Andrew Stanton

Andrew Stanton

Highest Rated: 100% Toy Story 2 (1999)

Lowest Rated: 52% John Carter (2012)

Birthday: Dec 3, 1965

Birthplace: Not Available

Andrew Stanton is one of the main driving forces behind computer animation powerhouse Pixar Studios, and his contributions to such modern animated classics as Toy Story and Finding Nemo are second only to that of studio founder John Lasseter. From director (Finding Nemo) to producer (Monsters, Inc.) to story artist (Toy Story and A Bug's Life) and frequent voice actor (his voice can be heard in some capacity in near every Pixar production), Stanton has had a hand in virtually every aspect of production. His family-friendly sensibilities and keen writing skills have resulted in films that can truly be appreciated by young and old alike -- a true rarity in the realm of so-called "family entertainment."A native of Rockport, MA, Stanton received his BFA in character animation from the California Institute of the Arts before working as an animator for Kroyer Films in the 1980s. As the decade drew to a close, Stanton also worked as a writer for animation legend Ralph Bakshi's Mighty Mouse, the New Adventures. In 1990, the talented writer/animator became the second animator to join Lasseter's fledgling Pixar Studios. His relationship with Lasseter was cemented with work as an animator in the Luxo Jr. short films Surprise and Light and Heavy, and the duo's harmonious sensibilities were brilliantly realized when Stanton served as writer and character designer for Pixar's 1995 freshman effort, Toy Story, which went on to became the runaway family hit of the year. In addition to writing the Pixar feature A Bug's Life, Stanton also joined director Lasseter in the director's chair, and though his contributions to subsequent hits Monsters, Inc. and Toy Story 2 mainly consisted of writing work, Stanton returned to the director's chair in 2003 with what was perhaps Pixar's most popular film to date, Finding Nemo. The film was inspired by a fleeting moment of realization in which Stanton observed that his overprotective fatherly instincts were preventing him from properly bonding with his son. It tells the tale of a young clown fish who is whisked from the ocean to a dentist-office aquarium and his father's quest to bring his son back home safely. As with Stanton's other writing efforts, Finding Nemo offered the kind of compelling and sympathetic characters not usually present in animated fare, and with his experience as a father providing the emotional heart of the film, almost everyone could find something to relate to in Finding Nemo.


Highest Rated Movies



97% Toy Story 4 Screenwriter 2019
94% Finding Dory Crush Director Screenwriter $486.3M 2016
76% The Good Dinosaur Executive Producer $123.1M 2015
98% Inside Out Executive Producer $264.4M 2015
No Score Yet Party Central Screenwriter 2014
94% Toy Story of Terror! Screenwriter 2013
80% Monsters University Executive Producer $260.4M 2013
78% Brave Executive Producer $237.3M 2012
52% John Carter Screenwriter $73.1M 2012
98% Toy Story 3 Screenwriter $415M 2010
98% Up Executive Producer $293M 2009
95% WALL-E Screenwriter Director $223.8M 2008
86% The Pixar Story Actor 2007
96% Ratatouille Executive Producer $112.5M 2007
60% Fog City Mavericks Actor 2007
75% Cars Fred $244.1M 2006
99% Finding Nemo Director $380.6M 2003
96% Monsters, Inc. Screenwriter Executive Producer $34.1M 2001
No Score Yet Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins Actor 2000
100% Toy Story 2 Emperor Zurg Screenwriter 1999
92% A Bug's Life Screenwriter Director 1998
100% Toy Story Screenwriter 1995


Marlin says: Hey Crush!

Crush says: Yeah?

Marlin says: How old are you?

Crush says: A hundred and fifty, dude!


Crush says: Oh. Intro- Jellyman, offspring. Offspring, Jellyman.

Marlin says: Oh, my stomach. Ohhh...

Crush says: Oh, man. Hey, no hurling on the shell, dude, ok? Just waxed it.

Crush says: First you were like WHOA! Then we were like WHOA! and then you were like ..whoa..

Crush says: Grab shell, dude!

Crush says: You never really know, but when they know you'll know, you know.

Buzz Lightyear says: Buzz, are you coming?

Buzz Lightyear says: No, I... I have a lot of catching up to do with my dad.

Emperor Zurg says: Good throw, son. That's my boy! Go long, Buzzy!

Buzz Lightyear says: Oh, you're a great dad. Yippee!

Buzz Lightyear says: Farewell!

Crush says: We were like whoah, and then we were like whoah, and then we were like whoah.

Crush says: So, What brings you on this fine day to the EAC, huh?

Marlin says: Dory and I need to get to Sydney. [remembering Dory] Dory! [gasping] Dory! Is she ok?

Crush says: Oh our little blue? She is somewhat down there.

Dory says: Dory! Dory! Dory!

Crush says: Oh are you awake dude!

Marlin says: What are you talking about?

Crush says: Saw the whole thing dude! First you were like woah! [twirling] and then you were like WOAH! [clapping his hands on his head] and the you were like woah! {sighing] You got some serious thrill issues dude, taking out all the jellies.

Crush says: GRAB SHELL DUDE!

Crush says: Grab a shell DUDE!

Emperor Zurg says: Surrender, Buzz Lightyear. I have won!

Buzz Lightyear says: I'll never give in. You killed my father!

Emperor Zurg says: No, Buzz. I AM your father!

Buzz Lightyear says: Noooo!

Crush says: Gimme some fin, (slaps fins with Squirt), noggin (bumps heads with Squirt), Dude!