Free Goat


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Outside Isabelle's (Allie Grant) dance class, the gossip about Dean's (Andy Milder) affair with the local tennis pro, Helen Kim (Michelle Krusiec of Saving Face), are reaching fever pitch, and Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) also overhears Celia (Elizabeth Perkins) telling Isabelle that Quinn has been sent off to boarding school in Mexico. A bounced check sends a distraught Nancy on a visit to Doug (Kevin Nealon), who suggests that Nancy needs a front business in order to maintain a checking account without leaving a paper trail. Nancy's money woes are creating problems at home and at work. The phone's been turned off, and Nancy gets an amused reaction when she asks Heylia (Tonye Patano) about her "credit policy." Nancy has buyers lined up, but doesn't have the cash for the weed, so she has to leave the family car as collateral, and drives off in Conrad's (Romany Malco) beloved "hooptie." Meanwhile, Celia has gone on the offensive in her house, shaving Dean's head while he sleeps. "Did your hair go to boarding school in Mexico, too?" a bemused Isabelle asks her father over breakfast the next morning. Confronted by Silas (Hunter Parrish) about Quinn's sudden disappearance, Celia points out that Quinn had a day and a half to "put her affairs in order," and didn't bother to call Silas, so it hits home when she calls Silas "a fun and sweaty diversion" for her daughter. Later on, Celia visits the tennis club, and goes for a drink and a not-so-friendly chat with Helen Kim. Shane (Alexander Gould) seems to be spending all of his free time watching old home movies of his dearly departed father, Judah (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).


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