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Undercover High

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What's it like to be a teenager today in a public high school? The groundbreaking docuseries "Undercover High" embeds seven young adults, ranging in age from 21 to 26, for a semester in a Kansas high school to look at life between the bells and in the halls. Posing as typical students, the participants attend classes, make friends and join school clubs and activities. They soon discover various challenges and complexities facing the students, from bullying and social media pervasiveness to academic pressure and evolving social standards. The young adults include a former bully, victims of bullying, a teen mom, a youth motivational speaker, a set of siblings and a teen minister. They are unaware of one another -- only school administrators and select members of the community know their true identities and the reason for their stay.
Starring: Shane Feldman

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Gregory Henry
Executive Producer
Kimberly Woodard
Executive Producer
Jeff Grogan
Executive Producer
Kelly McClurkin
Executive Producer
Charlie Marquardt
Executive Producer
Amy Goodman Kass
Executive Producer
Elaine Frontain Bryant
Executive Producer
Shelly Tatro
Executive Producer
Brad Holcman
Executive Producer
Molly Ebinger
Executive Producer
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