Alex Winter

Alex Winter

Highest Rated: 100% The Panama Papers (2018)

Lowest Rated: 6% Death Wish 3 (1985)

Birthday: Jul 17, 1965

Birthplace: London, England, UK

American actor Alex Winter is best known for playing Bill S. Preston, Esq. in the popular Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) and its sequel, Bill and Ted's Bogus Adventure (1991). After the success of those silly but funny films, it seemed that Winter, like his co-star Keanu "Ted" Reeves, was destined to be a star. But only Reeves hit the big time while Winter languished. He was born the son of two modern dancers, what Winter also started out to be, having received dance training in London between ages four and seven. His older brother is a musician and composer. When his family relocated to St. Louis, MO, he was sent to an improvisation workshop. Winter launched his acting career in regional theater and spent six years on Broadway after making his debut in a production of The King and I. As a young man, he enrolled in a film production program at New York University where he studied writing and editing. Winter made an inauspicious film debut in Michael Winner's Death Wish II (1985). Choosing to finish college first, Winter did not appear in another film until 1987 when he was cast as one of Kiefer Sutherland's vampire gang in The Lost Boys. Winter went on to work in television commercials and as an occasional series guest star until landing a role in the forgettable Haunted Summer (1989). In 1993, Winter penned the screenplay, co-produced, and co-directed the offbeat film Freaked.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Bill & Ted Face the Music Bill S. Preston 2020
100% The Panama Papers Screenwriter Director 2018
90% Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain Director 2018
No Score Yet Smosh: The Movie Director 2015
77% Deep Web Producer Director Screenwriter 2015
79% Grand Piano Assistant 2014
69% Downloaded Producer Director Executive Producer Screenwriter $8.8K 2013
91% Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films Actor 2012
No Score Yet Ben 10: Alien Swarm Nanomech's Voice Director Executive Producer 2009
No Score Yet Ben 10: Race Against Time Director 2007
73% The Borrowers TV Gangster 1998
47% Freaked Producer Ricky Coogin Director 1993
54% Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey Bill 1991
63% Rosalie Goes Shopping Schatzi 1989
79% Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Bill S. Preston, Esq. 1989
No Score Yet Impact Video Magazine Actor 1989
No Score Yet Haunted Summer Dr. John Polidori 1988
74% The Lost Boys Marko 1987
6% Death Wish 3 Hermosa 1985


No Score Yet Blue Mountain State
Director 2011
90% Bones
Monte Gold 2007
60% Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures
Voice 1991
No Score Yet The Monkees
Screenwriter 1967
17% Saul of the Mole Men
No Score Yet The Idiot Box
Director Various


Bill S. Preston says: We're in danger of flunking most heinously tomorrow, Ted.

Marko says: i dont know, where are we paul

Marko says: I don't know. What's going on, Paul?

Bill S. Preston / Evil Bill / Granny Preston says: [Dead Bill] Ted?

Ted "Theodore" Logan says: [Dead Ted] What?

Bill S. Preston / Evil Bill / Granny Preston says: [Dead Bill] Don't "Fear the Reaper"! [both of them do an air guitar]

Grim Reaper says: I heard that.

Bill S. Preston says: Okay, wait, if we were one of Europe's greatest leaders, and we were stranded in San Dimas for one day, where would we go?

Bill S. Preston says: [pause, then with Ted] Waterloo!

Bill S. Preston says: You ditched Napoleon!

Ted "Theodore" Logan says: Deacon, do you realize you have just stranded one of Europe's greatest leaders in San Dimas?

Deacon says: He was a dick.

Evil Duke says: Put them in the iron maiden.

Ted "Theodore" Logan says: Iron Maiden?

Bill S. Preston says: [With Ted] Excellent! [both play air guitar]

Evil Duke says: Execute them.

Bill S. Preston says: [With Ted] Bogus!

Bill S. Preston says: It is indeed a pleasure to introduce to you a gentleman we picked up in medieval Mongolia in the year 1269.

Ted "Theodore" Logan says: Please welcome, the very excellent barbarian...

Ted "Theodore" Logan says: [with Bill] ...MR. GENGHIS KHAN! [All the students applaud wildly for Khan]

Ted "Theodore" Logan says: This is a dude who, 700 years ago, totally ravaged China, and who, we were told, 2 hours ago, totally ravaged Oshman's Sporting Goods.

Bill S. Preston says: Be excellent to each other!

Bill S. Preston says: You killed Ted, you Midieval dickweed!

Bill S. Preston says: You killed Ted, you medieval dickweed!

Bill S. Preston says: Excellent!