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Air date: Jun 28, 2016
Air date: Jun 28, 2016
Air date: Jul 5, 2016
Air date: Jul 12, 2016
Air date: Jul 19, 2016
Air date: Jul 26, 2016
Air date: Aug 2, 2016
Air date: Aug 9, 2016
Air date: Aug 16, 2016
Air date: Aug 23, 2016
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Season 2 of this global thriller picks up right where it left off, with Jamie (Kristen Connolly) missing and the team in search of a leopard cub that may hold the key to curing the animal mutation. Meanwhile, the behavior of the animals has escalated and they've started to destroy infrastructure in an attempt to make the environment of the planet uninhabitable for humans. The group dynamic changes with the addition of Dariela (Alyssa Diaz), a strong-willed Army soldier whose unit came across a disturbing new development. Tensions rise as the team comes across a mysterious stranger named Logan (Josh Salatin) and Jackson (James Wolk) begins to experience abnormal symptoms. Also starring Billy Burke, Nora Arnezeder and Nonso Anozie.


James Wolk
as Jackson Oz
Kristen Connolly
as Jamie Campbell
Billy Burke
as Mitch Morgan
Nonso Anozie
as Abraham Kenyatta
Nora Arnezeder
as Chloe Tousignant
Alyssa Diaz
as Dariela Marzan
Tom Butler
as Greg Trotter
Peter Outerbridge
as General Davies
Joanne Kelly
as Allison Shaw
Ken Olin
as Rober Oz
Edward Foy
as Father Pete Harris
Bess Armstrong
as Elizabeth Oz
Ryan Handley
as Mutated Man
Madison Wolfe
as Clementine
Andrea Ware
as Young Mother
Tommy Europe
as Burly Shepherd
Sandy Robson
as Lead Mercenary
Lane Edwards
as Lieutenant Reed
Juan Riedinger
as Duncan Santos
Leo Rano
as Farkas
Anne Schmitz
as Maintenance Worker
Robin Thomas
as Max Morgan
Kristof Konrad
as Leonid Ivankov
Emily Holmes
as Dr. Elise Lindberg
Jackie Minns
as Bill's Wife
George Stults
as Reece Barnes
Link Baker
as Team Leader
Adele Noronha
as Military Aide
Mike Li
as IADG Soldier #1
Rita Rajmova
as Sabine Ivankov
B.J. Harrison
as Grandmother
Jarett John
as Iadg Guard
Clay St. Thomas
as News Anchor
Stefania Indelicato
as News Anchor #2
Jorden Birch
as IADG Soldier #2
Everick Golding
as Street Vendor
Rema Kibayi
as Aide Worker
Nevis Unipan
as Tasha Ivankov
Sidney Shapiro
as Young Jackson
Dahlia Stubbs
as Falling Girl
Natalie Moon
as NSW Anchorperson
Jeremy Thorsen
as IADG Soldier #3
Charles Jarman
as Townsperson
Natalie Gibson
as Embassy Worker
David Stuart
as NSW News Anchor #3
Jen Oleksiuk
as Surly Woman
JC Williams
as SWAT Team Member
Artur Stofel
as Military Clerk
Sean Millington
as Embassy Security Guard
Ashley O'Connell
as Dr. Hans Burkhart
Braye Dial
as Hotel Waiter
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Have you met my friend Zoo?... She's terrible - unfocused, chronic rambler, paces herself like a restless bachelor party - but god, I think I love her.

Aug 18, 2016 | Full Review…

If Tuesday's two-hour premiere was any indication, CBS' Zoo is going all in with Season 2.

Jun 29, 2016 | Rating: B | Full Review…

The fact that they make it as plausible as they do is a miracle as it is. I can live with the occasional discrepancy, so long as the show is entertaining, and this was.

Jun 29, 2016 | Full Review…

It was nonstop madness and a lot of fun. It's exactly what I want during the summer.

Jun 29, 2016 | Rating: 5/5 | Full Review…

Oh, how I've missed this show - so ridiculous; so confusing; so many elephants charging (and keeping pace with) luxury aircrafts.

Aug 18, 2016 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Zoo: Season 2

zoo season 2 is where it starts to degenerate... things are going crazy, totally out of hands and proportions... nothing makes sense. The initial plot of the animals taking over is partially remained but it's going into new bad directions...too bad

While the first 3 episodes were so bad I almost considered not finishing the series (a first for me), it got better and was entertaining for the most part. A barely Fresh barely 3.5.

S1 of Zoo begins with an interesting premise and could be a bit ridiculous with its premise and some elements but really grew by midway and steadily grew as a story and a cool technothriller show. S2 also keeps growing from that point higher and higher with writing and as a drama. Though ridiculousness doesnt stop but is also not bad. The world is very different from S1, and really is in a full on post apocalypse which it tells in a unique way. In similar fasion the gang is always on the move but now in a changed world with more unique animals and scifi. Tho its not ashamed of going B-movie and pulp with its world and embraces and runs with it which is what might make S2 better than early S1 which tried a lot to be "real" but clashed with the stranger elements. The show also has a lot of heart and great new characters that integrate well with the familiar characters. This season also becomes full on Michael Crichton a la Jurasic Park in themes and style which isn't a bad thing. If you liked S1 or maybe had issue with it you'll like S2 much much more.

The only reason I like watching this show is so I can rip it apart. It is so bad it is hilarious. The science makes no sense, the settings are laughable, and nothing is even remotely believable. It would be great if they played this up like a parody or a satire, but they take themselves so seriously. This show doesn't just border on ridiculous, it is their King!

For a very long time, predating the historical account, humanity has achieved and retained the ultimate niche in the global ecosystem, alpha predator. Despite the indisputable fact that we are not the fastest, strongest or prolific species we are the most deadly. The only reason we survived is our cunning the ability to devise plans and execute them with unparalleled efficiency. Series on the CBS network, ‘Zoo’ which posited an interesting idea, what if the animals around the world came to the unanimous decision that they were tired of these puny naked apes owning the world and proceeded to do something about it. The opinions of many people open the fan base and critical communities not overly impressed with the first season but felt that the series had considerable potential. With the second season background of the principal characters and building, the relationships established in the general situation laid out for the audience’s consideration. Instead of the usual sophomore slump this series stood upon the shoulders of freshman effort was able to pull itself together as a tautly crafted mystery that readily captivates the audience. In some ways, this TV series could be considered part of the horror genre, a ruthless adversary capable of slaughtering human life without compunction. It also contains elements of the traditional guilty pleasure, the disaster flick. The drastic change threatens the existence of humanity in the natural order. In most instances when a television series tries to straddle so many different types of categories result is a mélange unable to create a clearly defined narrative voice. By getting much of the exposition out of the rain season one, the second season was liberated, no longer tethered to the ruination of pacing created by incessant interruptions provide back stories. They come into the second season already emotionally invested the principal characters. The season can begin with the dire circumstances dangerously escalating to the point that it is no longer a wild conspiracy theory is becoming a major concern for governments. At first, no one believed that population of animals around the world or affected by some mutation that resulted in bizarre and dangerous behavior. Dr. Jackson Oz (James Wolk) is an American zoologist during field work in Kenya along with his friend, a local, Abraham (Nonso Anozie), who typically employed as a Safari guide. They were the first to notice the operation of animals that are normally predators drastically changing the behavior and working in concert with each other. The effects of this change were predicted by the research pursued by Jackson’s father, Prof. Robert Oz (Ken Olin). As a part of his theories, he concluded that physical manifestation could be seeing any difference in the eyes of the affected animals. He referred to them as ‘Dominant Pupils.' In the second season, mutations have rapidly expanded. They moved on from large mammals to include lots of bats numbering in the millions and even more significant associations of birds and insects. Jackson has determined that the sudden mutations sparked by modifications in the products produced and distributed by Reid Global, a multinational conglomerate with an eclectic variety of products. They have made a genetic modification that has become part of the entire line of goods resulting in the proliferation that extends to every part of the global ecosystem. Most of the first season the corporation was the villain, potentially responsible for the end of humanity, Jackson and his ragtag band of like-minded people went to great trouble to investigate the company and their culpability. Now, to insulate themselves from irreparable harm to their reputation and fiscal resources, Jackson and his team are provided with a state-of-the-art cargo jet outfitted as a mobile laboratory. With almost unlimited resources they are charged to do everything necessary to halt the expansion of the mutation and find a cure. While this may seem like an impossible change in direction for such a powerful corporate entity, it does come across is entirely realistic. With the right spin placed on events but highly paid professionals, Reid Global will not be remembered as the cause of the disaster but as the ones that spearheaded the salvation of our culture. In the first season, circumstances are such that the group of people from vastly different backgrounds and professions pull together. Chloe Tousignant (Nora Arnezeder) had been a member of the French intelligence community now y was now using her expertise in covert operations and political savvy to serve as the coordinator for the group. Dr. Mitch Morgan (Billy Burke) is a forensic veterinary pathologist was of the first people to realize the behavioral and physiological changes in the animals it was incremental to developing a rudimentary cure. Introduced to the audience as the determined young journalist, Jamie Campbell (Kristen Connolly), or character has quickly evolved the requisite pretty face to a crucial part of the team. At the beginning of the second season, she is left to guard most precious animal in the world; a leopard cub was unaffected by the virus. Its blood is the key to producing the cure. The leopard was being back to the research facilities a combination of the wild animals and opportunistic warlords Jamie become separated from the group was still in possession of the leopard. After the usual banks that are leaving a member of the team behind, particularly one possession of the only hope for the world, the rest of the team has to convince the authorities to divert workforce many global hotspots to search for one young woman. This infuses a bit of political intrigue into the overall plot as well as a military component to help drive the action. Throughout this season the primary concern is that the animals are becoming increasingly coordinated. One of the major side effects of the mutation is that animals can now communicate between species providing them with the ability to coordinate attacks on uncanny precision. Squadrons of bats talk in the skies as they tear into dictation equipment and even bring down aircraft. Acts of animals ranging from formally domesticated dogs to wild animals, including those officially confined to zoological parks, take control of the streets forcing humanity to cower in whatever place of relative safety they can find. One of the most frightening aspects of this series is plausibility. Those scenarios that feature supernatural creatures such as unstoppable monsters wearing a hockey mask or another interested a raggedy red and green sweater and fedora, impossible to realize. However, there is a deeply seated fear of wild animal attacks that embedded in the most primitive areas of our mind. It is the reason why the passport is so effective, the snapping jaws filled with sharp teeth, dripping saliva, triggers a fear dating back for the first glimmers of civilization. We watch the protagonist surrounded by wild animals, heavily armed and trained soldiers falling to their brutal attacks subconsciously that same primordial fear assumes the viewers. This is turned out to be one of the best television series currently active. Thankfully series has been picked up for a third season which considering the excitement that it has to build upon should be quite a spectacular source of entertainment.

This show is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. It showcases a basic misunderstanding of science, even when willing to suspend the disbelief required for its premise.

I love this show and it's characters. Billy Burke brought me here but James Wolk keeps me watching.

Season 1 was a nightmare but season 2 still didn't get any better, Zoo suffers from uneven story and ridiculous setting. Those tear-jerking sob stories of each character made it almost unbearable.

Sylvester K Super Reviewer

Spoilers Ahead. Season 2 is ok Compared to Season 1 it is has a different tone & new story arc. I loved S1 - All the characters, plot, episodes & the season finale got me hooked for more. I eagerly awaited S2. S2 - I started getting bored & reluctant to watch certain episodes. I don't like the characters of Allison, Logan & Dariella. They seem to be characters forced into the story arc just to add fresh faces but their characters are each annoying in their own way & I feel hinder the speed & comraderie of the original team. Dariella - too aggressive, her hookup with Abe feels forced & hinders tone/speed of episodes. Logan - I had guessed from his intro that he works for the Major & is a spy & was then proven correct. His feelings for Jaime, I cannot tell if they are real or he is faking but it too feels forced & is a useless part of the story arc. Jaime is quite dumb not to notice his interest though. Allison - I guessed she would end up sleeping with her step-son (ex-fiance mentioned later) as soon as she was introduced. A sexy & young stepmom spending time with her divorcee & grown goodlooking step-son on a private plane (obvious). She really adds nothing to the plot. I think she was added as a substitute of Chloe for sex-appeal as Dariella is military & more "masculine". I hate that they killed off chloe - I did not like her character at first but over S1 she got better & grew on me. The team felt "just right" by the end of S1 which got spoilt in S2. Initially the Jaime stranded plot was acceptable but they dragged it on too long. Jaime as a character has become dull losing her drive/sharp edge (blunt knife) since meeting Logan. Abe also changed after meeting Dariella. S1 made more sense & had a straight plot. There are too many ingredients in S2 which has made the story arc less interesting & gripping. Writers should remove the unnecessary romance scenes sticking to how relationships naturally happen/develop in background while mainly focused on & searching for cure as they did in S1. The only things keeping me watching now is Jackson mutating/changing Mitch & his sarcastic humour Jackson's father being introduced & having caused Jackson's change. To see if they find a cure or not in time & how. One question - What happened to Jackson's Mother after he left her in Africa? He never once thought about or showed concern for her wellbeing after leaving Africa in S1 & no mention of her in S2 at all.

Season 2 is completely different than Season 1. There have been a few character changes and the plot line has gone off the rails. It's still entertaining however.and is still a roller coaster ride. Not ready to give up on it yet!

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