Elizabeth Perkins

Elizabeth Perkins

Highest Rated: 99% Finding Nemo (2003)

Lowest Rated: 0% All I Want (Try Seventeen) (2002)

Birthday: Nov 18, 1960

Birthplace: Queens, New York, USA

Born in New York and raised in Vermont, actress Elizabeth Perkins headed for Chicago after high school, where she was trained at the Goodman School of Drama. In a busy three-year period (1984-1987), Perkins co-starred in the touring company of Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs, married Chicago-based actor Terry Kinney (they have since split), was featured on Broadway, and made her film debut in About Last Night... (1986). The actress went on to play Tom Hanks' vis-à-vis in Big (1988), the terminal cancer patient with whom William Hurt begins a relationship in The Doctor (1992), and the "She" to Kevin Bacon's "He" in He Said, She Said (1991). The biggest box-office hit with which Elizabeth Perkins has been associated was 1994's The Flintstones, in which she portrayed the long-suffering Wilma.Though supporting roles in such projects as From the Earth to the Moon, 28 Days, and The Ring Two kept Perkins busy over the next decade, it couldn't help but feel like her career momentum had stalled out a bit by the mid-2000s. Fortunately for comedy fans, television writer/producer Jenji Kohan (Gilmore Girls) recognized her talent, and in 2005 Perkins began a successful four year run on the hit television series Weeds. Cast as the busybody neighbor of a suburban single mother-turned-pot dealer played by Mary-Louise Parker, the talented comic actress earned three Emmy nominations for her role in the series, though the actual award sadly slipped through her fingers each time. Nevertheless, the success appeared to reinvigorate Perkins' small screen career, with roles in Vince Uncensored, teh Closer, and How to Live WIth Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life following in quick succession.


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24% Fierce People Mrs. Langley 2005
20% The Ring Two Dr. Emma Temple $75.9M 2005
No Score Yet Speak Joyce Sordino 2004
99% Finding Nemo Coral $380.6M 2003
0% All I Want (Try Seventeen) Blanche 2002
No Score Yet My Sister's Keeper Judy Chapman 2002
No Score Yet What Girls Learn Mama 2001
54% Cats & Dogs Mrs. Brody 2001
No Score Yet If These Walls Could Talk 2 Alice 2000
33% 28 Days Lily 2000
30% Crazy in Alabama Joan Blake 1999
40% I'm Losing You Aubrey Wicker $13.2K 1999
No Score Yet Rescuers: Stories of Courage---Two Couples Actor 1998
No Score Yet Lesser Prophets (The Last Bet) Sue 1997
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No Score Yet Rescuers: Stories of Courage---Two Women Gertruda Babilinska 1997
15% Moonlight and Valentino Rebecca Lott 1995
60% Miracle on 34th Street Dorey 1994
22% The Flintstones Wilma Flintstone 1994
58% Indian Summer Jennifer 1993
No Score Yet For Their Own Good Sally Thompson 1992
82% The Doctor June Ellis 1991
33% He Said, She Said Lorie Bryer 1991
84% Avalon Ann Kaye 1990
No Score Yet Enid Is Sleeping June 1990
71% Love at Large Stella Wynkowski 1990
50% Sweet Hearts Dance Adie Nims 1988
97% Big Susan 1988
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Fred Flintstone says: My wife is the most beautiful gal in Bedrock.

Dictabird says: My wife is the most beautiful gal in Bedrock.

Wilma Flintstone says: Nice try, Fred.

Dictabird says: Nice try, Fred.

June says: Just let down your arms, Jack, and we'll all come to you.

June says: I'm dying. Please don't waste my time.

Joan says: I refuse to date a guy whose ass is smaller than mine

Joan says: I refuse to date a guy whose ass is smaller than mine.

Jennifer Morton says: I want to be a kid again. I was good at being a kid.

Coral says: Shh! you're gonna wake the kids!

Marlin says: Oh right!

Coral says: Aw look there dreaming, we still have to name them!

Marlin says: You wanna name all of them right now? Okay we'll name this have Marlin Jr. and this have Coral Jr. Okay we're done!

Marlin says: You wanna name all of them right now? Okay we'll name this half Marlin Jr. and this half Coral Jr. Okay we're done!

Coral says: I like Nemo

Marlin says: Nemo? Okay we'll name one Nemo but I would most of them to be Marlin Jr.

Coral says: Can you believe in just a couple of days we're gonna be parents!

Marlin says: Yeah, what if they don't like me?

Coral says: Marlin!

Marlin says: I mean honestly

Coral says: There's over 400 eggs odds are one of them is bound to like you!

Coral says: You still have to name them.

Marlin says: You wan to name them right now? Ok then we'll name this half Marlin Jr. and then this half Coral Jr. Ok we're done!

Coral says: I like Nemo.

Marlin says: Nemo? Well we'll name one Nemo but I'd like most of them to be Marlin Jr.