Adolphe Menjou

Adolphe Menjou

Highest Rated: 100% You Were Never Lovelier (1942)

Lowest Rated: 70% Morning Glory (1933)

Birthday: Feb 18, 1890

Birthplace: Not Available

Debonair and sophisticated, Adolphe Menjou was an impeccably-dressed lead actor with a waxed black mustache. At age 21 he moved to New York with no intention of becoming an actor; three years later he drifted into films as an extra, then got some larger roles before serving as a captain in the Ambulance Corps for three years in World War I. Back in the U.S. Menjou returned to acting, playing supporting roles in a number of major productions. He became a star after playing the lead role in Charlie Chaplin's A Woman of Paris (1923), which established his screen persona: a dapper, suave man of the world. He went on to play this role in more than 100 films, at first as a leading man and later as a character actor. He made the transition to sound easily and received a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his work in The Front Page (1931). He gained a reputation as one of the world's best-dressed men, a fact alluded to in the title of his autobiography, It Took Nine Tailors (1948). Active in politically conservative causes, in 1944 Menjou became a co-founder of the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals; later he was a "friendly" witness in the 1947 hearings of the House Un-American Activities Committee. From 1928-33 he was married to actress Kathryn Carver, and from 1934 on he was married to actress Verree Teasdale.

Highest Rated Movies



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No Score Yet I Married a Woman Frederick W. Sutton 1958
No Score Yet I Married a Woman Actor 1958
95% Paths of Glory Gen. Broulard 1957
No Score Yet The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown Arthur Martin 1957
No Score Yet Bundle of Joy J.B. Merlin 1956
No Score Yet The Ambassador's Daughter Sen. Jonathan Cartwright 1956
No Score Yet Timberjack 'Sweetwater' Tilton 1955
No Score Yet Man on a Tightrope Fesker 1953
86% The Sniper Police Lt. Frank Kafka 1952
No Score Yet Across the Wide Missouri Pierre 1951
No Score Yet The Tall Target Colonel Caleb Jeffers 1951
No Score Yet To Please a Lady Gregg 1950
No Score Yet Dancing in the Dark Melville Crossman 1949
No Score Yet My Dream Is Yours Thomas Hutchins 1949
80% State of the Union Jim Conover 1948
No Score Yet I'll Be Yours J. Conrad Nelson 1947
No Score Yet The Hucksters Mr. Kimberly 1947
No Score Yet Heartbeat Ambassador 1946
No Score Yet The Bachelor's Daughters Actor 1946
No Score Yet Man Alive Kismet 1945
No Score Yet Step Lively Wagner 1944
No Score Yet Sweet Rosie O'grady Actor 1943
No Score Yet Hi Diddle Diddle Col. Hector Phyffe 1943
No Score Yet Syncopation George Latimer 1942
100% You Were Never Lovelier Eduardo Acuna 1942
82% Roxie Hart Billy Flynn 1942
No Score Yet Father Takes a Wife Fredric Osborne, Sr. 1941
No Score Yet Road Show Col. Carleton Carroway 1941
No Score Yet Turnabout Phil Manning 1940
No Score Yet The Housekeeper's Daughter Deakon Maxwell 1939
No Score Yet Golden Boy Tom Moody 1939
No Score Yet King of the Turf Jim Mason 1939
No Score Yet Letter of Introduction John Mannering 1938
No Score Yet The Goldwyn Follies Oliver Merlin 1938
95% Stage Door Anthony Powell 1937
86% 100 Men and a Girl John Cardwell 1937
No Score Yet Cafe Metropole Monsieur Victor 1937
100% A Star Is Born Oliver Niles 1937
No Score Yet The Milky Way Gabby Sloan 1936
No Score Yet Wives Never Know J. Hugh Ramsay 1936
No Score Yet Sing, Baby, Sing Bruce Farraday 1936
No Score Yet One in a Million Tad Spencer 1936
100% Gold Diggers of 1935 Nicoleff 1935
No Score Yet Little Miss Marker Sorrowful Jones 1934
No Score Yet The Mighty Barnum Mr. Bailey Walsh 1934
No Score Yet The Great Flirtation Stephan Karpath 1934
70% Morning Glory Louis (Lewis) Easton 1933
No Score Yet The Worst Woman in Paris? Adolphe Ballou 1933
No Score Yet Convention City T.R. (Ted) Kent 1933
93% A Farewell to Arms Rinaldi 1932
No Score Yet Forbidden Bob 1932
92% The Front Page Walter Burns 1931
No Score Yet Men Call It Love Tony Minot 1931
100% Morocco Mons. Le Bessiere 1930
No Score Yet Let Us Be Gay Bob Brown 1930
No Score Yet New Moon Gov. Boris Brusiloff 1930
No Score Yet A Gentleman of Paris Marquis de Marignan 1927
No Score Yet The Sorrows of Satan Prince Lucio de Rimanez 1926
No Score Yet The Grand Duchess and the Waiter Albert Durant 1926
No Score Yet Swan Albert von Kersten-Rodenfels 1925
No Score Yet The King of Main Street Serge IV of Molvania 1925
No Score Yet Are Parents People? Mr. Hazlitt 1925
No Score Yet Forbidden Paradise Chancellor 1924
100% The Marriage Circle Prof. Josef Stock 1924
92% A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate Pierre Revel 1923
No Score Yet Spanish Dancer Don Salluste 1923
No Score Yet Clarence Hubert Stein 1922
No Score Yet Singed Wings Bliss Gordon 1922
No Score Yet Through the Back Door James Brewster 1921
No Score Yet Through The Backdoor James Brewster 1921
100% The Three Musketeers Louis XIII 1921
89% The Sheik Raoul de Saint Hubert 1921
No Score Yet What Happened to Rosa? Reporter 1921
No Score Yet Manhattan Madness Bit Part 1916


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Sorrowful Jones says: I don't wanna lift you.

Miss Marker says: Lift me!

Sorrowful Jones says: No.

Miss Marker says: Are you Sir Sorry the Sad Knight?

Anthony Powell says: How long have you been coaching this girl?

Catherine Luther says: Iâ??ve only had her a month.

Catherine Luther says: I've only had her a month.

Judy Canfield says: Incredible: No one could possibly get that bad in a monthâ??s time .

Judy Canfield says: Incredible: No one could possibly get that bad in a month's time. .

Anthony Powell says: Incredible: No one could possibly get that bad in a month's time. .

Norman Maine says: Do you think I'm slipping?

Oliver Niles says: Can you take it?

Norman Maine says: Yeah, go ahead.

Oliver Niles says: The tense is wrong. You're not slipping - you've slipped.