The Beginning


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Those unlucky X-Files fans who hadn't seen the 1998 theatrical-feature version of the popular Fox Network series were undoubtedly confused by the numerous references to that film in the series' sixth-season opener, "The Beginning." Written by series creator Chris Carter, this episode was also a follow-up to the fifth-season closer "The End," with Mulder standing before an FBI review panel, valiantly attempting to justify reopening the X-Files. The problem here is an old one: without concrete proof of alien existence, all findings of Mulder's past investigations are pointless. This time, however, the proof may be out there, either in the form of Scully's mysterious illness or the repeated attacks from a sharp-clawed alien life form -- the existence of which even the agents' old nemesis, the Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis), cannot deny. "The Beginning" first aired November 8, 1998.


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