Chen Chang

Chen Chang

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No Score Yet Savage (Xue bao) Wang Kanghao 2019
No Score Yet Brotherhood of Blades 2 Actor 2017
88% Mr. Long (Ryu san) Actor 2017
80% The Assassin Tian Ji'an $95.4K 2015
No Score Yet Dao shi xia shan (Monk Comes Down the Mountain) Boss Zha 2015
No Score Yet Helios (Chek dou) Actor 2015
No Score Yet Wu Wen Xi Dong (Forever Young) Actor 2015
No Score Yet Brotherhood Of Blades (Xiu Chun Dao) Actor 2014
78% The Grandmaster The Razor $6.4M 2013
No Score Yet Christmas Rose Dr. Zhou 2013
No Score Yet The Last Supper (Wang de sheng yan) Actor 2012
No Score Yet Passion Island (Yit oi dou) Actor 2012
100% A Brighter Summer Day Actor 2011
25% The Beginning of a Great Revival Chiang Kai-Shek $0.2M 2011
91% Red Cliff (Chi Bi) Sun Quan $0.6M 2009
No Score Yet Parking Actor 2009
No Score Yet Red Cliff Part II (Chi Bi 2) Sun Quan 2009
No Score Yet Sam hoi tsam yan (The Missing) Actor 2008
No Score Yet Red Cliff Part I (Chi Bi) Actor 2008
No Score Yet Tian tang kou (Blood Brothers) Actor 2007
63% Soom (Breath) Jin 2007
63% The Go Master Wu Qingyuan 2006
40% Gui si (Silk) Actor 2006
86% 2046 Mimi cc 1966 $1.3M 2005
86% Three Times (Zui hao de shi guang) Chen/Mr. Chang/Zhen 2005
34% Eros Zhang $54.2K 2004
No Score Yet Dei gwong tit (Sound of Colors) Actor 2003
No Score Yet Betelnut Beauty (Ai ni ai wo) Actor 2002
No Score Yet Chinese Odyssey 2002 Actor 2002
97% Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Lo 2001
79% Happy Together (Chun gwong cha sit) Chang 1997
No Score Yet Mahjong Hong Kong 1996
No Score Yet Breaking With Old Ideas Actor 1975


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