Aileen Pringle

Aileen Pringle

  • Highest Rated: 100% Laura (1944)
  • Lowest Rated: 82% They Died With Their Boots On (1941)
  • Birthday: Jul 23, 1895
  • Birthplace: Not Available
  • Born into wealth, American actress Aileen Pringle was educated in San Francisco (her home town), Paris, and London. Married to a titled Englishman before the age of twenty, Pringle defied the wishes of her husband and her family to take on a stage career in 1915. The actress worked on stage and in non-Hollywood films until 1922, when she was awarded a major-studio movie contract. She was personally selected by romance novelist Elinor Glyn (one of the great poseurs of the '20s) to star in the 1942 film adaptation of Glyn's steamy Ruritanian bodice-ripper Three Weeks (1924). An apocryphal story popped up during the making of this film, wherein Pringle, being carried into the boudoir by co-star Conrad Nagel, play-acted deep passion while actually whispering to Nagel, "If you drop me, you bastard, I'll break your neck." (Something like this did happen on the set of another film that starred neither Pringle or Nagel). Not well liked by coworkers due to her haughty attitude, Aileen nonetheless became Hollywood's unofficial "Darling of the Intelligentsia," and was regularly sent out by the studios to greet such literary wits as H.L. Mencken upon their arrival in Tinseltown. Indeed, Pringle's second husband was a celebrated writer, James M. Cain (Double Indemnity, The Postman Always Rings Twice), though hardly one of the intellectual elite. Behaving as contrarily as possible due to her disdain of filmmakers, Pringle sabotaged her chances at continuing her starring career in talking pictures; by 1942, she was played unbilled bits in such films as They Died with Their Boots On (1942). Comeback attempts in the '50s were thwarted because of Aileen Pringle's condescention and outspokenness; if the extremely wealthy actress truly wanted stardom, she sure didn't actively court it.

Highest Rated Movies








100% Laura People 1944
83% Since You Went Away Woman at Cocktail Lounge 1944
No Score Yet Happy Land Mrs. Prentiss 1943
82% They Died With Their Boots On Mrs. Sharp 1941
No Score Yet Calling Dr. Kildare Mrs. Thatcher 1939
No Score Yet The Hardys Ride High Miss Booth 1939
92% The Women Miss Carter 1939
No Score Yet Man-Proof Woman 1938
No Score Yet Too Hot to Handle Mrs. MacArthur 1938
100% Nothing Sacred Mrs. Bullock 1937
No Score Yet The Last of Mrs. Cheyney Marie 1937
No Score Yet Piccadilly Jim Paducah 1936
No Score Yet Wife vs. Secretary Mrs. Barker 1936
No Score Yet Sons of Steel Enid Chadburne 1935
No Score Yet Jane Eyre Blanche 1934
No Score Yet By Appointment Only Diane Manners 1933
No Score Yet Police Court Diana McCormick 1932
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No Score Yet Convicted Claire Norville 1931
100% Show People Herself 1928
No Score Yet Mystic Zara 1925
No Score Yet Souls for Sale Lady Jane 1923


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