Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange

Highest Rated: 100% Normal (2003)

Lowest Rated: 0% Wild Oats (2016)

Birthday: Apr 20, 1949

Birthplace: Cloquet, Minnesota, USA

In a career spanning decades and multiple Oscar and Golden Globe wins, Jessica Lange proved worthy of her status as one of the most respected American actresses of her generation. Regarded as a bit of a joke at first, following her lightweight performance in the comically bad remake of "King Kong" (1976), Lange went on to surprise her critics with the depth of her resources throughout the following decade as an A-list actress. Showcasing a docile loveliness in the comedy "Tootsie" (1982) and a fierce determination in Costa-Gavras' "Music Box" (1989), Lange was frequently entrusted with portrayals of iconic American women, including hardscrabble heartland matriarchs, wilting Southern belles, and real life women of complexity - most notably with her acclaimed portrayals of troubled 1930s actress Frances Farmer in "Frances" (1982) and brassy country singer Patsy Cline in "Sweet Dreams" (1985). In addition to her engaging onscreen appeal and luminous beauty, Lange wisely architected her own career without compromise, splitting her time between stage and screen. She would later transition to worthy independent dramas like Jane Anderson's "Normal" (2003) and HBO's "Grey Gardens" (2009) when film offers for over-50 female leads all but vanished, even for actresses with Lange's legacy of accomplishments. Her later work on Ryan Murphy's "American Horror Story" (FX 2011- ) anthology reminded generations of fans of her myriad talents.


Highest Rated Movies



0% 37% Wild Oats Maddie (Character) $21.6K 2016
43% 31% The Gambler Roberta (Character) $33.7M 2014
41% 34% Therese Madame Raquin (Character) $420.3K 2013
31% 63% The Vow Rita Thornton (Character) $125M 2012
88% 78% Grey Gardens Big Edie (Character) - 2009
51% 39% Chéri Executive Producer $2.7M 2009
No Score Yet 79% Sybil Dr. Cornelia Wilbur (Character) - 2008
41% 43% Bonneville Arvilla (Character) - 2006
87% 70% Broken Flowers Carmen (Character) $13.7M 2005
14% 65% Neverwas Katherine Pierson (Character) - 2005
43% 60% Don't Come Knocking Doreen (Character) $438.7K 2005
100% 76% Normal Irma Applewood (Character) - 2003
75% 89% Big Fish Sandra Bloom (Character) $66.3M 2003
28% 58% Prozac Nation Mrs. Wurtzel (Character) - 2001
68% 86% Titus Tamora (Character) $1.9M 1999
41% 40% Cousin Bette Mlle. Elisabeth "Bette" Fisher (Character) $1.2M 1998
12% 35% Hush Martha Baring (Character) $13.5M 1998
24% 42% A Thousand Acres Ginny Cook Smith (Character) $7.9M 1997
No Score Yet 42% A Streetcar Named Desire Blanche DuBois (Character) - 1995
73% 75% Rob Roy Mary MacGregor (Character) $30.4M 1995
45% 73% Losing Isaiah Margaret Lewin (Character) $3.7M 1995
78% 58% Blue Sky Carly Marshall (Character) $2.5M 1994
57% 30% Night and the City Helen Nasseros (Character) $6.2M 1992
No Score Yet 44% O Pioneers! Alexandra Bergson (Character) - 1992
74% 77% Cape Fear Leigh Bowden (Character) $76.4M 1991
81% 62% Men Don't Leave Beth Macauley (Character) $5.8M 1990
72% 76% Music Box Ann Talbot (Character) $5.1M 1989
13% 50% Far North Kate (Character) $23.7K 1988
42% 46% Everybody's All-American Babs Rogers Grey (Character) $12.6M 1988
81% 65% Crimes of the Heart Margaret 'Meg' Magrath (Character) $19.3M 1986
90% 80% Sweet Dreams Patsy Cline (Character) $9M 1985
100% 69% Country Jewell Ivy (Character) - 1984
90% 81% Tootsie Julie Nichols (Character) - 1982
66% 77% Frances Frances Farmer (Character) - 1982
79% 59% The Postman Always Rings Twice Cora Papadakis (Character) - 1981
No Score Yet 40% How to Beat the High Cost of Living Louise (Character) - 1979
85% 86% All That Jazz Angelique (Character) - 1979
53% 31% King Kong Dwan (Character) - 1976


48% 81% The Politician Dusty Jackson (Character) 2019-2020
No Score Yet No Score Yet The View Guest 2019
No Score Yet No Score Yet Feud: Bette and Joan Joan Crawford (Character) 2017
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Ellen DeGeneres Show Guest 2017 2014 2012
No Score Yet 38% The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Guest 2017
No Score Yet No Score Yet LIVE with Kelly Guest 2017
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Late Late Show With James Corden Guest 2017
No Score Yet No Score Yet Live! With Kelly and Michael Guest 2015-2016 2013
96% 92% Horace and Pete Marsha (Character) 2016
No Score Yet No Score Yet Variety Studio: Actors on Actors Guest 2015
76% 71% American Horror Story: Murder House Elsa Mars (Character) 2011-2015
No Score Yet 26% Late Night With Seth Meyers Guest 2015
No Score Yet No Score Yet Tavis Smiley Guest 2013
No Score Yet No Score Yet Katie Guest 2013
No Score Yet No Score Yet Jimmy Kimmel Live! Guest 2012
No Score Yet No Score Yet Inside the Actors Studio Guest 1996


Beth says: I don't "run" to places, Lisa. If you wanted someone to "run" for you, you should have hired a thoroughbred.

Beth says: I don't run to places, Lisa. If you wanted someone to "run" for you, you should have hired a thoroughbred.

Beth says: I don't run to places, Lisa. If you wanted someone to run for you, you should have hired a thoroughbred.

Beth says: I'm kind of under the gun right now.

Charles says: Well, don't pull the trigger just yet.

Sky says: I think I like the movies better.

Doreen says: Than what? Better than what?

Sky says: Than real life.

Babe Magrath says: You know, Chick's hated us ever since we had to move here from Dixieville to live here with old grandmamma and old granddaddy.

Meg Magrath says: Well, she's an idiot.

Babe Magrath says: Yeah. You know what she said to me this mornin' when I was still behind bars and couldn't get away?

Meg Magrath says: What?

Babe Magrath says: She told me how embarrassin' it was for her all those years ago. You know, when mama...

Meg Magrath says: Yeah, down in the cellar.

Babe Magrath says: She said that our mama had shamed the entire family and that we were known notoriously all through Hazelhurst. Then she went on to say how I would now be gettin' just as much bad publicity and humillatin' her and the family all over again.

Babe Magrath says: I don't know what's happenin' to Lennie.

Meg Magrath says: What do you mean?

Babe Magrath says: Well, she's turned into old grandmama

Meg Magrath says: You think so?

Babe Magrath says: Well, more and more. Look there. She's even taken to wearin' old grandmama's torn sun hat and her lime green garden gloves. Lennie works out in the garden wearin' the lime green gloves of a dead woman.

Meg Magrath says: (last lines) Oh, how I do love birthday cake.

Meg Magrath says: Oh, how I do love birthday cake.

Sandra Bloom (Senior) says: I don't know if you're aware of this, Josephine, but African parrots, in their native homes of the Congo, they only speak French?

Josephine says: Really?

Edward Bloom (senior) says: You're lucky to get four words out of them in English, but if you were to walk through the jungle, you'd hear them speakin' the most elaborate French. Those parrots talk about everything. Politics, movies, fashion. Everything but religion.

William Bloom says: Why not religion, Dad?

Edward Bloom (senior) says: It's rude to talk about religion. You never know who you're gonna offend.

William Bloom says: Josephine actually went to Congo last year.

Edward Bloom (senior) says: Oh, so you know.

Meg Magrath says: So how are these things with you, Babe?

Chick Boyle says: Well, things are dismal if you want my opinion. She's refusin' to cooperate with her lawyer, that's nice lookin' young Lioyd Boy, and she won't tell any of us why she's committed this crime.

Babe Magrath says: Oh look! Lennie brought my saxophone from home and my suitcase. Thank you.

Lenny Magrath says: You're welcome.

Babe Magrath says: Meg, look at my saxophone. Went to Jackson and it brought it used. It's so heavy.

Chick Boyle says: Now listen, Rebecca, that lawyer wants to concrete answers. No more stubborness or they're gonna put you in jail and throw away the key. Isn't that right, daddy? Won't they just put her in jail and throw away the key?

Meg Magrath says: Why'd you do it, Babe ? Why'd you put your head in the oven?

Babe Magrath says: Because I don't know... I'm havin' a bad day.

Dwan says: You know I had my horoscope done before I flew out to Hong Kong. And it said that I was going to cross over water and meet the biggest person in my life.

Rita Thornton says: I chose to stay with him for all the things he's done right; not the one thing he's done wrong. I chose to forgive him

Rita Thornton says: I chose to stay with him for all the things he's done right; not the one thing he's done wrong. I chose to forgive him.

Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels says: I am a little nervous.

Julie says: Just think of them something friendly.

Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels says: What?

Julie says: Like a firing squad.

Patsy Cline says: I can't stand it. It makes me wanna scream and claw my face.

Patsy Cline says: I can't stand it. Makes me want to scream and claw my face.

Sandra Bloom (Senior) says: I don't think I'll ever dry out.