were just adding too much...Scully's story is well acted but you got the sense it was to appease her as she was outgrowing the show. This season feels like the writers, directors, the 2 stars were treading water as they knew the BIG movie was coming and they were riding it out. I believe this was the last season filmed in Vancouver due to Duchovny threatening to leave if he could not live in LA to pursue a film career.
  • Feb 28, 2017
    During the previous four seasons of The X-Files, a similar theme was followed in all of the show's "mythology" (or over-arching) episodes: Agent Mulder (David Duchovny) is the unshakeable believer in aliens, while Agent Scully (Gillian Anderson) is the staunch skeptic. In this Fifth Season, that formula is thrown out the window. Let's quickly examine the three types of X-Files episodes in order to see where the show deviates from that traditional pattern: Mythology: Picking up from the shocking (yet rather anticlimatic, as you known Mulder really won't be killed off) Season Four finale, in "Redux" and "Redux II" Mulder is given a completely different interpretation about his paranormal findings at that point, perhaps debasing his entire life's work. Later this season (in "Patient X" and "The Red and the Black") Mulder remains skeptical while Scully is drawn (in a very personal way) towards a very Mulder-like paranormal explanation of certain events. Eventually, in "The End", Mulder is again convinced of the continued existence of extraterrestrial life, but that realization is ultimately too late in coming to prevent a terrible catastrophe from striking the X-Files. Also, "Christmas Carol" and "Emily" are the first Scully-based mythology episodes on the show, in which Scully discovers more information regarding her earlier abduction. While some X-Files fans (including myself) believe that Scully has a difficult time carrying an episode that does not also heavily involve Mulder, other fans find these two episodes to pack a heavy emotional punch. Stand-Alone: As usual, the quality of the stand-alone X-Files episodes this season is quite high. "The Post-Modern Prometheus" is my favorite stand-alone episode of the entire show, "Kitsunegari" marks the return of an old nemesis, and "Chinga" (penned by master writer Stephen King) has you on the edge of your seat. Also, "All Souls" provides a much deeper and fascinating look into Scully's religious battles than has every been provided before. Comedic: This season, only "Bad Blood" could be considered a true X-Files comedy episode. It does not disappoint, though, as it is easily the funniest episode in the show's history. To conclude, the Fifth Season of the X-Files throws a wrench into the seemingly established beliefs of the show's past. While the Scully plotlines are hit-or-miss depending on who you ask, the torment of Agent Mulder in trying to piece together one truth out of multiple lies will have you rooting for his cause harder than ever. The final scene of the season will leave your jaw on the floor, wondering how the show can ever be the same. Update (12/2015) -Upon a recent re-watch of this season, it is still a five-star effort. However, the "cracks" that begin to form are because of the upcoming movie. "Fight the Future" had already been filmed before the season started, so the writers had to pull a lot of punches in order to get things to line up for the movie airing after the season concluded. The introduction of new character Jeffrey Spender (Chris Owens) doesn't end up working nearly as well as he could, but the mythology is so good at this point that it almost doesn't even matter ("The Red And The Black" is near the top of my favorite mythology episodes of all-time). Standalones are a bit hit-or-miss, but still interesting at the very least.
  • Feb 13, 2016
    Ok so I start watching this in anticipation for the new one that just came out. I had never watched any episodes of the x-files before. I was much younger back then. I love sci-fi now. I am not 100% on board with but I will keep watching. So far it just seems like Fox is chasing his tail, Scully never believes no matter what happens to her she will keep denying it. The government is lying about everything blah blah. It's like duh. It just seems like in to the 5th season we are know further in to the story or the characters than we were when it started..I hope it gets better

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