Highest Rated Movies








No Score Yet Bloody Brothers Actor 1994
No Score Yet Angel's Mission Actor 1990
No Score Yet Angel Terminators Actor 1990
No Score Yet Kickfighter (Mu zhong wu ren) (Jackie Chan's Second Strike) (Final Run) Actor 1989
No Score Yet Close Escape Actor 1989
No Score Yet The Inspector Wears Skirts (Ba wong fa) (Top Squad) (Tyrant Flower) Actor 1988
No Score Yet Long Zai Tian Ya Actor 1988
No Score Yet Dragons Forever (Fei lung mang jeung) (Cyclone Z) Thug Leader 1988
No Score Yet Huang jia shi jie zhi III: Ci xiong da dao (In the Line of Duty III)(In the Line of Fire 3) Actor 1988
No Score Yet Code of Honor Actor 1987
No Score Yet Eastern Condors VC Fighter 1987
No Score Yet The Seventh Curse (Yuan Zhen-Xia yu Wei Si-Li) Actor 1986
No Score Yet Yes, Madam! Dick 1985
No Score Yet Heart of Dragon (Long de xin) (The First Mission) Kim's Man 1985
No Score Yet My Lucky Stars (Fuk sing go jiu) (Winners & Sinners 2: My Lucky Stars) Gang Member 1985
No Score Yet Winners and Sinners (Qi mou miao ji: Wu fu xing) (Winners & Sinners: Five Lucky Stars) Henchman 1983
86% Warriors From the Magic Mountain (Zu Mountain: New Legend of the Zu Mountain Swordsmen) (Xin shu shan jian ke) First Commander 1983
No Score Yet Shaolin Hand Lock Actor 1981
No Score Yet The Kung-Fu Instructor (Jiao tou) Actor 1979
No Score Yet Return of the 5 Deadly Venoms Actor 1978
No Score Yet Crippled Avengers Actor 1978
No Score Yet She diao ying xiong chuan (The Brave Archer) Actor 1977


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