Andrew Divoff

Andrew Divoff

Highest Rated: 95% This Is Spinal Tap (1984)

Lowest Rated: 0% Adrenalin: Fear the Rush (1996)

Birthday: Jul 2, 1955

Birthplace: Not Available

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Vault Buddy Woonsocket 2019
33% Demons Jasper Grant 2017
No Score Yet Bad Asses Leandro Herrera 2015
No Score Yet The Dead Matter Actor 2014
No Score Yet Immigrant Actor 2013
No Score Yet Slip & Fall Actor 2013
No Score Yet You Can't Kill The Bogeyman Actor 2012
No Score Yet Ballistica Actor 2010
78% Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Russian Soldier $317M 2008
No Score Yet The Rage Dr. Viktor Vasilienko 2007
No Score Yet Treasure Raiders Actor 2007
No Score Yet Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck Jack Whitaker 2007
No Score Yet Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation Producer Gerald Tovar Jr. 2006
38% American Dreamz Chinese Translator $7.2M 2006
No Score Yet Aliens Gone Wild! Actor 2006
No Score Yet Moscow Heat Actor 2005
No Score Yet Forbidden Warrior Ujis-Aka 2005
No Score Yet The Straun House Dr. Timothy Straun 2005
No Score Yet Strike Force Marcos 2001
No Score Yet Knight Club Krukoy 2001
No Score Yet Blue Hill Avenue Det. Tyler 2001
No Score Yet Faust: Love of the Damned M 2000
No Score Yet Stealth Fighter Actor 2000
No Score Yet Down 'n Dirty Jimmy 2000
10% Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies The Djinn/Nathaniel Demerest 1999
No Score Yet Stealth Fighter Actor 1999
No Score Yet Killers in the House Delaney Breckett 1998
No Score Yet Captured Robert 1998
No Score Yet Nemesis 4: Cry of Angels Bernardo 1998
No Score Yet Crossfire Actor 1998
26% Wishmaster Djinn/Nathaniel Demerest 1997
No Score Yet Touch Me Dr. Vachenko 1997
76% Air Force One Boris Bazylev 1997
0% Adrenalin: Fear the Rush Sterns 1996
No Score Yet Deadly Voyage Romachenko 1996
No Score Yet Backlash: Oblivion 2 Jaggar/Einstein 1996
No Score Yet For Which He Stands Actor 1996
No Score Yet Blast Omado 1996
No Score Yet Xtro 3: Watch the Skies Fetterman 1995
No Score Yet The Stranger Actor 1995
No Score Yet Nemesis 4: Death Angel Actor 1995
No Score Yet XTRO 3 - Watch the Skies Actor 1995
No Score Yet Random Factor Actor 1995
No Score Yet Magic Island Blackbeard 1995
0% A Low Down Dirty Shame Mendoza 1994
No Score Yet Hong Kong '97 Malcolm Goodchild 1994
No Score Yet Dangerous Touch Johnnie 1994
No Score Yet Oblivion (Welcome to Oblivion) Redeye 1994
No Score Yet Extreme Justice Angel 1993
No Score Yet Running Cool Bone 1993
No Score Yet Interceptor Capt. Christopher Winfield 1992
No Score Yet Back in the U.S.S.R. Dimitri 1992
No Score Yet An American Summer Dode 1991
36% Toy Soldiers Luis Cali 1991
13% Stephen King's 'Graveyard Shift' Danson 1990
18% Another 48 Hrs. Cherry Ganz 1990
89% The Hunt for Red October Andrei Amalric 1990
No Score Yet Out on the Edge Luke 1989
0% MAC and Me Policeman #2 1988
95% This Is Spinal Tap Actor 1984


92% Colony
85% Nikita
Krieg 2013
85% Lost
Mikhail Bakunin Mikhail 2010
No Score Yet Criminal Minds
Dad 2009
92% Leverage
Sergei 2009
No Score Yet CSI: Miami
Ivan Sarnoff 2009
No Score Yet Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Andre Bushido 2008
84% The Unit
The Major 2006
No Score Yet The Agency
Col. Ilya Grachev 2001
20% UC: Undercover
Martin Ritger 2001
No Score Yet Walker, Texas Ranger
Alberto Cardoza 2000
No Score Yet Highlander
Gang Leader Immortal 1996
91% The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
No Score Yet The A-Team


Dean Parker says: They're going to hunt you down, you know that, don't you? They'll eventually find you and then they will kill you.

Luis Cali says: You Americans always say that, but you never actually do it.