Highest Rated: 91% Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire (2009)

Lowest Rated: 0% 3 Strikes (2000)

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The career of funny girl Mo'Nique began in her early twenties, when she took to the improv comedy stage on a dare from her brother. The impulsive decision met with success, and she began to pursue a career in standup comedy, eventually performing on such renowned shows as Def Comedy Jam, Showtime at the Apollo, and Snaps. Mo'Nique's big break came in 1999, when she landed her own sitcom, starring on UPN's The Parkers as a single mom attending college alongside her daughter. She was 32 years old, and the days when she was working at the phone company in her hometown of Baltimore were about to seem very far away. The critical and commercial success of The Parkers led to a slew of awards and movie roles, including Two Can Play That Game, Baby Boy, Half Past Dead, Shadowboxer, Domino, and Soul Plane. Despite having her pick of scripted roles, Mo'Nique was still itching to get back to her standup roots. She joined Adele Givens, Sommore, and Laura Hayes for a hugely successful comedy tour called The Queens of Comedy, which was captured on film and released by Paramount Home Entertainment and the Showtime network in 2002. Never shying away from her status as a full-figured woman, Mo'Nique has used her notoriety and her famously sarcastic wit in order to advocate for voluptuous women everywhere. Her funny and empowering book Skinny Women Are Evil became a best-seller in 2003, and she soon afterward began working with the Oxygen network on a beauty pageant for full-figured women called F.A.T. Chance -- an acronym for "fabulous and thick." She also starred in the movie Phat Girlz in 2006, playing a struggling fashion designer looking for love and success in a world of "hot bodies." Later that same year, the large-and-in-charge star could be seen onscreen with the Broken Lizard comedy troupe in the alcohol-chugging chuckler Beerfest. In 2009, she began hosting her own talk show on BET, The Mo'Nique Show.It was Mo'Nique's harrowing turn as an abusive mother in Precious, however, that made people aware of the full range of her talents. Her blistering portrayal won her the Best Supporting Actress award from a great many critics groups, the Screen Actors Guild, and the Hollywood Foreign Press. She went on to win the Oscar in that category as well.


Highest Rated Movies



49% Almost Christmas Aunt May $41.8M 2016
40% Blackbird Claire Rousseau 2015
90% Bessie Ma Rainey 2015
91% Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire Mary $47.6M 2009
No Score Yet Michael Jackson: The Trial and Triumph of the King of Pop Actor 2009
23% Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins Betty $42.2M 2008
No Score Yet Farce of the Penguins Vicky 2007
No Score Yet Steppin: The Movie Aunt Carla 2007
40% Beerfest Cherry $19.1M 2006
22% Phat Girlz Executive Producer Jazmin Biltmore $7M 2006
No Score Yet Irish Jam Actor 2006
No Score Yet Snaps: The Ultimate Yo' Mama Battle Actor 2006
No Score Yet Mo'Nique: I Coulda Been Your Cellmate! Actor 2006
18% Domino Lateesha Rodriguez $10.2M 2005
19% Shadowboxer Precious $0.4M 2005
No Score Yet Mo'Nique: One Night Stand Actor 2004
17% Hair Show Peaches $0.3M 2004
15% Garfield - The Movie The Rat $75.3M 2004
18% Soul Plane Jamiqua $14M 2004
No Score Yet Apollo At 70: A Hot Night in Harlem Actor 2004
No Score Yet Mo'Nique: One Night Stand Actor 2004
No Score Yet Shaq's All Star Comedy Roast 2: Emmitt Smith Actor 2003
No Score Yet Good Fences Ruth Crisp 2003
3% Half Past Dead Twitch's Girl $15.4M 2002
41% Two Can Play That Game Diedre $22.1M 2001
71% Baby Boy Patrice $27.9M 2001
No Score Yet The Queens of Comedy Actor 2000
0% 3 Strikes Dahlia 2000


No Score Yet The Parkers
Nikki Parker 2019
No Score Yet The View
Guest 2018
No Score Yet Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen
Guest 2016
No Score Yet The Chew
Guest 2016
No Score Yet The Dr. Oz Show
Guest 2016
100% The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore
Panelist 2015
No Score Yet The Wendy Williams Show
Guest 2015
No Score Yet Love & Hip Hop: New York
Host 2014
No Score Yet The Mo'Nique Show
Host 2011
No Score Yet The Game
Herself 2011
No Score Yet The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Guest 2009
No Score Yet The Bonnie Hunt Show
Guest 2008
25% Thank God You're Here
Performer 2007
54% The Boondocks
Voice 2007
97% Ugly Betty
L'Amanda 2007
75% Nip/Tuck
Evetta Washington 2006
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Herself 2005
70% Steve Harvey's Big Time Challenge
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Judge 2003
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Voice 2002
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Nikki 2001
No Score Yet Moesha
Nikki Parker 2000


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Jazmin Biltmore says: The woman who answered the door ain't your wife?

Tunde says: No she's not. She's one of the housekeepers.

Jazmin Biltmore says: and her baby?

Jazmin Biltmore says: And her baby?

Tunde says: I delivered the baby but have nothing to do with conception.

Jazmin Biltmore says: I hate skinny bitches!

Jazmin Biltmore says: I swear these clothes are shrinkin'!

Cherry says: im gonna break your dick off

Cherry says: I'm gonna break your dick off!

Mary says: And I don't want you to sit there and judge me, Mrs. Weiss.

Mrs. Weiss says: You shut up and you let him abuse your daughter.

Mary says: I did not want him to abuse my daughter, I did not want---

Mrs. Weiss says: But you allowed him to hurt her.

Mary says: I didn't want him to do nothing to her. I wanted him to make love to me. That as was my man. That was my fuckin man! That was my man, and he wanted daughter. And that's why I hated her! Because my man, who was supposed to be loving me, who was supposed to be making love to me, was fuckin my baby, and she made him leave! She made him go away!

Mrs. Weiss says: So whose fault was it then--?

Mary says: It's this bitch's fault, because she let my man have her. And she didn't say nothing! She didn't scream, she didn't do nothing! So those things that she told you, I did to her--- who...who...who else was gon love me?! Hmm? Since you got your degree and you know every fuckin thing? Who was gon love me? Who... who was gon make me feel good? Who was gon touch me and make me feel good late at night? And she made him go way! So when you sit there and you writin those fuckin notes on your pad, about who you think I am, and why i did it, and...and all of that. Because I didn't have nobody.

Mary says: ...and he touched my baby. And I axed him, I said, "Carl, what are yo doing?" And he told be to shut-- to shut my fat ass up. And it as good for her.

Mary says: ...and he touched my baby. And I axed him, I said, 'Carl, what are yo doing?' And he told be to shut-- to shut my fat ass up. And it as good for her.

Mrs. Weiss says: And what did you do, then?

Mary says: I shut my fat ass up.

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Mary says: School ain't gon help none. Take your ass down to the welfare! Who da fuck she think she is!? Now i guess you think you cute now, right? Little upiddy bitch. Ya shoulda kept yo fuckin mouth shut! Just cause he gon give you more children than he give me, you think you fuckin special, fuck you and fuck him! Precious! Precious! Precious! Get down here bitch! You brought that white bitch up in my house?! You-- why would you bring that white bitch up in here?!

Clareece "Precious" Jones says: I didn't bring her here.

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Clareece "Precious" Jones says: I ain't tell her to come here!

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Mary says: you dont know what real woman do, real woman sacrifice

Mary says: You don't know what real women do! Real women sacrifice!