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Christian Gonzalez

  • Highest Rated: 33% Masterminds (2016)
  • Lowest Rated: 33% Masterminds (2016)
  • Birthday: Mar 27, 1958
  • Birthplace: Tuxpan, Veracruz, Mexico
  • Mexican Director, born March 27, 1958 in the city of Tuxpan, Veracruz. He began his film activities at the age of 18, directing and producing more than 20 shorts in Super 8mm, at the time he was studying Economy at the Universidad Metropolitana, which he left in 1980 to become a member of the Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos (CUEC), the University School, where he studied for 5 years.From 1984 to 1988 he gave Movies Laboratory, Visualization and Visual Production in Graphic Design, Graphic and Visual Arts and Visual Arts Communication at the National Plastic Arts School of the UNAM.In 1985, he left the CUEC, the feature Tthanatos is his debut as a professional director. In this film Gabriela Araujo got the Ariel award from the Academia Mexicana de Cine (Mexican Academy of Cinema) as the best co-starring actress.His second feature Polvo De Luz (Light Of Dust) was filmed in 1988 and finnaced by the Fondo de Fomento a la Calidad Cinematográfica (Cinematographic Quality Development Fund) and Rosebud Co. It went to the Festivals of Rusia and Colombia.In 1989 he was asked to become the Subdirector de Autorizaciones (Authorization Subdirector) of the Dirección de Cinematografía (Cinematography Head Office) of the Secretaría de Gobernación (State Department).He resigned in 1990 to immediately begin a new phase in his career in the "commercial movies", that is, films produced by private companies. Since then he has directed 74 films which have been commercialized in different media, in México and the United States. We must highlight that he was the screenwriter of 41 of his 74 films.Among these films are Ritmo, Traicion Y Muerte -La Cumbia Asesina, (Rythm, Betrayl and Death -Killing Cumbia), produced in 1991 which is a classic home video because of its commercial impact in México and United Status. Nowadays it still sells copies and it's considered as a cult movie by the public and the distributors.El Imperio De Los Malditos (The Empire of the Damned) in 1992 a feature film is also outstanding for its sales and its controvert theme. Jorge Ayala Blanco, film critic, dedicates a whole chapter to this film in his book "Eficacia del Cine Mexicano"(Mexican Film Efficacy), highlighting innovation and audacious in this particular treatment of national film noir. This film was shown in the Festival Mix De Diversidad Sexual in México.In 1992, the film Por Un Salvaje Amor (For a Savage Love) was another highlight in his career. El Bulldog (The Bulldog), produced in 1993 is a police thriller that pleased the public very much.In 1994 he directed three 35 mm. films, Esclavas Del Sadismo (Sadism Slaves), That is sold by the Internet worldwide and it is known as one of the best fetichist "hispanic" films. Gladiadores Del Infierno (Hell Gladiators) and Sinaloa, Tierra De Hombres (Sinaloa, land of men), and in 16mm Seduccion Judicial (Cop Seduction).At the end of 1994, he started his own production company Uzy Films, which has already produced 14 films, the most outstanding ones, because of their content and production, are: La Ley Del Cholo (Cholo's Law), Rojo Total (Total Red), .38 Expansiva/Asedio Criminal (.38 Expansive/Criminal Plague), Me Llaman Madrina (They call me "madrina"), Confesiones De Un Asesino En Serie (Confessions of a Serial Killer), and Gatillero De La Mafia (Mafia Hitman).In 1998 he started a new company Uzykybalion Cine whose main object is the production of feature films for international distribution, with Shibari the first production. And the projects: Bolero De Noche ("Night Bolero") and Ansio Tus Labios De Rojo Fuego ("Yearning For Your Red Fire Lips") this screenplay participated on the official section of the Primer Festival De Cine Pobre en Gibara, Cuba 2003 (First Non Budget Film). In 1998, he wrote his first novel Chichifo Kitsch which is not yet published.He has also directed for other producers, for instance, the movie Simple Mortal (A Simple Mortal) in 35 mm. especially made for T.V.On November 1999 he received the "Adalberto Martínez `Resortes'" award, given by the Anprovac (The Association of Home Video Production and Distribution), for his Trajectory as Homevideo Director.On the year of 2000, his name Christian González was included on the Diccionario de Directores del Cine Mexicano (Mexican Films Directors' Dictionary)On September 2001, his screenplay Bolero De Noche (Night Bolero) won an award in the Primer Taller Internacional de Guiones (First International Screenplay Workshop), organized by SOGEM y MPA, under the conduction of Juan Tébar (Spain), Jorge Z. Jury (Argentina) y Paulo Halm (Brazil).Christian González is a member of the Sociedad General de Escritores Mexicanos (SOGEM), Mexican Writers General Association, since 1980. And he is also an active member of the Sociedad de Directores Cinematográficos (Cinematographic Directors Association)His films are in 16mm, Super 16mm. High Definition and 9 in 35mm. The themes are different in all his movies, but his style, so personal and defined, finds the feelings of the Mexicans, their way of being, their small and great successes, their weaknesses, showing the internal passion of his characters."Shibari" on 35mm. almost concluded, is a film that he wrote, directed and produced in a completely independent way. The main cast is Patricia Páramo, Antonio Crisóstomo and Felipe Ehrenberg. It participated in the Festival Mix Mexico 2004.In 2002 he acted as National Jury of the 2nd. International Screenplay Workshop organized by MPA /SOGEM. Since October 2002, he has a 40 hours workshop Del Guión Escrito Al Guión Filmado (From the written screenplay to the filmed screenplay), in the Sección de Directores del STPC (Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Producción Cinematográfica) (Directors Section of the Cinematographic Production Workers Union). And on November 2003 he took part of the signature Master Class, organized also by the Sección de Directores del STPC, (Directors Section of the Cinematographic Production Workers Union) which was imparted by ten active film directors.His experience and love for movies are shown in his shocking productions and in his excellent actors' direction. As a producer he has looked for and guided actors and actresses, as well as Directors of Photography with great success, organizing this way casts of high quality performance, always getting a higher compromise from his actors to make the audience feel what is inside the soul of his characters.

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