Bernd Eichinger

Bernd Eichinger

Highest Rated: 100% The Elementary Particles (2006)

Lowest Rated: 19% Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

Birthday: Apr 11, 1949

Birthplace: Neuburg an der Donau, Germany

German movie/television producer Bernd Eichinger has carved a niche for himself both in his homeland and in other parts of the world, with multitude award nominations/wins across the globe (Emmy Awards, German Comedy Awards, London Critics Circle Film Awards, etc.). Eichinger attended the University of Television and Film in Munich during the 1970s, and just before the close of the decade bought a stake in the up-and-coming studio company, Neue Constantin Film. Eichinger would become the executive director of the company, which would eventually blossom and flourish in the German movie business. Eichinger would also launch his career as a movie/television producer during this time, with such titles as "Falsche Bewegung," "Hitler: A Film from Germany," and "Tales from the Vienna Woods." But it would be in the 1980s that Eichinger would start racking up awards for his work, including two Bavarian Film Awards, for 1984's "The NeverEnding Story" and 1986's "The Name of the Rose." Further acclaimed films would follow, tops being 2006's "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer," which brought Eichinger multiple award nominations/wins.




No Score Yet 48% 3096 Days Writer - 2013
21% 48% Resident Evil: Afterlife Producer $60.1M 2010
85% 80% The Baader Meinhof Complex Writer,
$476.3K 2008
25% 58% Resident Evil: Extinction Producer $50.6M 2007
37% 51% Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Producer $131.9M 2007
59% 74% Perfume: The Story of a Murderer Writer,
$2.2M 2006
100% 65% The Elementary Particles Producer - 2006
33% 36% D.O.A.: Dead or Alive Producer $480.3K 2006
19% 60% Resident Evil: Apocalypse Executive Producer - 2004
90% 94% Downfall Writer,
$5.5M 2004
36% 67% Resident Evil Producer $39.5M 2002
38% 38% Slap Her, She's French! Executive Producer - 2002
85% 88% Nowhere in Africa Producer $6.2M 2001
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Devil and Ms. D Director,
- 1999
53% 57% Smilla's Sense of Snow Producer $2.3M 1997
No Score Yet 23% Prince Valiant Executive Producer - 1997
No Score Yet 92% Knockin' on Heaven's Door Typ mit Geld (Character) $3.3K 1997
No Score Yet 45% A Girl Called Rosemarie Director,
$2.4K 1996
50% 65% Maybe... Maybe Not Producer $405.0K 1994
30% 27% The Fantastic Four Executive Producer - 1994
32% 72% The House of the Spirits Producer - 1993
74% 74% Last Exit to Brooklyn Producer $1.2M 1989
No Score Yet 33% Me & Him Producer - 1988
No Score Yet No Score Yet Zabou Producer - 1987
80% 81% The Neverending Story Producer - 1984
No Score Yet No Score Yet Kehraus Producer - 1983
71% 84% Christiane F Producer - 1981
No Score Yet 53% The Consequence Executive Producer - 1977
No Score Yet No Score Yet Dear Fatherland Be at Peace Producer - 1976
71% 64% The Wrong Move Producer - 1975


No Score Yet No Score Yet The Mists of Avalon Producer 2001