Alan Hale Jr.

Highest Rated: 92% Hang 'em High (1968)
Birthday: Mar 8, 1921
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
One look at Alan Hale Jr. and no one could ever assume he was adopted; Hale Jr. so closely resembled his father, veteran character actor Alan Hale Sr., that at times it appeared that the older fellow had returned to the land of the living. In films from 1933, Alan Jr. was originally cast in beefy, athletic good-guy roles (at 6'3", he could hardly play hen-pecked husbands). After the death of his father in 1950, Alan dropped the "Junior" from his professional name. He starred in a brace of TV action series, Biff Baker USA (1953) and Casey Jones (1957), before his he-man image melted into comedy parts. From 1964 through 1967, Hale played The Skipper (aka Jonas Grumby) on the low-brow but high-rated Gilligan's Island. Though he worked steadily after Gilligan's cancellation, he found that the blustery, slow-burning Skipper had typed him to the extent that he lost more roles than he won. In his last two decades, Alan Hale supplemented his acting income as the owner of a successful West Hollywood restaurant, the Lobster Barrel.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Surviving Gilligan's Island Actor 2002
71% Back to the Beach Bartender's Buddy 1987
No Score Yet Terror Night Jake Nelson 1987
No Score Yet Bloody Movie Actor 1987
44% Johnny Dangerously Desk Sergeant 1984
No Score Yet Hambone and Hillie McVicker 1984
No Score Yet The Red Fury Actor 1984
No Score Yet The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island The Skipper 1981
No Score Yet The Fifth Musketeer (Behind the Iron Mask) (The 5th Musketeer) Porthos 1979
78% The North Avenue Irregulars Harry the Hat 1979
No Score Yet Angels Brigade Actor 1979
No Score Yet Evidence of Power Actor 1979
No Score Yet Rescue from Gilligan's Island Skipper 1978
No Score Yet Giant Spider Invasion Sheriff 1975
No Score Yet Revenge of Red Chief Actor 1975
78% There Was a Crooked Man Tobaccy 1970
92% Hang 'em High Stone 1968
No Score Yet Tiger by the Tail Billy Jack Whitehorn 1968
No Score Yet Bullet for a Badman Leach 1964
No Score Yet Advance to the Rear Sgt. Beauregard Davis 1964
No Score Yet The Crawling Hand (Don't Cry Wolf) (The Creeping Hand) Sheriff Townsend 1963
No Score Yet Thunder in Carolina Buddy Schaeffer 1960
No Score Yet Up Periscope Lt. Pat Malone 1959
No Score Yet Battle Hymn Mess Sergeant 1957
86% The True Story of Jesse James Cole Younger 1957
38% The Amazing Colossal Man Sgt. Beauregard Davis 1957
No Score Yet Canyon River Lynch 1956
No Score Yet All Mine to Give Tom Cullen 1956
60% The Killer Is Loose Denny 1956
No Score Yet The Indian Fighter Will Crabtree 1955
No Score Yet Many Rivers to Cross Luke Radford 1955
No Score Yet A Man Alone Anderson 1955
No Score Yet Rogue Cop Johnny Stark 1955
No Score Yet The Sea Chase Wentz 1955
86% Young at Heart Robert Neary 1954
No Score Yet Destry Jack Larson 1954
No Score Yet The Law vs. Billy the Kid Bob Ollinger 1954
No Score Yet Silver Lode Kirk 1954
No Score Yet Captain Kidd and the Slave Girl Jerry Simpson 1954
No Score Yet Captain John Smith and Pocahontas Fleming 1953
No Score Yet The Man Behind the Gun Olof 1953
No Score Yet Springfield Rifle Mizzell 1952
No Score Yet The Big Trees Tiny 1952
No Score Yet At Sword's Point Porthos Jr. 1952
No Score Yet Home Town Story Slim Haskins 1951
No Score Yet The West Point Story Bull Gilbert 1950
No Score Yet Kill the Umpire Harry Shay 1950
No Score Yet The Blazing Sun Ben Luber 1950
No Score Yet The Underworld Story Schaeffer 1950
No Score Yet Riders in the Sky Marshal Riggs 1949
83% It Happens Every Spring Schmidt 1949
No Score Yet Rim of the Canyon Matt 1949
No Score Yet Homecoming M.P. 1948
No Score Yet One Sunday Afternoon Marty 1948
No Score Yet My Girl Tisa Dugan 1948
No Score Yet It Happened on 5th Avenue Whitey 1947
No Score Yet Monsieur Beaucaire Courier 1946
80% Watch on the Rhine Boy 1943
No Score Yet No Time for Love Union checker 1943
83% Wake Island Sight Setter 1942
No Score Yet To the Shores of Tripoli Tom Hall 1942
No Score Yet Dive Bomber Pilot 1941
No Score Yet I Wanted Wings Cadet 1941
No Score Yet All-American Co-Ed Tiny 1941


85% Mystery Science Theater 3000
  • 1989
No Score Yet ALF
The Skipper
  • 1988
  • 1987
No Score Yet Growing Pains
  • 1987
No Score Yet Magnum, P.I.
Russell Tate
  • 1986
No Score Yet Murder, She Wrote
Fenton Harris
  • 1986
No Score Yet Gunsmoke
Jake Bull Bannock
  • 1974
  • 1966
  • 1961
No Score Yet Marcus Welby, M.D.
  • 1971
No Score Yet Green Acres
  • 1969
No Score Yet The Wild Wild West
  • 1969
93% Batman
  • 1967
90% Gilligan's Island
The Skipper Jonas Grumby (The Skipper)
  • 1967
  • 1966
  • 1965
  • 1964
No Score Yet My Favorite Martian
Omar Keck
  • 1964
No Score Yet Rawhide
Wagon Master
  • 1962
No Score Yet The Andy Griffith Show
Jeff Pruitt
  • 1962
No Score Yet Maverick
Capt. Jim Pattishal Big Jim Watson
  • 1962
  • 1960
No Score Yet Bonanza
Swede Lundberg
  • 1959
No Score Yet The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet
  • 1959


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