Episode 4


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Terrified that Maya might be close to discovering his secret, Nick controls the situation with a devastating lie. Taking solace in work, Maya continues to search for the witness. What had Maya missed all those years ago? Far from shining light on the case, her investigation leads to a shocking fact that forces her personal and professional life to collide. Maya makes a call she knows might change her life forever.


Sophie Okonedo
as Maya Cobbina
Adrian Lester
as Nick Johnson
Dennis Haysbert
as Rudy Jones
Derek Riddell
as Paul Brightman
Tamara Lawrence
as Clem Johnson
Daniel Ezra
as Dan Johnson
Shannon Hayes
as Ella Lawrence
Alistair Petrie
as Robert Greenlaw
Vincent Regan
as Dominic Carter
Mark Bonnar
as John Halliday
Angel Coulby
as Julia Redhead
Cecilia Noble
as Mrs Antwi
Danny Webb
as John Corrigan
Nathan Nolan
as Dr Mark Ambrose
Oliver Dimsdale
as Mark Neame
Sam Stockman
as Aiden Rose
Owen Roe
as Dr Jack McDonald
Helen Anderson
as Helen Richardson
Wade McElwain
as Joshua Roberts
Simon Tcherniak
as Dr Ferguson
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