The X-Files Season 10



Critic Ratings: 17
Critics Consensus

The sloppy "Babylon" represents an unfortunate stumble, but Mulder and Scully's interactions still offer fans enough incentive to tune in.

Episode Info

Scully and Mulder investigate when an art gallery displaying offensive artwork is bombed, and need to discover a way to communicate with the comatose perpetrator to try and prevent a future attack.

Cast & Crew

Gillian Anderson
FBI Special Agent Dana Scully
David Duchovny
FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder
Mitch Pileggi
Asst. Dir. Walter Skinner
Lauren Ambrose
Agent Einstein
Robbie Amell
Agent Miller
Eric Breker
SP Agent Brem
Stephen Lobo
Man in Suit 1
Shaine Jones
Man in Suit 2
Bruce Harwood
John Fitzgerald Byers
Tom Braidwood
Melvin Frohike
Chris Carter
Executive Producer
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Critic Reviews for Babylon

There's nothing like Mulder and Scully united in partnership. It's not so much that we'd refuse to watch The X-Files without them, as that it wouldn't be The X-Files without them.

Feb 16, 2016 | Rating: B | Full Review…

Just when we thought we were getting somewhere came this episode, written by creator Chris Carter, that was both silly (Mulder on a drug trip!) and preachy .

Feb 23, 2016 | Rating: D | Full Review…

Wanting to believe is maybe the most powerful drug there is, and it can work chaos or miracles, or something in between. At its best, "Babylon" is somewhere in between those two poles.

Feb 16, 2016 | Rating: B | Full Review…

I'm not sure the suicide bomber aspect would have ever been a good fit, but change the nature of the crime the two pairs of agents are investigating, and maybe "Babylon" is an amusing meta/passing of the torch outing. This, though, was a mess.

Feb 16, 2016 | Full Review…

The final few minutes, in particular, might be a new low point for The X-Files.

Feb 16, 2016 | Full Review…

What we get are talking points, various perspectives on terrorism with no real substance to the arguments.

Jan 9, 2019 | Full Review…

While Einstein and Miller's closing scene felt like the million X-Files-lite series that have popped up since the iconic sci-fi drama began, this bit on the porch is the real deal.

Feb 16, 2016 | Full Review…

It wasn't executed as well as I'd have liked, but I give it a 10 for the attempt.

Feb 16, 2016 | Full Review…

For what it was, it was a great conversation starter, at the very least, and undeniably redeemed by some choice Mulder and Scully moments for the ages. Hell, it was worth it for that "Magical Mystery Tour" sequence alone, really!

Feb 16, 2016 | Full Review…

"Babylon" is an ultimately clumsy stumble from greatness. You are my struggle, Chris Carter. Stop doing this to me.

Feb 16, 2016 | Rating: 6.9/10 | Full Review…

In the end, 'Babylon' gets high marks for effort, but its marks for execution are considerably lower.

Feb 16, 2016 | Full Review…

I liked the playful aspects of having a younger Mulder/Scully duo around, but Babylon's biggest triumph, as such an oddball chapter, was that they were almost the least interesting element here.

Feb 16, 2016 | Rating: 8.3/10 | Full Review…