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Ben Hecht

Highest Rated: 100% Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950)

Lowest Rated: 0% A Farewell To Arms (1957)

Birthday: Feb 28, 1894

Birthplace: Not Available

Hecht began writing for films in the late '20s, and over the next four decades worked on scripts for such notable directors as Lewis Milestone (Hallelujah, I'm a Bum), Ernst Lubitsch (Design for Living), Howard Hawks (Barbary Coast, Monkey Business), William A. Wellman (Nothing Sacred), George Stevens (Gunga Din), William Wyler (Wuthering Heights), Alfred Hitchcock (Spellbound, Notorious), Henry Hathaway (Kiss of Death, Circus World), and Otto Preminger (Whirlpool, Where the Sidewalk Ends). In collaboration with Charles MacArthur, Hecht wrote several notable plays, including The Front Page and Twentieth Century; the two also co-wrote and co-directed the films Crime Without Passion, The Scoundrel, Once in a Blue Moon, and Soak the Rich. Lee Garmes lensed and served as associate director on the first two films; he also shot and co-directed with Hecht Angels Over Broadway and Actors and Sin. Hecht also directed the ballet drama Specter of the Rose, and produced or co-produced all the films he directed; he also produced Ten Gentlemen from West Point and China Girl.

Highest Rated Movies



50% Gaily, Gaily Screenwriter 1969
26% Casino Royale Screenwriter 1967
40% Circus World Screenwriter 1964
No Score Yet The Fiend Who Walked the West Screenwriter 1958
No Score Yet Legend of the Lost Screenwriter 1957
0% A Farewell To Arms Screenwriter 1957
No Score Yet The Iron Petticoat Screenwriter 1957
No Score Yet Miracle in the Rain Screenwriter 1956
No Score Yet The Indian Fighter Screenwriter 1955
No Score Yet Ulysses Screenwriter 1954
88% Monkey Business Screenwriter 1952
No Score Yet Actors and Sin Director Screenwriter Producer 1952
No Score Yet Edge of Doom Screenwriter 1950
100% Where the Sidewalk Ends Screenwriter 1950
91% Whirlpool Screenwriter 1949
94% Rope Screenwriter 1948
No Score Yet The Miracle of the Bells Screenwriter 1948
No Score Yet Her Husband's Affairs Screenwriter 1947
88% Kiss of Death Screenwriter 1947
100% Ride the Pink Horse Screenwriter 1947
No Score Yet Specter of the Rose Director Screenwriter Producer 1946
98% Notorious Screenwriter 1946
84% Spellbound Screenwriter 1945
80% The Black Swan Screenwriter 1942
No Score Yet Tales of Manhattan Screenwriter 1942
No Score Yet Comrade X Screenwriter 1940
60% Angels over Broadway Actor Screenwriter Director Producer 1940
No Score Yet Lady of the Tropics Screenwriter 1939
No Score Yet It's a Wonderful World Screenwriter 1939
95% Wuthering Heights Screenwriter 1939
100% Stagecoach Screenwriter 1939
No Score Yet Let Freedom Ring Screenwriter 1939
No Score Yet The Goldwyn Follies Screenwriter 1938
100% Nothing Sacred Screenwriter 1937
100% A Star Is Born Screenwriter 1937
92% Barbary Coast Screenwriter 1935
No Score Yet The Scoundrel Screenwriter Director Producer 1935
No Score Yet Crime Without Passion Producer Director Screenwriter Reporter 1934
89% Twentieth Century Screenwriter 1934
63% Viva Villa! Screenwriter 1934
71% Design for Living Screenwriter 1933
88% Hallelujah, I'm a Bum Screenwriter 1933
No Score Yet Topaze Screenwriter 1933
100% Scarface Screenwriter 1932
No Score Yet The Unholy Garden Screenwriter 1931
92% The Front Page Screenwriter 1931
67% The Great Gabbo Screenwriter 1929


No Score Yet ER
Eddie Bernero 2000


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